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2009-03-19 Jonas HäggqvistMake the rbutil page a bit smarter.master
2009-03-19 Jonas HäggqvistRemove some oooold debug code and make sure the public...
2009-03-18 Jonas HäggqvistGive ourselves write permission to dirs we want to...
2009-03-18 Jonas HäggqvistSwitch site->listthemes to expect a resolution rather...
2009-03-17 Jonas HäggqvistExpose the theme RSS feeds
2009-03-17 Jonas HäggqvistStore hidden themes in the private dir.
2009-03-17 Jonas HäggqvistChange themedir_abs into two variables holding paths...
2009-03-17 Jonas HäggqvistExplain the privpath variable
2009-03-17 Jonas HäggqvistSome .gitignore files to ensure we have the theme dirs.
2009-03-17 Jonas HäggqvistDocument some requirements in the README.
2009-03-17 Jonas HäggqvistAdd some TODOs
2009-03-17 Jonas HäggqvistMail the uploader when a theme is hidden/deleted. Also...
2009-03-17 Jonas HäggqvistSeparate emailing into its own function.
2009-03-17 Jonas HäggqvistStore results for checkwps of both current and release.
2009-03-17 Jonas HäggqvistAdd some comments
2009-03-13 Jonas HäggqvistTurn off smarty debugging.
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