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last changeSat, 13 Nov 2010 13:06:08 +0000 (13 14:06 +0100)
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2010-11-13 Marc Andre... download: switch to different mirrormaster
2010-10-07 Marc Andre... qi: add glamo 2-4-2 timing patch
2010-10-06 Marc Andre... qi-bootmenu: update to version 0.2
2010-10-06 Marc Andre... Revert "download: add missing SHA1 sums"
2010-10-06 Marc Andre... Fix breakage for newer pkg-config versions
2010-10-06 Marc Andre... Add rudimentary pre-requirements check
2010-10-04 Marc Andre... qi-bootmenu: update to latest git HEAD
2010-10-04 Marc Andre... Revert "Remove pkg-config related hack instead depend...
2010-10-04 Marc Andre... download: add missing SHA1 sums
2010-10-04 Marc Andre... Integrate pre built Aboriginal Linux uclibc cross toolchain
2010-10-04 Marc Andre... Add aboriginal linux build recipe
2010-10-04 Marc Andre... busybox: update to 1.17.2
2010-10-04 Marc Andre... Update to EFL 1.0-beta release
2010-09-29 Marc Andre... Remove pkg-config related hack instead depend on pkg...
2010-09-28 Marc Andre... init: clean up initscript
2010-09-28 Marc Andre... busybox: update to 1.17.1
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