2015-01-11 Eric WongRuby io_splice 4.4.0 - minor updatesmasterv4.4.0
2015-01-11 Eric Wonggemspec: remove dead wrongdoc stuff
2015-01-11 Eric Wongdoc updates
2015-01-10 Eric Wongfavor comparisons against zero instead of -1
2015-01-10 Eric Wongpack internal structs for 64-bit systems
2015-01-10 Eric Wongswitch documentation to olddoc
2015-01-10 Eric Wongmove mailing list to
2014-02-15 Eric Wongio_splice 4.3.0 - cleanups and compatibility fixesv4.3.0
2014-02-15 Eric Wongavoid deprecated rb_thread_blocking_region on 2.0+
2014-02-09 Eric Wongdeprecate and remove docs for IO::Splice::WAITALL
2014-02-09 Eric Wongremove copy_stream tests and references
2014-02-09 Eric Wongprepare for rb_thread_blocking_region removal
2013-09-30 Eric WongRakefile: kill raa_update task
2013-09-26 Eric Wongavoid RARRAY_PTR usage for vmsplice
2013-05-12 Eric Wong.gitignore: add .rbx
2013-05-12 Eric Wongio/splice: deprecated potentially unsafe methods
2013-04-21 Eric Wongset close-on-exec in pipe size modification check
2013-01-19 Eric Wongio_splice 4.2.0 - several bugfixes and workaroundsv4.2.0
2013-01-19 Eric Wongvmsplice: more consistent fileno retry handling
2013-01-19 Eric Wongvmsplice: avoid referencing invalid stack address for...
2012-03-08 Eric Wongdoc: s/
2012-03-07 Eric Wongavoid uname() for pipe size modification checks
2011-05-18 Eric Wonglimit maximum splice length to 1 << 30
2011-05-18 Eric Wongcopy_stream: small cleanup for pipe splicing
2011-05-18 Eric Wongio_splice 4.1.1 - workaround socket -> pipe issuesv4.1.1
2011-05-18 Eric Wongexpand doc for non-blocking splice into a pipe
2011-05-17 Eric Wongcopy_stream: always use SPLICE_F_NONBLOCK for partial...
2011-05-16 Eric Wongio_splice 4.1.0 - copy_stream enhancement for 1.9v4.1.0
2011-05-13 Eric Wongcopy_stream coerces based on #to_path
2011-05-13 Eric Wongio_splice 4.0.0 - easier to use!v4.0.0
2011-05-13 Eric Wongfix up documentation for fd vs IO objects
2011-05-13 Eric Wongcopy_stream: enough to get this working under MRI 1.8
2011-05-13 Eric Wongtest_copy_stream: fix userspace buffering assumption
2011-05-13 Eric Wongadd copy_stream test from MRI
2011-05-13 Eric Wongcopy_stream: update src_offset on retries
2011-05-10 Eric Wongcopy_stream attempts to use IO::Splice::WAITALL
2011-05-10 Eric Wongtest_io_splice: disable timeout-related tests in non-MRI
2011-05-10 Eric Wongadd IO::Splice::WAITALL flag support
2011-05-09 Eric Wongtest_io_splice_eintr: beef up test
2011-05-09 Eric Wonguse ssize_t/size_t instead of long/unsigned long
2011-05-09 Eric WongEINTR test only works under 1.9
2011-05-09 Eric Wongdetect closed descriptors on EINTR
2011-05-09 Eric Wongmy_fileno: use FIX2INT instead of NUM2INT
2011-05-09 Eric Wongretry on EINTR
2011-05-01 Eric Wongio_splice 3.1.0 - IO::Splice.copy_stream improvementv3.1.0
2011-05-01 Eric Wongminor documentation updates
2011-05-01 Eric WongIO::Splice.copy_stream doesn't change offset of source...
