2011-07-30 Eric WongRainbows! 4.1.0 - minor internal cleanupsv4.1.0
2011-07-21 Eric Wongremove tcp_nodelay/tcp_nopush tweaking
2011-07-21 Eric Wongremove unnecessary io/wait require
2011-06-29 Eric WongRevert "http_server: cap timeout at 32-bit LONG_MAX...
2011-06-28 Eric Wongt0044: do not assume setsockopt() finished
2011-06-28 Eric WongFix Fiber* and WriterThread* breakage from removing...
2011-06-28 Eric Wongrequire kgio 2.5 for kgio_wait_readable(timeout)
2011-06-28 Eric Wongbin/rainbows: release the OptionParser object from...
2011-06-27 Eric Wonghttp_server: cap timeout at 32-bit LONG_MAX seconds
2011-06-27 Eric WongRainbows! 4.0.0 - MOAR concurrency for MOAR COARSv4.0.0
2011-06-27 Eric Wongbump dependencies (kgio, unicorn, raindrops)
2011-06-27 Eric Wongremove unused arg in Rainbows::Response.setup
2011-06-22 Eric Wongepoll/client: properly close on all pipe responses
2011-06-22 Eric Wongt0050: improve diagnostics for this test
2011-06-22 Eric Wongt/test_isolate: remove unneeded comment
2011-06-22 Eric Wongdev_fd_response: enable under Rubinius
2011-06-22 Eric WongUnicorn 4.x resync for ticker
2011-06-22 Eric Wongt/test_isolate: drop Unicorn test dependency for now
2011-06-15 Eric Wongremove IO_PURGATORY dependency
2011-06-11 Eric Wongconfigurator: add client_max_header_size directive
2011-06-11 Eric Wongdoc: remove docs for Rainbows::Fiber::* APIs
2011-06-11 Eric Wongstream_response_epoll: update documentation
2011-06-11 Eric Wongremove Rainbows.run method
2011-06-10 Eric Wongev_core: do not autochunk HTTP/1.0 (and 0.9) responses
2011-06-10 Eric Wongev_core: use add_parse for trailers, too
2011-06-10 Eric Wonggemspec: add GPLv3 to commented-out licenses section
2011-06-10 Eric Wonguse HttpParser#add_parse API in Unicorn 3.7.0
2011-06-09 Eric Wongtests: more fixes for StreamResponseEpoll
2011-06-09 Eric Wongresponse: sendfile_range fis for Rack::File in rack...
2011-06-09 Eric Wongt/t9002: use Rack::Head
2011-06-09 Eric Wongupdate various RubyGem dependencies
2011-06-09 Eric Wongstream_response_epoll: our most "special" concurrency...
2011-06-09 Eric Wongmove reopen_worker_logs to base
2011-06-06 Eric Wongdoc: remove --sanitize-html for pandoc
2011-05-31 Eric Wongxepoll_thread_*: update docs for Linux 3
2011-05-30 Eric Wongtest-lib: enable splice(2) for Linux 3.x
2011-05-21 Eric WongRainbows 3.4.0 - minor updates and fixesv3.4.0
2011-05-21 Eric Wongpkg.mk: update to the latest version
2011-05-21 Eric Wonguse and recommend sleepy_penguin 3.0.1
2011-05-21 Eric Wonguse and recommend sleepy_penguin 3.0.0
2011-05-21 Eric Wongt0044: increase test reliability
2011-05-21 Eric Wongtry_defer: enable documentation
2011-05-21 Eric Wongxepoll_thread_pool/client: improve autopush support
2011-05-20 Eric Wong.gitignore: add tags/TAGS files
2011-05-20 Eric Wongadd tests for Kgio autopush on Linux
2011-05-20 Eric Wongadd test for SIGQUIT disconnect
2011-05-20 Eric Wongevent_machine: disconnect idle clients at on SIGQUIT
2011-05-20 Eric Wongclient: use kgio_write across the board
2011-05-20 Eric Wongcoolio* + *epoll*: drop keepalive clients on SIGQUIT
2011-05-20 Eric Wongepoll/xepoll: more consistent client implementations
2011-05-18 Eric Wongdoc: recommend io_splice 4.1.1 or later
2011-05-16 Eric WongRainbows! 3.3.0 - doc improvements and morev3.3.0
2011-05-16 Eric Wongwriter_thread_*: fix sendfile detection under Ruby 1.8
2011-05-16 Eric Wongdocument RubyGem requirements
2011-05-16 Eric Wongdoc: cleanup rdoc for Rainbows module
2011-05-16 Eric Wonguse :pool_size for RLIMIT_NPROC with thread pool models
2011-05-16 Eric Wongmore reliable shutdown for epoll concurrency models
2011-05-16 Eric Wongtests: unify checks for copy_stream and threaded app...
