2011-11-11 Eric Wonglist_keys/each_key: better handling of verbose listingspipeline
2011-11-11 Eric Wongpipeline: make errors easier to debug by including...
2011-11-11 Eric Wonginitial pipeline API
2011-11-11 Eric Wongtest/test_backend: fix broken escaping test
2011-11-11 Eric WongRakefile: packaging updates
2011-11-11 Eric Wongurl_unescape: fix ordering of "+" => " " of swap
2011-11-11 Eric Wongbackend: factor out dispatch unlocked
2011-11-11 Eric Wongdoc: misc updates
2011-11-11 Eric Wongadmin: use Object#__send__ since Object#send can be...
2011-11-10 Eric Wongbackend: avoid eval for defining error classes
2011-11-10 Eric WongRevert "Compact get_paths output so we don't have nils"
2011-11-10 Eric Wongmogilefs/mogilefs: make @domain an accessor
2011-11-10 Eric Wongget_paths defaults to noverify: true
2011-11-10 Eric Wongtest_http_reader: fix stupid/broken assertion
2011-11-10 Eric Wongtest/test_http_reader: fix unused var warning
2011-11-10 Eric Wongdocumentation/packaging updates
2011-11-10 Eric Wongbackend: more descriptive error for backends being...
2011-11-10 Eric Wongensure get_file_data users notice truncated responses
2011-11-10 Eric Wongsocket/pure_ruby: swap IO#wait for IO#select
2011-11-10 Eric Wongtest: set Thread.abort_on_exception= true
2011-11-10 Eric Wongbackend: fix idempotent retry logic
2011-11-09 Eric Wongfix warnings, oops
2011-11-09 Eric Wongbackend: automatically retry on idempotent commands
2011-11-09 Eric Wongavoid NilMethodError if get_file_data is passed an...
2011-11-08 Eric WongRakefile: remove ZenTest test dependency
2011-11-08 Eric Wongget_file_data supports offset and count
2011-11-08 Eric Wongupdate Manifest (ugh)
2011-11-08 Eric Wongget_paths: expand and improve tests
2011-11-08 Eric Wongget_uri: object allocation reduction
2011-11-08 Eric Wongtest/aggregate: not all Ruby implementations support...
2011-11-08 Eric Wongtest/exec: remove "uuid" gem dependency on 1.8
2011-11-08 Eric Wongcopy_stream (1.8) fix close issue
2011-11-08 Eric Wongbigfile: explicitly close HTTPReader socket
2011-11-08 Eric Wonghttp_reader: remove support for overriding http_method
2011-11-08 Eric Wongsplit deprecated paths_size to its own file
2011-11-08 Eric Wonghttp_* shorter error message for failures
2011-11-08 Eric Wongbackend: revert 1.8 splat breakage
2011-11-08 Eric Wongget_file_data: avoid exposing users to copy_stream...
2011-11-08 Eric Wongbackend: small garbage reduction for url_decode
2011-11-08 Eric Wongsize/list_keys improvements
2011-11-08 Eric Wongtest/integration: skip dummy test with minitest
2011-11-08 Eric Wongtests: migrate tests for modifying classes to test_fresh
2011-11-08 Eric Wongmog: "ls -l" shows full key name
2011-11-08 Eric WongFix Ruby 1.8 compatibility
2011-11-08 Eric Wongadd support for the file_debug command
2011-11-08 Eric Wongadd file_info command support and test
2011-11-08 Eric Wongtests: include test for opening FIFO paths
2011-11-08 Eric WongDisable retries when storing non-rewindable data
2011-11-07 Eric Wonghttp_reader: fix usage with pure sockets
2011-11-07 Eric Wongavoid circular requires
2011-11-07 Eric Wongcleanup unused variable warnings
2011-11-07 Eric Wongfix return value for chunked Util::StoreContent users
2011-11-07 Eric Wonghttp_file: remove unnecessary check
2011-11-07 Eric Wongstore_file works on IO#read-like methods, too
2011-11-07 Eric Wongflesh out pipe streaming + chunk for uploads
2011-11-07 Eric Wongtests: more tests for admin stuff
2011-11-07 Eric Wongtests: more + improved integration tests
2011-11-07 Eric Wongadmin: allow changing replpolicy instead of just mindev...
2011-11-06 Eric Wongadmin: update rdoc for deleting a domain
2011-11-06 Eric Wongdelete returns true on success
2011-11-06 Eric Wongadmin: get_domains includes replpolicy
2011-11-06 Eric Wongtests: integration tests for mogtool --bigfile
2011-11-06 Eric Wongbigfile: fix retry on rebalanced keys
2011-11-06 Eric WongManifest: update
2011-11-05 Eric Wongreturn file size properly when storing file
2011-11-05 Eric Wongsupport chunked uploads via PUT
2011-11-05 Eric Wongredo IO.copy_stream usage
2011-11-05 Eric Wongbackend: require CRLF on every line we parse
2011-11-05 Eric Wongmake EmptyPathError more descriptive
2011-11-05 Eric Wongrename httpfile => http_file
2011-11-05 Eric Wongrefactor httpfile and remove layering violation
2011-11-04 Eric Wongnew HTTPReader implementation replaces the http_read_so...
2011-11-04 Eric Wongremove the network module
2011-11-03 Eric Wongdoc: tag files containing internal implementation details
2011-11-03 Eric Wongbigfile: documentation update
2011-11-02 Eric Wongutil: remove Socket.mogilefs_init method
2011-11-02 Eric Wongremove sysrwloop for copy_stream
2011-11-02 Eric Wongtest/kgio: disable of MOGILEFS_CLIENT_PURE is set
2011-11-02 Eric Wongmog: remove sysrwloop dependency for "tee"
2011-11-02 Eric Wongmogilefs: don't pass class argument if it's "default"
2011-11-02 Eric Wongbigfile: make parse_info public and require arg
2011-11-02 Eric Wongbigfile: better factor this for use with IO.copy_stream
2011-11-02 Eric Wongremove the rest of the Socket monkeypatches
2011-11-02 Eric Wongutil: remove syswrite_full method
2011-11-02 Eric Wongmake http_read_sock and friends use new socket API
2011-11-01 Eric Wonguse IO.copy_stream if available for making uploads...
2011-11-01 Eric Wonghttpfile: remove silly syswrite_full usage
2011-11-01 Eric Wongbackend: rely on Array#shuffle instead sort_by { rand }
2011-10-31 Eric Wongwire up new socket class to backend
2011-10-31 Eric Wongintroduce MogileFS::Socket class
2011-10-22 Eric Wongtest_backend: remove TempServer usage
2011-10-22 Eric Wonghttpfile: remove comment to NFSFile
2011-10-22 Eric WongREADME.txt: shorten URLs
2011-10-20 Eric Wongutil: small ivar reduction
2011-10-20 Eric Wongremove Socket#mogilefs_peername
2011-10-20 Eric Wongtests: do not assume "." is in $LOAD_PATH anymore
2011-01-13 Eric Wongmogilefs-client 2.2.0v2.2.0
2011-01-13 Eric Wongrefactor backend socket/connection handling
2010-02-19 Eric Wongbump VERSION to 3.0.0pre
2010-02-19 Eric Wongremove support for TCP_CORK