descriptionRuby Library for using Git
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This is a library in Ruby for manipulating git repositories from within Ruby code.
2007-11-29 scott Chaconapplied a patch by mateusz jedruch <mateusz.jedruch... master
2007-11-29 scott Chaconapplied helper patch kindly submitted by skaar <skaar...
2007-11-27 scott Chaconadded some information about gitr to the README file
2007-11-27 scott Chaconadded ls-tree to gitr
2007-11-27 scott Chaconeverything but the archive and diff functions are now...
2007-11-27 scott ChaconMerge branches 'master' and 'internals'
2007-11-27 scott Chaconfixed issue with running a 'git log' with an object...
2007-11-27 scott Chaconadded Matthias and Simon to credits for the gitrb code
2007-11-23 scott Chaconstarted the ruby-only command line git client
2007-11-23 scott Chacongot log and cat-file moved to pure ruby
2007-11-20 scott Chaconhave the pure ruby bindings working to some degree
2007-11-20 scott Chaconadded a test for the logger
2007-11-20 scott Chaconadded files from the gitrb project, which seems abandon...
2007-11-20 scott Chaconadded a timer to gitweb, so I can see if i'm speeding...
2007-11-20 scott Chaconi now have the gitweb view page running off only 2...
2007-11-20 scott Chaconneed to add a grep function note
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