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2015-01-15 Cheolho ParkAdd extended timestamp for Type 3 chunks if necessarymaster
2014-07-07 Martin StorsjoReplace RTMP_PUB_ALLOC with RTMP_LF_FTCU and RTMP_LF_FAPU
2014-07-07 Martin StorsjoSimplify the logic for freeing reused strings in RTMP_Close
2014-07-07 Martin StorsjoSet RTMP_PUB_ALLOC if tcUrl is allocated in PublisherAuth
2014-07-07 Martin StorsjoReconnect directly when authenticating, don't wait...
2014-03-02 Martin PanterExtended timestamp field may be present in type 3 chunk...
2013-12-05 Martin StorsjoFix leaks in AMF objects that contain arrays
2013-12-05 Martin StorsjoFree the extra read buffer if the initial FLV buffer...
2013-12-05 Martin StorsjoCorrect the count of bytes written to the initial FLV...
2013-10-07 Martin StorsjoBump the SO_VERSION to 1
2013-09-23 Martin StorsjoInclude -lgmp in the pkg-config file when building...
2013-09-23 Martin StorsjoInclude the nettle/hogweed crypto libraries in the...
2013-08-15 Martin StorsjoFix limelight authentication with abbreviated app names
2013-08-15 Martin StorsjoDon't do strchr on a string that isn't necessarily...
2013-07-19 Martin StorsjoDon't use non-public gnutls functions
2012-12-30 Martin StorsjoRemove a useless leftover comment
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