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descriptionFreeBSD 8 device driver for Ralink rt2860
last changeTue, 15 Jun 2010 18:35:04 +0000 (15 20:35 +0200)
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2010-06-15 Alexander EgorenkovCallback iv_update_beacon could be called before a... master
2010-05-15 Alexander EgorenkovDo not use ShortGI and STBC with management frames...
2010-03-26 Alexander EgorenkovFixed a typo
2010-03-20 Alexander EgorenkovRemoved macros RT2860_AID2WCID and RT2860_ACK_SIZE
2010-03-19 Alexander EgorenkovFixed legacy basic rate bitmap for B mode
2010-03-18 Alexander EgorenkovAdded A-MPDU Rx session counter; Added hooks for ic_amp...
2010-03-18 Alexander EgorenkovFixed problems with channel configuration
2010-03-18 Alexander EgorenkovU2ME mask was not set
2010-03-18 Alexander EgorenkovSmall typos fixed
2010-03-18 Alexander EgorenkovIntroduced functions to add/delete BA sessions; Enabled...
2010-03-17 Alexander EgorenkovWakeup ASIC during initialization; Clear BA session...
2010-03-17 Alexander EgorenkovIntroduced Rx A-MPDU retry statistic counter in order...
2010-03-17 Alexander EgorenkovAdded retry information to Rx debugging message
2010-03-16 Alexander EgorenkovIncrease node reference counter during BAR sending
2010-03-16 Alexander EgorenkovAdded own send BAR function without callback logic
2010-03-16 Alexander EgorenkovDisabled sending BAR frame after receiving ADDBA respon...
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