This project is a fork of the qgit4.git project. If you have that one already cloned locally, you can use
git clone --reference /path/to/your/qgit4.git/incarnation mirror_URL
to save bandwidth during cloning.
descriptionRevive qgit4, fix some showstopers, and restart
last changeSun, 26 Feb 2017 00:57:00 +0000 (25 19:57 -0500)
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This fork starts because of bugs triggered by evolution of git. After fixing these bugs, an evolution work will follow. Project management site:
2017-02-26 Cristian TibirnaVersion 2.7masterqgit-2.7
2017-02-26 Cristian TibirnaUse static_cast<> to avoid implicit cast warnings
2017-02-25 Cristian TibirnaAdd latest authors
2017-02-25 Luigi ToscanoAdd desktop and appdata file on UNIX systems
2017-02-25 Luigi ToscanoFix libpng warning about an incorrect sRGB profile
2017-02-25 Andrey RahmatullinFix some spelling errors reported by lintian.
2017-01-23 Cristian TibirnaMerge pull request #2 from cornelusleroux/master
2017-01-12 Cornelus Le... Fix error message spelling
2016-10-23 Cristian TibirnaAdd too long forgotten Robert Haschke to the credits
2016-10-23 Pavel KarelinAdded shortcut '@' for call 'Amend' action
2016-10-23 Pavel Karelininputdialog : Fix warning "value has incomplete type...
2016-10-23 Pavel KarelinNow the project can be builded with using QBS build...
2016-10-09 Pavel KarelinFixed display of non-latin characters when the project...
2016-08-23 Cristian TibirnaMenu item "Checkout" spawns a dialog, thus requires...
2016-08-23 Cristian TibirnaComment out unused (for now) variable isTag
2016-08-23 Cristian TibirnaAvoid a pedantic warning (comma at end of enum)
13 months ago qgit-2.7
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5 years ago qgit-2.5
6 years ago qgit-2.4
6 years ago original original
8 years ago BUG_20
8 years ago qgit-2.3
8 years ago sf_1.3.1
8 years ago sf_1.3
8 years ago F_36
8 years ago sf_1.3rc1
8 years ago F_35
8 years ago BUG_19
8 years ago BUG_18
8 years ago F_34
9 years ago F_33
13 months ago master
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6 years ago ct_wip
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