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You can use Archive to compress a directory or file into a single, smaller file (which can be stored, emailed, etc). You can also use it to extract a compressed archive back into a file or directory structure. Archive supports the XDS (X Direct Save) protocol for drag-and-drop saving (as used in ROX, etc).
2013-02-14 Thomas LeonardStart development series 2.3-postmaster
2013-02-14 Thomas LeonardRelease 2.3v2.3
2013-02-14 Thomas LeonardExplict Python <runner> for unit-tests too
2013-02-14 Thomas LeonardExplicit Python <runner>
2010-03-02 Bernard JungenAdded .tar.lzma, .xz, .tar.xz and .lha support
2009-04-26 Thomas LeonardFixed typo in Changes file
2009-04-26 Bernard JungenUpdated French translation.
2008-06-08 Thomas LeonardStart development series 2.2-post
2008-06-08 Thomas LeonardRelease 2.2v2.2
2008-06-08 Thomas LeonardPrepare for new release.
2008-05-31 Bernard JungenAdd support for the LZMA compression format
2008-05-24 Thomas LeonardUse unrar to extract rar files, not "rar"
2007-10-01 Thomas LeonardBugfix: Don't unescape paths.
2006-07-30 Thomas LeonardAdded French translation (Jean-Christophe Charrier).
2006-06-25 Babyfai CheungUpdate Chinese Translations (Babyfai Cheung)
2006-05-27 Thomas LeonardReverted exception-catching change. ROX-Lib does it... v2.1
5 years ago v2.3 Release 2.3
10 years ago v2.2 Release 2.2
12 years ago v2.1
12 years ago v2.0
13 years ago v1.9.5
14 years ago v1.9.4
14 years ago v1.9.3
15 years ago v1.9.2
15 years ago v1.9.1
15 years ago v1.9.0
17 years ago v0.1.2
5 years ago master