2011-05-16 Eric Wongadd "copy_stream" config directive
2011-05-10 Eric Wongconfigurator: update user-facing documentation
2011-05-10 Eric Wongmax_body: documentation updates
2011-05-10 Eric WongLICENSE: add GPLv3 to license terms
2011-05-10 Eric Wongconfigurator: move validation logic over
2011-05-09 Eric Wongdoc: better document :pool_size options
2011-05-09 Eric WongTODO: misc updates
2011-05-09 Eric Wongdoc: update comparison and README
2011-05-09 Eric Wongxepoll_thread_*: add rdoc for users
2011-05-09 Eric Wongxepoll_thread_spawn/client: remove rdoc
2011-05-09 Eric Wongmax_body: rdoc updates
2011-05-09 Eric Wongxepoll_thread_pool: add optional :pool_size argument
2011-05-09 Eric Wongsplit out pool_size module
2011-05-09 Eric Wongt0041: less confusing skip message
2011-05-09 Eric Wongadd XEpollThreadPool concurrency option
2011-05-08 Eric WongRevert "epoll: fixes for Ruby 1.9.3dev"
2011-05-08 Eric Wongjoin_threads: simplify thread stoppage check
2011-05-08 Eric Wongrequire kgio 2.4.0
2011-05-08 Eric Wongepoll_wait: flags argument is unused
2011-05-08 Eric Wongxepoll: cleanup acceptor logic
2011-05-08 Eric Wongxepoll_thread_spawn: rework acceptor logic
2011-05-08 Eric Wongxepoll_thread_spawn/client: close returns nil
2011-05-08 Eric Wongxepoll_thread_spawn: inline needless method
2011-05-08 Eric Wongprocess_client: fix pipeline_ready arity
2011-05-06 Eric Wongremove unnecessary variable assignments
2011-05-06 Eric Wongtest_isolate: update to latest raindrops and unicorn
2011-05-06 Eric Wongensure some requires get loaded in master
2011-05-05 Eric Wonghttp_server: XEpollThreadSpawn sets RLIMIT_NPROC
2011-05-03 Eric WongRainbows! defaults more DRY
2011-05-03 Eric Wongs/max_bytes/client_max_body_size/ for consistency
2011-05-03 Eric Wongadd client_header_buffer_size tuning parameter
2011-05-02 Eric Wongrainbows: get rid of MODEL_WORKER_CONNECTIONS constant
2011-05-02 Eric Wonghttp_server: default all options to 50 connections
2011-05-01 Eric Wongdoc: add Sandbox document
2011-04-30 Eric Wonglower header buffer sizes for synchronous models
2011-04-30 Eric Wongxepoll_thread_spawn: lower memory usage
2011-04-29 Eric Wongepoll: fix timeout
2011-04-29 Eric Wongxepoll_thread_spawn: fix race condition with acceptors
2011-04-29 Eric Wongxepoll_thread_spawn: initial implementation
2011-04-28 Eric Wongdocument epoll and xepoll
2011-04-26 Eric Wongdoc: stop recommending Fiber* stuff
2011-04-26 Eric Wongrevactor: remove documentation for internal methods