2012-12-30 DemonslayerFixed some compiler type warnings
2012-12-30 DemonslayerRemoved unused variables
2012-12-30 DemonslayerUpgraded deprecated functions to new versions
2012-09-22 Norm PierceFixed xdgmime support for zero-length files
2012-09-22 Thomas LeonardUpdated to latest xdgmime library
2012-09-22 Norm PierceRemove rule that zero-length files are always text...
2012-09-22 Thomas LeonardRemoved xdgmime files not needed for ROX
2012-09-22 Thomas LeonardFixed use-after-free in xdgmime
2012-09-22 Thomas LeonardAdded xdgmime history to ROX-Filer's Git repository
2012-08-12 Norm PierceFix pinboard event forwarding with GTK >= 2.18
2012-07-15 Thomas LeonardInclude -lm explicitly
2012-07-15 Thomas LeonardIncreased maximum value for width of filenames options
2012-07-08 Thomas LeonardRemoved obsolete panel option
2012-05-26 Thomas LeonardUpdated libsm and libice dependencies to use pkg-config
2012-05-20 Dima KrasnerSet a default size for the log window
2012-03-18 Thomas LeonardAdded support for "Fit" backdrop style
2012-02-19 Nicola FontanaAdd explicit dependency on libm and libdl
2012-02-19 Nicola FontanaExtend commit #c2232d50 to "Send to..."
2011-10-28 David FaureDo case-insensitive checks for fnmatch-type-matching...
2011-10-28 David FaureIt's faster and simpler to just use memcmp here.
2011-10-23 David FaureFix xdgmime bug #18109: implement better use of magic...
2011-10-22 TANAKANew ja.po translation.
2011-10-15 Thomas LeonardUpdated update-po to use the new GtkBuilder .ui file
2011-10-09 Thomas LeonardStart development series 2.11-post
2011-10-09 Thomas LeonardRelease 2.11v2.11
2011-10-09 Thomas LeonardRelease notes for 2.11
2011-10-06 David FaureFix filename in #warning message
2011-10-02 Thomas LeonardConverted from Glade to GtkBuilder
2011-10-01 AlekTypo in German translation
2011-09-29 David FaureImplement text vs binary fallback; support for applicat...
2011-09-11 Thomas LeonardAdded run-time dependency on libglade2
2010-08-21 Thomas Leonard"build" script runs autoconf and build the documentatio...
2010-08-21 Thomas LeonardDon't lower panel when the pointer moves over an applet
2010-08-13 Mohamed Amine... Centre the pinboard image correctly if larger than...
2010-05-01 Thomas LeonardDepend on 0compile 0.19.1
2010-04-24 Thomas LeonardAdded build dependency on pkg-config
2010-04-07 Thomas LeonardBugfix: unselect item when menu is closed
2010-04-07 Thomas LeonardMerge remote branch 'kerofin/master'
2010-01-11 Stephen WatsonClean up the 'rox' script generation.
2010-01-11 Stephen WatsonAdded button to options window to create the 'rox'...
2010-01-03 yuriupdated italian translation
2009-12-01 Stephen WatsonMerge branch 'master' of git://
2009-11-30 Sérgio CipollaUpdated Brazilian Portuguese translation
2009-10-27 Antonio SánchezUpdated spanish and galician translation
2009-10-24 Antonio SánchezUpdated Spanish translation
2009-10-08 Alexander Larssonsort glob hits with larger weight first
2009-10-06 Bastien Nocera2009-10-06 Bastien Nocera <>
2009-10-02 Alexander Larsson2009-10-02 Alexander Larsson <>
2009-10-02 Alexander Larsson2009-10-02 Alexander Larsson <>
2009-10-02 Alexander Larsson2009-10-02 Alexander Larsson <>
2009-10-02 Alexander Larsson2009-10-02 Alexander Larsson <>
2009-10-02 Alexander Larsson2009-10-02 Alexander Larsson <>
2009-09-19 Stephen WatsonMerge branch 'master' of git://
2009-09-15 Luis Felipe... Updated Spanish translation.
2009-09-08 Thomas LeonardMark French manual as up-to-date
2009-08-22 Stephen WatsonTurn the error on invalid line breaks in uri_list_to_gl...
2009-07-19 Stephen WatsonBefore starting to generate a thumbnail, check if it...
2009-07-18 Stephen WatsonMerge branch 'master' of git://
2009-07-18 Thomas LeonardStart development series 2.10-post
2009-07-18 Thomas LeonardRelease 2.10v2.10
2009-07-18 Thomas LeonardUpdated release notes
2009-07-18 Stephen WatsonEliminated the duplicated code between pixmap_backgroun...
2009-07-18 Stephen WatsonAdded option to place panels under the control of the...
2009-07-13 Stephen WatsonFix bug in XDG MIME magic: if two matches at the same...
2009-07-11 Stephen WatsonNewer versions of GTK+ issue warnings if a spin button...
2009-06-30 Stephen WatsonMerge branch 'master' of git://
2009-06-30 Stephen WatsonIf a file has a thumbnail, display it in the infobox.
2009-06-28 heroaki_TANAKAUpdate japanese trancslation
2009-05-31 Bernard JungenFix the code to parse the value from the file too
2009-05-29 Tony HoughtonApplied Bernard Jungen's patch and suggestion:
2009-05-27 Tony HoughtonNew options in mount point Properties dialog:
2009-05-27 Tony HoughtonLeft align permissions labels in Properties.
2009-05-27 Tony HoughtonPreserve learnt mounts across sessions.
2009-05-23 Tony HoughtonChanged semantics of "Don't ask" in unmount prompt
2009-05-22 Tony HoughtonAdded "Don't ask..." to may_offer_unmount().
2009-05-10 Thomas LeonardStart development series 2.9-post
2009-05-10 Thomas LeonardRelease 2.9v2.9
2009-05-10 Thomas LeonardAdded release notes for 2.9.
2009-05-10 Thomas LeonardROX-Filer didn't compile without inotify support
2009-05-10 Thomas LeonardRemoved separate source feed
2009-04-13 Thomas LeonardDon't use "cp -u" in build script; doesn't work on...
2009-03-09 Bastien Nocera* src/test-mime.c (test_one_icon): Fix possible
2009-01-08 Bastien Nocera* src/xdgmime.c (xdg_mime_shutdown): Patch from
2008-12-30 Thomas LeonardFixed incorrect XML
2008-12-29 Babyfai CheungUpdated Chinese translations
2008-12-05 Thomas LeonardMoved substitution code into a separate function
2008-12-05 RogutėsSupport back-references when bulk renaming.
2008-11-30 Tony HoughtonUpdate panels correctly when the screen size changes
2008-11-23 Stephen WatsonSupport "Show per workspace" pinboard option when the...
2008-11-08 Babyfai CheungMake more terms become translatable in log.c
2008-10-07 Thomas LeonardRevert "Menu option to create a new start-up script."
2008-10-07 Thomas LeonardFix detection of *BSD systems for large file support
2008-10-07 Thomas LeonardRevert "Fix detection of *BSD systems for large file...
2008-10-05 Stephen WatsonMerge branch 'master' of git://
2008-10-05 Stephen WatsonFix detection of *BSD systems for large file support.
2008-10-05 Stephen WatsonUse inotify to monitor directories when available,...
2008-10-05 Stephen WatsonHandle desktop files that have a blank Path
2008-10-05 Stephen WatsonDocument new "Start script" menu item.
2008-10-05 Stephen WatsonMenu option to create a new start-up script.
2008-10-05 Stephen WatsonHandle the case where there is nothing following the...