2009-04-12 Eric Wongmogilefs-client 2.1.0v2.1.0
2009-04-12 Eric WongGNUmakefile: better logging/output control
2009-04-12 Eric WongEnsure store_{content,file} always returns size
2009-04-01 Eric Wongmog: small cleanup
2009-03-27 Eric Wongmysql: filter out URLs for down/dead hosts/devices
2009-03-25 Eric WongREADME: add links to the mirror
2009-03-25 Eric Wongverify_uris: use write_nonblock instead of syswrite
2009-03-25 Eric WongAdd get_uris API method
2009-03-25 Eric WongExtra checking for full_timeout in sysread_full
2009-03-25 Eric WongREADME: add a note about emailing me
2009-03-25 Eric WongReally remove all NFS support
2009-03-25 Eric WongCompact get_paths output so we don't have nils
2009-03-25 Eric WongClose socket we create before raising exceptions
2009-03-25 Eric WongUnify internal HTTP GET/HEAD methods
2009-03-25 Eric WongRespect timeout when doing get_file_data
2009-03-25 godfatcall[sock]) if sock is not ready.
2009-03-25 Eric WongMySQL interface returns integer length and devcount
2009-03-18 Eric Wongtest_mogilefs: fix race conditions
2009-03-18 Eric Wongtests: retry random ports correctly
2009-03-02 Eric Wongmogilefs-client 2.0.2v2.0.2
2009-03-02 Eric WongTasks to enforce permissions are set correctly
2009-02-26 Eric WongUpdate Manifest.txt with setup.rb
2009-02-26 Eric Wongbackend: don't blindly add "Error" to exception class...
2009-02-26 Eric Wongbackend: raise exceptions with the error message
2009-02-25 Eric WongREADME.txt: update documentation URL
2009-02-25 Eric Wongmogilefs-client 2.0.1v2.0.1
2009-02-25 Eric Wongnetwork: make verify_uris method more robust
2009-02-23 Jacob BurkhartAllow 'store_content' to be used with a streamable...
2009-02-23 Jacob Burkhartfix tests
2009-02-23 Eric WongAdd setup.rb
2009-02-08 Eric Wongtest: workaround some concurrency issues in tests
2009-02-08 Eric Wongbackend: Allow TEST_DEAD_PORT to be set
2009-02-08 Eric Wongtest_util: cleanup forked servers
2009-02-08 Eric WongRewrite tests to not use threads (1.9)
2009-02-08 Eric WongForce binary encoding on all objects
2009-02-08 Eric Wongtest_backend: 1.9 compatibility fixes
2009-02-08 Eric Wongbackend: Ruby 1.9-compatible url_escape
2009-02-07 Eric Wongtest/setup: don't blindly undefine default_test
2009-02-07 Eric WongMogileFS::Pool#use always returns nil
2009-02-03 Eric Wongmogilefs-client 2.0.0v2.0.0
2009-02-03 Eric Wongbackend: cleanup and simplify slightly
2009-01-29 Eric WongMogileFS::Mysql: refresh devices/domains on cache miss
2009-01-24 Eric WongGNUmakefile: add flog/flay targets
2009-01-24 Eric WongRemove unnecessary statements and temp variables
2009-01-24 Eric Wongdocumentation updates
2009-01-24 Eric Wongallow using the default class to store files
2009-01-06 Eric WongEnable test for db_backend
2009-01-06 Eric WongManifest: add test/test_util.rb
2009-01-06 Eric Wongtest_backend: shorten timeout test
2009-01-06 Eric Wongtest_backend: race condition caused occasional test...
2009-01-06 Eric Wongsyswrite_full: allow an optional timeout to be specified
2009-01-06 Eric WongUse syswrite_full where we previously used syswrite
2009-01-06 Eric WongUse syswrite_full when PUT-ing smaller files
2009-01-06 Eric WongMysql: fix get_paths
2009-01-05 Eric WongRemove all trailing whitespace
2009-01-05 Eric WongUpdate Manifest, include Make target for generating it
2009-01-05 Eric Wongmog: fix fallback to MOG_HOSTS env if MOG_TRACKERS...
2008-12-31 Eric WongDon't let size(key) get tricked by non-200 OK responses
2008-12-31 Eric WongCleanup and document http_get_sock
2008-12-31 Eric Wongnew MogileFS::Network module, move verify_uris there
2008-12-30 Eric WongHistory: note that 2.0.0 is still a work-in-progress
2008-12-29 Eric Wongsysrwloop: make sure descriptors are flushed and synced
2008-12-25 Eric WongGNUmakefile: allow "make test/test*.rb" to work
2008-12-24 Eric Wongtest_mogilefs: fix broken test case that was timing out
2008-12-24 Eric WongGNUmakefile: remove dependency on bash3
2008-12-24 Eric Wongtest_mogilefs: allow NR_CHUNKS to be overridable via env
2008-12-24 Eric Wongshorten MogileFS__DbBackend test name
2008-12-24 Eric WongHTTPFile: handle multiple device failover correctly
2008-12-24 Eric WongMogileFS::MogileFS: simplify get_paths
2008-12-24 Eric WongAdd GNU Makefile for running tests in a parallel
2008-12-24 Eric Wongtest/setup: remove rubygems and zentest assertions
2008-12-24 Eric Wongtest_client: make this work outside of "rake test"
2008-12-24 Eric Wongbackend: remove pointless connect_to method
2008-12-24 Eric Wongtest/setup: EACCES, not EACCES_S_
2008-12-24 Eric WongMake sure select(2) calls are
2008-12-24 Eric Wongbackend: remember to require 'thread' here
2008-12-23 Eric Wongtest/setup: TempServer saner port acquiry
2008-12-23 Eric WongRemove NFS support
2008-12-23 Eric WongHTTPFile: rename bigfile accessor to big_io
2008-12-23 Eric WongMogileFS::HTTPFile: support TCP_CORK on Linux
2008-12-23 Eric WongCreate all sockets with TCP_NODELAY
2008-12-23 Eric WongReplace TCPSocket + timeout code with Socket +
2008-12-23 Eric Wongtest: remove FakeSocket code
2008-12-19 Eric WongAllow MogileFS::MogileFS to use :db_backend => MogileFS...
2008-12-19 Eric WongMogileFS::Mysql: sleep() is MogileFS::Backend-compatible
2008-12-19 Eric Wongtest: move mocks from test_mysql to test/setup
2008-12-19 Eric Wongtest_mysql: remove unnecessary requires
2008-12-19 Eric WongMogileFS::Mysql: start making this a backend for Mogile...
2008-12-19 Eric WongMogileFS::Mysql: list_keys returns nil if nothing was...
2008-12-19 Eric WongAdd some documentation and comments to new code
2008-12-19 Eric WongMogileFS::Bigfile: remove Thread.abort_on_exception...
2008-12-19 Eric WongMogileFS::Mysql: read-only methods for MogileFS::Mogile...
2008-12-19 Eric WongAdd test for the Mysql interface
2008-12-18 Eric WongMogileFS::Mysql: small cleanups to make testing easier
2008-12-12 Eric WongMogileFS::Mysql: more flexible Mysql driver handling
2008-12-10 Eric Wonginitial bigfile read support
2008-12-03 Eric WongMogileFS::Util: avoid calling syswrite on zero-length...
2008-10-31 Eric Wongsysrwloop: safely handle non-blocking sockets
2008-10-31 Eric Wongmog: fix 'tee' command so that it actually outputs...
2008-10-31 Eric WongAllow sysrwloop to take an optional filter Proc