2011-06-27 Eric Wongraindrops 0.7.0 - FreeBSD fix, code cleanupsv0.7.0
2011-06-27 Eric Wongdoc: librelist.com => librelist.org
2011-06-27 Eric Wongfix Ruby warnings
2011-06-27 Eric WongGemfile: remove wrongdoc dependency for tests
2011-06-27 Eric Wongpkg.mk: update to latest version
2011-06-25 Eric Wongremove _XOPEN_SOURCE #define for FreeBSD
2011-06-16 Eric Wonglinux_inet_diag: avoid pointer aliasing warnings
2011-06-16 Eric Wongtest_linux_tcp_info: fix test for higher HZ systems
2011-03-25 Eric Wonglast_data_recv: fixup rdoc
2011-03-24 Eric Wongwatcher: fix documentation for X-* headers
2011-03-21 Eric Wongraindrops 0.6.1 - fix build on non-Linuxv0.6.1
2011-03-21 Eric Wongtcp_info: mark this as Linux-only
2011-03-21 Eric Wongraindrops 0.6.0 - polishing up the last releasev0.6.0
2011-03-21 Eric Wongextconf: use dir_config properly
2011-03-21 Eric Wonginet_diag: no need to rely on sin6_addr internals
2011-03-21 Eric Wongextconf: remove check for rb_struct_alloc_noinit()
2011-03-21 Eric Wonginet_diag: fix build under MRI 1.8.7
2011-03-21 Eric Wonginet_diag: FD_CLOEXEC for inet_diag sockets by default
2011-03-21 Eric Wonginet_diag: use rb_thread_io_blocking_region under 1...
2011-03-21 Eric Wongwatcher: remove redundant Rack::Response
2011-03-18 Eric Wongwatcher: add title attributes to elements
2011-03-18 Eric Wongwatcher: RDoc examples point to the demo
2011-03-18 Eric Wongwatcher: set Expires headers for cache invalidation
2011-03-18 Eric Wongzbatery.conf: disable user switching, add pid file
2011-03-18 Eric Wongwatcher: prevent Rack::Deflater from buffering
2011-03-17 Eric Wongwatcher: add link to the Watcher documentation
2011-03-17 Eric Wongwatcher: fix rdoc
2011-03-17 Eric Wongraindrops 0.5.0 - more Linux extras!v0.5.0
2011-03-17 Eric Wongwatcher: retry on empty stats
2011-03-17 Eric Wongtest_raindrops_gc: disable by default
2011-03-17 Eric Wongtest_linux_all_tcp_listen_stats_leak: fix for 1.8
2011-03-17 Eric Wongrdoc: document the demo URLs
2011-03-17 Eric Wongwatcher_demo: add more listeners to the mix
2011-03-17 Eric Wonginet_diag: properly deal with INADDR_ANY binds
2011-03-17 Eric Wonglinux-listener-stats: all means all (UNIX and TCP liste...
2011-03-17 Eric Wongupdate examples for raindrops-demo.bogomips.org/
2011-03-17 Eric Wongwatcher: properly stream responses for <= HTTP/1.0
2011-03-16 Eric Wongupdate examples for Rack/Zbatery
2011-03-16 Eric Wongdoc: fix documentation for Raindrops::InetDiagSocket...
2011-03-16 Eric Wongadd Watcher Rack application
2011-03-15 Eric Wonglinux-listener-stats: use timerfd if available
2011-03-14 Eric Wonglinux: avoid Array#first/Array#last
2011-03-14 Eric Wonglinux: unix_listener_stats may scan all paths
2011-03-14 Eric Wonglinux-listener-stats: allow -a for all TCP sockets
2011-03-12 Eric Wonginet_diag: switch to inet_pton() for translation
2011-03-12 Eric Wongallow reusing netlink socket for inet_diag
2011-03-12 Eric Wonginet_diag: fix signedness warnings on 32-bit
2011-03-12 Eric Wonginet_diag: no need to specify family
2011-03-12 Eric Wonginet_diag: fix up IPv6 address stringification
2011-03-12 Eric Wongtests: remove unused_port function
2011-03-12 Eric Wonginet_diag: fall back on IPv6 lookups
2011-03-12 Eric Wonginet_diag: fold all_tcp_listener_stats into tcp_listene...
