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descriptionjz4740 based target emulation
last changeWed, 21 Jan 2009 04:16:30 +0000 (21 12:16 +0800)
content tags
Add JZ Soc support to qemu
2009-01-21 yajinchange debug_out format of addr to JZ_FMT_plxmaster
2009-01-21 yajinadd DEBUG_ALL flag
2009-01-19 yajinchange TARGET_PHYS_ADDR_BITS t0 64 bits(same as qemu)
2009-01-19 yajinfix the rtc emulation bug
2009-01-19 yajinadd jz4740 touch screen emulation
2009-01-17 yajinchange pavo nand flash size from 128M to 1G bytes
2009-01-15 yajinfix the newline problem using dos2unix
2009-01-15 yajinadd debug information for emc
2009-01-15 yajinchange the copyright info 2008 to 2009
2009-01-15 yajinfix the cause register clear bug
2009-01-15 yajinremove the debug print
2009-01-14 yajinmerage qemu master
2009-01-14 yajinmips jz glue function
2009-01-14 yajinadd big page nand flash emulation
2009-01-11 yajinadd emc emulation
2009-01-10 yajinfix spell error. pvao->pavo
9 years ago master