2015-06-25 Eric Wongdoc: avoid inadvertantly documenting the Process classmaster
2015-06-25 Eric WongRuby mogilefs-client 3.9.0v3.9.0
2015-06-24 Eric Wongmogilefs/socket/pure_ruby: use IO#wait_*able
2015-06-24 Eric WongHACKING: minor documentation updates
2015-05-28 Eric Wongavoid defineclass instructions for empty classes
2015-05-27 Eric Wonguse monotonic clock if possible on Ruby 2.1+
2015-05-27 Eric Wongtest/test_fresh.rb: fix breakage from Ruby-trunk r50118
2015-02-10 Eric WongRuby mogilefs-client 3.8.0v3.8.0
2015-02-10 Eric Wongnew public-inbox:
2015-01-22 Eric Wongtest: fixup object lifetimes and teardown
2015-01-22 Eric Wonginclude mogilefs/version.rb in the distro
2015-01-16 Eric Wongtests: create fresh intances for all integration tests
2015-01-16 Eric Wongadmin: reduce bytecode overhead of get_stats
2015-01-16 Eric Wongadmin: flesh out get_devices
2015-01-14 Eric WongTODO: remove and EventMachine references
2015-01-14 Eric Wongexamples: add usage_fetcher example
2015-01-14 Eric WongGNUmakefile: publish examples on the site, too
2015-01-14 Eric Wongupdate documentation and packaging
2015-01-13 Eric Wongadmin (doc, get_hosts): display integers in results doc
2014-10-22 Eric Wongadd mog-sync example script
2013-09-10 Eric WongRuby mogilefs-client 3.7.1v3.7.1
2013-09-10 Eric Wongnew_file/stream: correct declare errors array correctly
2013-07-18 Eric WongRuby mogilefs-client 3.7.0v3.7.0
2013-07-09 Eric Wongclient: each_key: accept optional :after and :limit...
2013-02-21 Eric WongRuby mogilefs-client 3.6.0v3.6.0
2013-02-21 Eric Wongmysql: remove warning for assigned but unused variable
2013-02-21 Eric Wongbackend: fix variable shadow warning
2013-02-05 Eric Wongbackend: retry all trackers on send failure
2013-01-18 Eric Wongcreate_open: do not set empty zone= parameter
2012-12-24 Eric Wongtest for size mismatch errors with IO.copy_stream
2012-12-04 Eric Wongmogilefs-client 3.5.0v3.5.0
2012-11-08 Eric Wongnew_file: don't pass private field to create_open
2012-10-31 Eric Wongmogilefs-client 3.5.0-rc1v3.5.0-rc1
2012-10-31 Eric Wongnet-http-persistent usage respects timeouts
2012-10-31 Eric Wongtest: fix some warnings found with "ruby -w -c"
2012-10-31 Eric Wongavoid documenting internal constant (NHP)
2012-10-30 Eric Wongnew_file: support create_open_args and create_close_args
2012-10-30 Eric Wonghttp_reader: improve robustness of header reading
2012-10-24 Eric Wongtest: remove assert_nothing_raised checks
2012-10-24 Eric Wongnew_file: delay keepalive sockopts until read
2012-10-24 Eric Wongoptionally use net-http-persistent for StringIO
2012-10-22 Eric Wongnew_file allows optional :info hash to be populated
2012-10-09 Eric WongRuby mogilefs-client 3.4.0v3.4.0
2012-10-09 Eric Wongclient: small speedup for list_keys_verbose
2012-10-09 Eric Wongclient: add each_file_info iterator
2012-10-08 Eric Wongadmin: get_devices returns observed_state again
2012-10-08 Eric Wongadmin: minor speedups for get_hosts, get_devices, list_fids
2012-10-02 Eric Wongadmin: speed up get_domains for many domains
2012-08-11 Eric WongRuby mogilefs-client 3.3.0v3.3.0
2012-08-03 Eric WongRuby mogilefs-client 3.3.0-rc1v3.3.0-rc1
2012-08-02 Eric WongHACKING: update doc to include gem generation
2012-08-02 Eric WongRakefile: stub NEWS/ChangeLog if wrongdoc is missing
2012-08-02 Eric WongRakefile: update Hoe#url => Hoe#urls assigment
2012-08-02 Eric Wongtest_mogilefs: improve test completeness/docs
2012-08-02 Eric Wongbackend: respect timeout on socket/timeout errors
2012-07-25 David Raschbackend: close on timeout, even when idempotent
2012-07-05 Eric Wongclarify error when fails on source file
2012-06-29 Eric WongRuby mogilefs-client 3.2.0v3.2.0
2012-06-29 Eric Wongtest: fix test/unit compat in 1.8.7
2012-06-29 Eric Wongadmin: simplify integer casting code
2012-06-29 Eric Wongadmin: get_devices casts reject_bad_md5 to boolean
2012-06-29 Eric Wongadmin: add change_device_weight command
2012-06-29 Eric Wongadmin: add support for create_device command
2012-06-15 Eric WongRuby mogilefs-client 3.2.0-rc1v3.2.0-rc1
2012-06-12 Eric Wongbackend: reuse connections on error responses
2012-06-06 Eric Wongexist?(dkey) raises on real errors
2012-06-05 Eric Wonglist_keys raises on errors properly
2012-05-08 Eric WongRakefile: remove vim-specific modeline
2012-05-04 Eric Wongnew_file: documentation for :content_md5 usage
2012-03-22 Eric Wongclient: add support for "updateclass" command
2012-02-28 Eric WongRakefile: release generated NEWS/ChangeLog files
2012-02-28 Eric WongREADME: add download link
2012-02-28 Eric WongRuby mogilefs-client 3.1.1v3.1.1
2012-02-28 Eric Wongdoc: update to not refer to MogileFS 2.55 specifically
2012-02-28 Eric WongLICENSE: update copyright year + range
2012-02-28 Eric Wongdoc: fixup mailto: links
2012-02-28 Matthew DraperDon't stop reading too early.
2012-02-17 Eric Wongfix documentation of :noverify for get_paths
2011-12-15 Eric WongREADME: speling ficks
2011-12-15 Eric WongRuby mogilefs-client 3.1.0v3.1.0
2011-12-15 Eric Wongdocs for various timeouts in
2011-12-15 Eric Wongbackend: rely on auto-generated exceptions in const_missing
2011-12-15 Eric Wongadd configurable :fail_timeout for backends
2011-12-12 Eric Wongavoid relying on exceptions for list_keys
2011-12-12 Eric Wongsimplify exist? implementation for avoiding exceptions
2011-12-11 Eric Wongnet-http-persistent not required for Content-Range...
2011-12-11 Eric Wongexamples/stale_fid_checker: --help + fail on older...
2011-12-11 Eric WongHistory: point users towards NEWS doc
2011-12-11 Eric Wongchunker: small cleanups to whitespace handling
2011-12-11 Eric Wongadd :new_file_max_time parameter
2011-12-11 Eric Wongmisc. documentation improvements
2011-12-11 Eric Wongexamples: add stale_fid_checker script
2011-12-10 Eric Wongfinalize and document improved new_file API
2011-12-10 Eric Wongrename "Put" namespace to "NewFile"
2011-12-10 Eric Wongtests: speedup tests that require hitting mogstored
2011-12-09 Eric Wongnew_file_common: call "noop" before "create_close"
2011-12-09 Eric Wongpool: shutdown backend when purging
2011-12-09 Eric Wongpool: O(1) object validity checking
2011-12-09 Eric Wongpool: add @purge_threshold, @purge_keep accessors
2011-12-09 Eric Wongreorganize largefile support code