2010-02-13 Eric Wongposix_mq 0.3.1v0.3.1
2010-02-13 Eric Wonguse GC correctly and avoid memory leaks
2010-01-22 Eric Wongadd #shift test with destination buffer
2010-01-09 Eric WongRakefile: fix raa_update task
2010-01-09 Eric Wongposix_mq 0.3.0v0.3.0
2010-01-09 Eric WongMRI 1.8 does not have rb_str_flush
2010-01-08 Eric Wongno point in non-blocking for fd notifications
2010-01-08 Eric Wongmode_t is usually unsigned
2010-01-07 Eric Wongadd POSIX_MQ#shift helper method
2010-01-07 Eric WongPOSIX_MQ#notify only works on GNU/Linux for now
2010-01-07 Eric WongPOSIX_MQ#notify block execution on message received
2010-01-03 Eric Wongfix warnings on platforms where mqd_t != int
2010-01-03 Eric Wongbump GIT-VERSION-GEN
2010-01-03 Eric Wongposix_mq 0.2.0v0.2.0
2010-01-03 Eric Wongsupport POSIX_MQ#to_io under FreeBSD
2010-01-03 Eric Wongfix build under FreeBSD 7.2
2010-01-03 Eric Wongdoc: FreeBSD-specific notes + example code
2010-01-03 Eric WongFix mq.notify = nil to unregister notifications
2010-01-02 Eric Wonginitial commitv0.1.0