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ROX-Lib contains shared code used by most of the ROX applications.
2010-03-18 Jim RamsayDeprecation warning: gtk.Tooltips deprecated in pygtk... master
2010-03-18 Jim RamsayIgnore python .pyo and .pyc files
2009-07-27 Thomas LeonardStart development series 2.0.6-post
2009-07-27 Thomas LeonardRelease 2.0.6v2.0.6
2009-07-27 Thomas LeonardAdded release notes.
2009-06-20 Stephen WatsonMerge branch 'master' of git://
2009-06-16 Thomas LeonardFixed deprecation warning with Python 2.6
2009-01-26 Stephen WatsonFix problem installing handlers which are zero-install...
2008-09-13 Stephen WatsonHandle thumbnail creation failure according to the...
2008-05-31 Tony HoughtonFix hang in exception reporting dialog
2008-05-18 Dennis TomasWhen parsing AppInfo files, get the menu icons too.
2008-05-11 Lennon CookFixed some icon-loading bugs.
2008-03-26 Thomas LeonardEnsure version is updated when making releases.
2008-03-24 Stephen WatsonCorrectly call mime.image_for_type now.
2008-03-24 Stephen WatsonUpated the code for loading MIME icons (and moved it...
2008-01-19 Stephen WatsonAdded interface for gtk.StatusIcon
8 years ago v2.0.6 Release 2.0.6
10 years ago v2.0.5
11 years ago v2.0.4
12 years ago v2.0.3
12 years ago v2.0.2
13 years ago v2.0.1
13 years ago v2.0.0
13 years ago v1.9.18
13 years ago v1.9.17
13 years ago v1.9.16
13 years ago v1.9.15
14 years ago v1.9.14
14 years ago v1.9.13
14 years ago v1.9.12
14 years ago v1.9.11
14 years ago v1.9.10
8 years ago master
15 years ago ROX-Lib_v1
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