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Microscopic scripts to download, riffle (a.k.a. suffle) and/or sort, sync with portable device, expire according to rules and may be more. Has embrionic GUI for syncronization, downloader is still command line though. Eventually everything will be configurable from GUI or text editor and usable from either GUI, command line or cronjob (or some other external scheduler). Main accent is to keep it simple to use. Some extra care is being taken of ipod shuffle because that's what i use.
See real README
2008-05-08 Artem Baguinskiriffle is simpler and works bettermaster
2008-05-07 Artem Baguinskisplit off riffle into its own module under util
2008-05-05 Artem Baguinskiimplemented episodes riffle
2008-05-05 Artem Baguinskiimplemented the riffle algorithm (on any list of lists)
2008-05-05 Artem Baguinskistarted refactoring sync to take advantage of the database
2008-05-04 Artem Baguinski--drown option: mark as downloaded all episodes from...
2008-05-04 Artem Baguinskisubscription and propper command line parseage
2008-05-04 Artem Baguinskiported episode downloadage to django version
2008-05-03 Artem Baguinskiless debug output in Episode.make_local_path()
2008-05-03 Artem Baguinskidefault value for watermark is 60 days ago
2008-05-02 Artem Baguinskifeed watermark, episode "injection" into database
2008-05-02 Artem Baguinskitemporary solution to import episodes downloaded by...
2008-05-02 Artem Baguinskisymlinked inside the riffle/catcher so django...
2008-05-02 Artem Baguinskidjango admin interface related fixes
2008-05-02 Artem Baguinskifactored testing feed updateness out
2008-05-02 Artem Baguinskirefactored feed to djagoified version
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