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descriptionFreeBSD 7.2 device driver for Ralink rt2870
last changeSun, 16 May 2010 12:01:02 +0000 (16 14:01 +0200)
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2010-05-16 Alexander EgorenkovDo not use ShortGI and STBC with management frames... master
2010-05-12 Alexander EgorenkovFixed wrong RSSI reported to net80211
2010-03-26 Alexander EgorenkovFixed a typo
2010-03-21 Alexander EgorenkovChnaged size of Rx ring back to 1 because USB stack...
2010-03-21 Alexander EgorenkovAdded more info to Rx frame debugging message; Added...
2010-03-21 Alexander EgorenkovAdded A-MPDU density and BA window size to Tx debugging...
2010-03-21 Alexander EgorenkovUse temporarily CFP radiotap flag as A-MPDU flag
2010-03-21 Alexander EgorenkovNode should be freed when rt2870_newassoc_cb is finished
2010-03-21 Alexander EgorenkovFixed problems with 5GHz channels
2010-03-21 Alexander EgorenkovPairwise key table has 64 entries
2010-03-21 Alexander EgorenkovAdded sysctl Tx STBC control variable in order to be...
2010-03-21 Alexander EgorenkovBA bit in Rx descriptor tells us if received frame...
2010-03-21 Alexander EgorenkovPID 0 means do not collect FIFO Tx statistic
2010-03-21 Alexander EgorenkovU2ME mask was not set
2010-03-21 Alexander EgorenkovFixed legacy basic rate bitmap for B mode
2010-03-21 Alexander EgorenkovHook ic_addba_response and ic_addba_stop functions...
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