2011-04-27 Eric Wongextconf: remove unnecessary dir_config statement
2011-03-01 Eric Wongio_splice 3.0.0 - kinder, gentler Linux zero-copyv3.0.0
2011-02-28 Eric Wongdoc: more notes for IO.vmsplice
2011-02-28 Eric Wongremove VERSION constant
2011-02-28 Eric Wongdoc: RDoc for new interfaces and changes
2011-02-28 Eric WongIO.vmsplice flags argument defaults to zero
2011-02-28 Eric Wongadd IO.trytee interface
2011-02-27 Eric Wongtrysplice implies SPLICE_F_NONBLOCK for flags
2011-02-27 Eric Wongflags are optional for splice and trysplice
2011-02-27 Eric Wongshorten calls to rb_thread_blocking_region
2011-02-26 Eric Wongavoid signed vs unsigned comparison
2011-02-26 Eric Wongcopy_stream: encoding doesn't matter
2011-02-26 Eric Wongtest: fix broken assertions on Ruby 1.9.3dev
2011-02-26 Eric Wongcopy_stream uses IO.trysplice instead of IO.splice
2011-02-26 Eric Wongtest: remove unused_port function
2011-02-26 Eric Wongadd IO.trysplice interface
2011-02-05 Eric Wongio/splice: unindent
2011-02-05 Eric Wongtest: cleanup unused_port function
2011-02-05 Eric Wongclean up packaging and use
2010-12-27 Eric Wongdoc: switch to wrongdoc
2010-12-27 Eric WongGNUmakefile: sync examples for documentation publishing
2010-08-02 Eric WongGNUmakefile: update RAA on new releases
2010-08-02 Eric WongRuby io_splice 2.2.0 - updates for Linux 2.6.35v2.2.0
2010-08-02 Eric Wongadd IO#pipe_size and IO#pipe_size= accessors
2010-06-24 Eric Wongtest_io_splice: fix broken test
2010-06-06 Eric WongRuby io_splice 2.1.0 - IO::Splice.copy_stream fixesv2.1.0
2010-06-06 Eric Wongdoc: help RDoc read IO::Splice singleton methods
2010-06-06 Eric Wongdocument +src+ and +dst+ for IO::Splice.{full,partial}
2010-06-06 Eric WongGNUmakefile: add rcov target
2010-06-06 Eric Wongcopy_stream: handle and block on EAGAIN from the non...
2010-06-06 Eric WongGNUmakefile: allow passing options to test/unit
2010-06-06 Eric Wongcopy_stream: cleanup after ourselves
2010-06-06 Eric WongCOPYING: bundle the LGPLv2.1 instead of LGPLv3
2010-06-05 Eric WongRuby io_splice 2.0.0v2.0.0
2010-06-05 Eric Wongupdate PIPE_CAPA documentation for Linux 2.6.35
2010-06-05 Eric Wongrelicense to LGPLv2.1+ (from LGPLv3 only)
2010-06-05 Eric WongGNUmakefile: make our unit tests PHONY
2010-06-05 Eric Wongexamples/splice-cp: simplify with IO::Splice.copy_stream
2010-06-05 Eric Wongio_splice_ext: require errno.h
2010-06-05 Eric Wongcopy_stream takes source offset like the non-splice...
2010-06-03 Eric Wongallow IO.vmsplice to take a single string
2010-06-01 Eric Wongcopy_stream: always try to move pages instead of copying
2010-06-01 Eric Wongpreliminary support for F_GETPIPE_SZ and F_SETPIPE_SZ
2010-06-01 Eric Wongupdate IO::Splice::F_MOVE documentation for 2.6.35
2010-06-01 Eric Wongsimplify examples for 1.0.0 API
2010-06-01 Eric Wongimplement IO::Splice.copy_stream
2010-05-27 Eric Wongfix indentation bug
2010-05-27 Eric WongRuby io_splice 1.0.0v1.0.0
2010-05-27 Eric Wongcleanup makefiles
2010-05-27 Eric Wongtest for non-blocking, non-pipe descriptor
2010-05-27 Eric Wongclarify wording in license
2010-05-27 Eric Wongallow IO(-ish) objects as descriptor arguments
2010-05-27 Eric Wongtest: enable Ruby warnings