2014-02-15 Eric Wongposix_mq 2.1.0 - ensure compatibility with future Rubiesv2.1.0
2014-02-15 Eric Wongavoid deprecated rb_thread_blocking_region in Ruby...
2014-02-09 Eric Wongprepare for rb_thread_blocking_region removal
2013-09-30 Eric WongRakefile: kill raa_update task
2012-08-06 Eric update
2012-08-06 Eric Wongposix_mq 2.0.0 - a minor API change + FreeBSD fixesv2.0.0
2012-07-12 ew@fbsd90-32... test: relax test timings for timed* tests
2012-07-12 ew@fbsd90-32... extconf: fix __mq_oshandle() detection on FreeBSD
2012-07-12 ew@fbsd90-32... test: disable test if #to_io is missing
2012-07-12 ew@fbsd90-32... ext: fix type inconsistencies for int vs mqd_t retvals
2012-07-12 Eric Wongnotify: set lower bound for notify stack size
2012-07-05 Eric Wongblocking functions do not raise Errno::EINTR
2012-07-04 Hleb ValoshkaAdd libc names for Debian GNU/kFreeBSD and FreeBSD...
2012-07-04 Hleb ValoshkaFix call to in tests
2011-06-16 Eric Wongfix compiler warnings, oops
2011-06-14 Eric Wongnum2timespec: remove needless double-assignment
2011-06-14 Eric Wongno need to rb_intern("*")
2011-03-01 Eric Wongposix_mq 1.0.0 - kinder, gentler message queuesv1.0.0
2011-03-01 Eric Wongmake methods that should be private, private
2011-03-01 Eric Wongremove unused tryinit function
2011-03-01 Eric WongPOSIX_MQ#send returns +true+ on success
2011-03-01 Eric Wongfinalize try* interfaces
2011-02-27 Eric Wongposix-mq-rb: always prefer write-in-full behavior
2011-02-27 Eric Wongfix warnings and enable them for tests
2011-02-27 Eric Wongposix-mq-rb: use IO#binmode to get binary IOs
2011-02-27 Eric Wongdoc: note that the try* interfaces are not final
2011-02-27 Eric Wongbump version to 0.8.0prev0.8.0pre
2011-02-27 Eric Wongdoc: fix doc generation for manpage
2011-02-27 Eric Wongadd trysend, tryreceive, and tryshift interfaces
2011-02-27 Eric Wongeliminate needless global (cPOSIX_MQ)
2011-02-27 Eric Wongrun GC on ENOSPC when calling mq_open()
2011-02-27 Eric WongSymbols are VALUEs, not IDs
2011-02-27 Eric Wongtests: do not require Fiddle for Ruby 1.9
2011-02-27 Eric WongDo not trust locally cached mq_flags
2011-02-24 Eric Wongcleanup DL usage for alarm() test
2011-02-24 Eric Wongfix test alarm() case for Ruby 1.9
2011-02-24 Eric Wongposix_mq 0.7.0 - cleanups + portability fixesv0.7.0
2011-02-24 Eric Wongdoc: full rdoc coverage!
