2010-12-29 Eric WongRainbows! 2.1.0 - Cool.io, bugfixes and more!v2.1.0
2010-12-29 Eric Wongcomplete Rev => Coolio renaming
2010-12-29 Eric Wongseveral response body#close fixes
2010-12-28 Eric Wongdev_fd_response: pass files straight through
2010-12-28 Eric Wongenable the keepalive_requests config option
2010-12-27 Eric Wongcoolio*: favor Coolio over Rev
2010-12-27 Eric Wongcoolio_fiber_spawn: decrease CPU usage for keepalive
2010-12-27 Eric Wongt0019: add CPU usage test
2010-12-27 Eric Wongtest-lib: fix bug in setting worker_connections
2010-12-27 Eric Wongt0015: even less racy fix
2010-12-27 Eric Wongdoc: misc cleanups and additions for RDoc
2010-12-27 Eric Wongt0015: increase reliability of test
2010-12-27 Eric Wonginitial cool.io support
2010-12-27 Eric Wongfiber/io: avoid allocating Range objects for slicing
2010-12-27 Eric Wongfiber/*: more efficient keepalive_timeout expiry
2010-12-27 Eric Wongfiber/base: use bare "select" where possible
2010-12-27 Eric Wongthread_pool: avoid needless wakeups from select
2010-12-27 Eric Wongthread_*: unindent
2010-12-27 Eric Wongintroduce worker_yield method
2010-12-27 Eric Wongwriter_thread_spawn: factor out Client.quit
2010-12-27 Eric Wongwriter_thread_*: split out classes into separate files
2010-12-27 Eric Wongwriter_thread_*: split out common socket_proxy code
2010-12-27 Eric Wongwriter_thread_*: unindent
2010-12-27 Eric Wongrevactor: split out tee_socket and use autoload
2010-12-26 Eric Wongmore :: prefix elimination
2010-12-26 Eric Wongfiber/queue: unindent
2010-12-26 Eric Wongremove unnecessary "::" constant prefixing
2010-12-26 Eric Wongnever_block: simplify and split out code
2010-12-26 Eric Wongevent_machine: split out server and client classes
2010-12-26 Eric Wongrev_thread_*: unindent and split out
2010-12-26 Eric Wongrainbows/rev/* require/autoload cleanup
2010-12-26 Eric Wongrename rev/thread => rev/thread_client
2010-12-26 Eric Wongrev_thread_spawn: disable under Ruby 1.8
2010-12-26 Eric WongGNUmakefile: fix packaging task
2010-12-26 Eric Wongavoid HttpParser#keepalive? and HttpParser#reset
2010-12-26 Eric Wongbump Unicorn dependency
2010-12-26 Eric Wongrainbows/rev/*: uninident some more
2010-12-26 Eric Wongrev: split out Rainbows::Rev::Server
2010-12-26 Eric Wongrev: unindent, needless autoload
2010-12-24 Eric Wongdoc: switch documentation generation to wrongdoc
2010-12-20 Eric Wongthread_timeout: fix bad comparison
2010-12-20 Eric Wongthread_timeout: avoid a threading bug under 1.9
2010-12-15 Eric WongFAQ: add a note about config.threadsafe!
2010-12-10 Eric Wongrespect client_body_buffer_size in Unicorn 3.1.0
2010-12-09 Eric Wongbump Unicorn dependency to 3.1.0
2010-12-09 Eric Wongthread_timeout: de-Struct-ify
2010-12-09 Eric Wongrespect "rewindable_input false" in Unicorn config
2010-12-08 Eric Wongt/*.sh: indentation fixes
2010-12-08 Eric Wongrev+revactor: fix LARGE pipelined uploads
2010-12-03 Eric WongRainbows! 2.0.1 - upload pipelining fixesv2.0.1
2010-12-03 Eric Wongfix pipelining of requests with bodies
2010-12-02 Eric Wongev_core: refactor and split cap_input out
2010-12-02 Eric Wongev_core: split out prepare_request_body
2010-11-20 Eric WongRainbows! 2.0.0 - minority rules!v2.0.0
2010-11-20 Eric Wongtests: depend on Unicorn 3.0.0
2010-11-20 Eric Wongrevactor: fix braindamaged commit/coding style
2010-11-20 Eric Wongsimpler keepalive check for synchronous models
2010-11-20 Eric Wongmax_body: rewrite wrappers to be safer
2010-11-19 Eric Wongmax_body: do not enable for RevThread* models
2010-11-19 Eric Wongupgrade to Kgio 2.x and Unicorn 3.x
2010-11-17 Eric Wongtest_isolate: depend on newer Unicorn
2010-11-17 Eric Wongreimplement client_max_body_size handlers
2010-11-06 Eric Wongavoid Errno::EAGAIN, harder
2010-11-05 Eric Wongavoid Kgio::WaitReadable/WaitWritable constants
2010-11-05 Eric Wongprocess_client: fix attempted keepalive on HTTP 0.9
2010-10-28 Eric WongRainbows! 1.0.0 - internal cleanupsv1.0.0
2010-10-28 Eric Wongtests: avoid race conditions on reload tests
2010-10-28 Eric Wongt0018: wait for old worker to be reaped
2010-10-28 Eric Wongrev+event_machine: small cleanups with new parser API
2010-10-28 Eric WongHUP reload restores defaults on unset settings
2010-10-27 Eric Wonguse Unicorn 2.0.0 final
2010-10-26 Eric WongRakefile: updates for prereleases
2010-10-26 Eric WongRainbows! 1.0.0pre1 - kinder, gentler I/Ov1.0.0pre1
2010-10-26 Eric Wonggemspec: bump development dependency of Isolate
2010-10-26 Eric Wongdoc: RDoc updates
2010-10-25 Eric Wongreduce dependency on IO#write_nonblock
2010-10-23 Eric Wonghttp_request: remove this (sub)class
2010-10-22 Eric Wongunindent most files
2010-10-22 Eric Wonglocal.mk.sample: remove testing under 1.9.1
2010-10-22 Eric WongREADME: update copyright year
2010-10-22 Eric Wongdev_fd_response: do not wrap for Fiber-aware IOs
2010-10-22 Eric Wongfiber_{pool,spawn}: unindent
2010-10-22 Eric Wongfiber_pool: no need for old Fiber::IO
2010-10-22 Eric Wongcode shuffling for kgio
2010-10-21 Eric Wongunicorn 2.x updates + kgio
2010-10-21 Eric Wonghttp_server: more descriptive error for debugging
2010-09-29 Eric Wongstart using kgio library
2010-09-17 Eric Wongevent_machine: remove unnecessary "return"
2010-08-28 Eric WongRainbows! 0.97.0v0.97.0
2010-08-28 Eric Wongbump Unicorn dependency to 1.1.3
2010-08-28 Eric Wong"keepalive_timeout 0" (really) disables keepalive
2010-08-28 Eric Wongt0016: disable Rack::Lint for speed
2010-08-28 Eric Wongrev_thread_*: fix IO proxy failures w/pipelining
2010-08-27 Eric Wongrainbows/rev/core: tiny cleanup
2010-08-27 Eric Wongrainbows/rev/master: unindent
2010-08-26 Eric Wongsplit out accept() callers to acceptor module
2010-08-19 Eric Wongadd Rainbows::ThreadTimeout middleware
2010-08-17 Eric Wongavoid EBADF with certain middlewares when proxying
2010-08-17 Eric Wongrev/client: fix redundant close of client sockets
2010-08-16 Eric WongFAQ: update SSL section, add Pound