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1. Apache with PHP5
2. Smarty ( or the 'smarty' package on Debian systems)
3. magic_quotes_gpc = Off in your apache config (or .htaccess)


1. Put the dir "public" somewhere where your webserver can see it. If you're
   running the main site, making it the document root is expected.
2. Edit public/ to point to the location of
   private/ This directory should absolutely NOT be reachable
   through the webserver.
3. Edit private/ and fix all the paths/settings.
4. The following dirs/files need to be writable by the webserver user:
    - private/themes.db
    - private/templates/cache
    - private/templates/compiled
    - public/themes
    - private/themes
5. Compile checkwps for all targets and put them in private/checkwps/release
   and private/checkwps/current. Put their versions in a file named VERSION
   in each dir. See private/checkwps/current/ for an easy way to do
6. Add some admin users using private/ This is done through the
   console to create an implicit "superadmin".
2009-03-19 Jonas HäggqvistMake the rbutil page a bit smarter.master
2009-03-19 Jonas HäggqvistRemove some oooold debug code and make sure the public...
2009-03-18 Jonas HäggqvistGive ourselves write permission to dirs we want to...
2009-03-18 Jonas HäggqvistSwitch site->listthemes to expect a resolution rather...
2009-03-17 Jonas HäggqvistExpose the theme RSS feeds
2009-03-17 Jonas HäggqvistStore hidden themes in the private dir.
2009-03-17 Jonas HäggqvistChange themedir_abs into two variables holding paths...
2009-03-17 Jonas HäggqvistExplain the privpath variable
2009-03-17 Jonas HäggqvistSome .gitignore files to ensure we have the theme dirs.
2009-03-17 Jonas HäggqvistDocument some requirements in the README.
2009-03-17 Jonas HäggqvistAdd some TODOs
2009-03-17 Jonas HäggqvistMail the uploader when a theme is hidden/deleted. Also...
2009-03-17 Jonas HäggqvistSeparate emailing into its own function.
2009-03-17 Jonas HäggqvistStore results for checkwps of both current and release.
2009-03-17 Jonas HäggqvistAdd some comments
2009-03-13 Jonas HäggqvistTurn off smarty debugging.
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