2011-02-24 Eric Wongdoc: add copy of GPLv2
2011-02-24 Eric Wongdoc: note that timeout is not always supported
2011-02-24 Eric WongREADME: update mailing list notes
2011-02-24 Eric Wongadded a note about em-posixmq for EventMachine users
2011-02-24 Eric Wongdoc: discourage the use of notify
2011-02-24 Eric Wongunindent class methods
2011-02-23 Eric Wongtest for alarm() working properly to interrupt
2011-02-23 Eric Wongupdate URLs for git and cgit
2011-02-23 Eric Wongfix MQ_IO_NIL_P and MQ_IO_CLOSE macros
2011-02-23 Eric Wongtest: fix GC test for systems without POSIX_MQ#to_io
2011-02-23 Eric WongLICENSE: dual license, adding GPLv2
2011-02-23 Eric Wongattempt to support systems w/o mq_timedsend/mq_timedreceive
2011-02-22 Eric Wongextconf: remove unnecessary dir_config statement
2011-02-22 Eric Wonguse StringValueCStr for paths
2011-02-22 Eric Wongfix broken rb_str_set_len() #define for Ruby 1.8.6
2011-02-22 Eric Wongfix for systems that can't convert mqd_t to FD
2011-02-22 Eric Wongswitch to for packaging needs
2010-12-26 Eric Wongpublish_news target is less braindead
2010-12-25 Eric Wongposix_mq 0.6.0 - Rubinius supportv0.6.0
2010-12-25 Eric Wongswitch to wrongdoc for documentation
2010-12-25 Eric Wongadd Rubinius support
2010-12-25 Eric Wongrefactor type checks and remove unnecessary guards
2010-12-25 Eric Wongremove rb_time_interval() and gettimeofday() dependency
2010-08-20 Eric Wongtests: use Class#method_defined?
2010-08-20 Eric Wongtest: avoid leaving queues behind
2010-08-20 Eric Wongavoid double close() and EBADF
2010-08-02 Eric Wongopen/notify: invoke GC if needed
2010-05-09 Eric Wongposix_mq 0.5.1v0.5.1
2010-05-09 Eric Wongfix POSIX_MQ#notify(&block) aka SIGEV_THREAD
2010-05-05 Eric Wongposix_mq 0.5.0v0.5.0
2010-05-05 Eric Wongdoc: updates for RDoc 2.5.x
2010-05-05 Eric Wongrename `posix-mq.rb' executable to `posix-mq-rb'
2010-04-22 Eric WongGC safety fixes
2010-04-22 Eric Wongcleaner lookup "Signal" of constant
2010-03-13 Eric Wongposix_mq 0.4.0v0.4.0
2010-03-13 Eric Wongensure POSIX_MQ#name is clobber-proof
2010-03-13 Eric Wongremove non-portable #warning CPP directive
2010-03-03 Eric Wongadd TODO item for using netlink under Linux
2010-03-03 Eric Wongfix potential race with notify(&block)
2010-02-21 Eric WongPOSIX_MQ#to_io works under FreeBSD, too
2010-02-21 Eric WongREADME: add mailing list archives info
2010-02-21 Eric Wongavoid shadow warnings
2010-02-20 Eric WongPOSIX_MQ#<< does not release GVL when non-blocking
2010-02-20 Eric Wongdo not release GVL when unlinking/opening
2010-02-20 Eric Wongdo not release GVL for non-blocking operations
2010-02-20 Eric Wongmake POSIX_MQ#dup and POSIX_MQ#clone no-op
2010-02-13 Eric Wongposix_mq 0.3.1v0.3.1
2010-02-13 Eric Wonguse GC correctly and avoid memory leaks
2010-01-22 Eric Wongadd #shift test with destination buffer
2010-01-09 Eric WongRakefile: fix raa_update task
2010-01-09 Eric Wongposix_mq 0.3.0v0.3.0
2010-01-09 Eric WongMRI 1.8 does not have rb_str_flush
2010-01-08 Eric Wongno point in non-blocking for fd notifications
2010-01-08 Eric Wongmode_t is usually unsigned
2010-01-07 Eric Wongadd POSIX_MQ#shift helper method
2010-01-07 Eric WongPOSIX_MQ#notify only works on GNU/Linux for now
2010-01-07 Eric WongPOSIX_MQ#notify block execution on message received
2010-01-03 Eric Wongfix warnings on platforms where mqd_t != int
2010-01-03 Eric Wongbump GIT-VERSION-GEN
2010-01-03 Eric Wongposix_mq 0.2.0v0.2.0
2010-01-03 Eric Wongsupport POSIX_MQ#to_io under FreeBSD
2010-01-03 Eric Wongfix build under FreeBSD 7.2