2011-03-12 Eric Wonginet_diag: small reorganization
2011-03-12 Eric Wonginet_diag: do not set unblocking function
2011-03-12 Eric Wongmove st_table cleanup
2011-03-12 Eric Wonginet_diag: stricter IPv6 address parsing
2011-03-12 Eric Wonglinux: method for dumping all TCP listener stats
2011-03-12 Eric Wonginet_diag: force the use of 32-bit counters
2011-03-12 Eric Wonginet_diag: fixup braindamage from refactoring
2011-03-12 Eric Wongcleanup struct initialization to avoid ifdefs
2011-03-12 Eric Wonguse unsigned values for all counters
2011-03-11 Eric Wonginet_diag: cleanup unnecessarily large struct
2011-03-11 Eric Wonginet_diag: fixup broken assertion
2011-03-11 Eric Wonginet_diag: factor out prep code
2011-03-11 Eric Wongdoc: more rdoc updates for Linux users
2011-03-11 Eric Wongthe core Raindrops class is portable, yes it is
2011-03-11 Eric Wongtcp_info: more documentation on last_data_recv
2011-03-11 Eric Wong.document: remove non-existent reference
2011-03-11 Eric Wongtests: only do the GC test on MRI
2011-03-11 Eric Wongfix stupid typo in Raindrops#size=
2011-03-11 Eric Wongtests: ensure munmap() in children don't muck up the...
2011-03-11 Eric Wongsupport for Raindrops#size= and Raindrops#evaporate!
2011-03-10 Eric Wongrdoc: 100% documentation coverage!
2011-03-10 Eric Wongtest_middleware_unicorn: GC is aggressive!
2011-03-10 Eric Wongexperiment with Bundler for dev dependencies
2011-03-10 Eric Wongdisable aggregate/pmq stuff under 1.8
2011-03-10 Eric Wongaggregate/pmq: we need a Mutex to protect fcntl() locks
2011-03-09 Eric Wonglinux-listener-stats: do not load aggregate for single...
2011-03-09 Eric Wonglinux-listener-stats: add optional Aggregate gem support
2011-03-09 Eric Wonglinux-listener-stats: favor narrower display if possible
2011-03-08 Eric Wongpreliminary Rack app to track last_data_recv
2011-03-05 Eric Wongtest_linux_tcp_info: add test for last_data_recv
2011-03-05 Eric WongAggregate support via POSIX message queues
2011-03-02 Eric Wongtests: cleaner skipping for missing components
2011-03-02 Eric Wonggemspec: add Rack and Unicorn as dev dependencies
2011-03-01 Eric Wongtest_linux_tcp_info: workaround for ancient kernels
2011-03-01 Eric Wonguse struct tcp_info from linux/tcp.h
2011-03-01 Eric Wonglinux-listener-stats: add timestamps and thresholds
2011-03-01 Eric Wonglinux-tcp-listener-stats: fix fractional second delays
2011-03-01 Eric Wonglinux-listener-stats: not just for TCP...
2011-03-01 Eric Wonglinux-tcp-listener-stats: synchronize stdout/stderr
2011-03-01 Eric Wongdoc: mention tcp_diag/inet_diag for old kernels
2011-02-26 Eric Wongmiddleware: split out proxy class
2011-02-26 Eric Wongmiddleware: avoid double decrement when reading stats
2011-02-26 Eric Wongproxy +to_path+ calls in the response body
2011-02-23 Eric WongLICENSE: fix wording, we bundle a copy of the LGPL
2011-02-23 Eric Wongadd Raindrops::MAX constant
2011-02-23 Eric Wonglinux: add support for TCP_INFO reporting
2011-02-23 Eric Wongsplit out RSTRUCT* compat macros
2011-02-23 Eric Wonguse autoload for Linux module