2009-03-31 fqh`add test.cmaster
2009-03-25 Michel PolletMINI2440: Code cleanup
2009-03-25 Michel PolletMINI2440: Working SD card detect pin and WP
2009-03-25 Michel PolletMINI2440: Updated pin names/numbers
2009-03-25 Michel PolletS3C: Fixed remaining warnings
2009-03-25 Michel PolletS3C: Added support for changeable xtal speed
2009-03-25 Michel PolletQEMU: Added a script to auto-mount a .img
2009-03-24 Michel PolletMerge commit 'origin/master' into dev-mini2440-stable
2009-03-24 Michel Pollet[MINI2440] Refactored the default u-boot loading
2009-03-21 balrogFix absolute mouse events generated by SDL frontend.
2009-03-20 aliguoriMove block dma helpers aiocb to store dma state (Avi...
2009-03-20 aliguoriUse vectored aiocb storage to store vector translation...
2009-03-20 aliguoriImplement cancellation method for dma async I/O (Avi...
2009-03-20 aliguoriConvert vectored aio emulation to use a dedicated pool...
2009-03-20 aliguoriRefactor aio callback allocation to use an aiocb pool...
2009-03-20 aliguorivirtio: Allow guest to defer VIRTIO_F_NOTIFY_ON_EMPTY...
2009-03-20 aliguorie1000: Fix RX descriptor low threshold interrupt logic...
2009-03-20 aliguorix86: Add NULL check to lsl (Jan Kiszka)
2009-03-20 aliguorivnc: throttle screen updates. (Gerd Hoffmann)
2009-03-20 aliguorivnc: fix printf warnings showing up with VNC_DEBUG...
2009-03-20 aliguorivnc: cleanup surface handling, fix screen corruption...
2009-03-19 malcRemove dead code
2009-03-17 malcFix VGA issue introduced by r6349
2009-03-17 pbrookFix ARM quadword VDUP (core register).
2009-03-16 blueswir1Delete some unused macros detected with -Wp,-Wunused...
2009-03-14 Michel PolletMerge commit 'origin/master' into dev-mini2440-staging
2009-03-13 blueswir1Make the ELF loader aware of backwards compatibility
2009-03-13 aliguoritemporarily disable logging around pci config writes...
2009-03-13 aliguoristop dirty logging while updating cirrus bank memory...
2009-03-13 aliguoriAdd missing file
2009-03-13 aliguoriUpdate changelog
2009-03-13 aliguoriqemu:virtio-net: Check return size on the correct sg...
2009-03-13 aliguorimake qemu_announce_self handle non contiguous net table...
2009-03-13 aliguoriReplace asprintf() with snprintf() in vnc.c ("Daniel...
2009-03-13 aliguorimonitor: Provide empty command as final history entry...
2009-03-13 aliguoriAdd and use remaining #defines for PCI device IDs ...
2009-03-13 aliguoriremove is_graphic_console from vga.c (Stefano Stabellini)
2009-03-13 aliguoriDisplayAllocator interface (Stefano Stabellini)
2009-03-13 aurel32tcg/x86_64: add bswap16_i{32,64} and bswap32_i64 ops
2009-03-13 aurel32tcg/x86: add bswap16_i32 ops
2009-03-13 aurel32target-i386: use the new bswap* TCG ops
2009-03-13 aurel32target-ppc: use the new bswap* TCG ops
2009-03-13 aurel32tcg: update README wrt recent bswap changes
2009-03-13 aurel32tcg: add _tl aliases to bswap16/32/64 TCG ops
2009-03-13 aurel32tcg: add bswap16_i64 and bswap32_i64 TCG ops
2009-03-13 aurel32tcg: optimize tcg_gen_bswap16_i32
2009-03-13 aurel32tcg: allow bswap16_i32 to be implemented by TCG backends
2009-03-13 aurel32tcg: rename bswap_i32/i64 functions
2009-03-13 aliguoriFix regression introduced by r6824
2009-03-12 aliguoriFrom 67e94ae77f8de4d5d822917f1723cefa7ebfb64d Mon Sep...
2009-03-12 aliguorimonitor: sync from kvm state before generating output...
2009-03-12 aliguoriGuest debugging support for KVM (Jan Kiszka)
2009-03-12 aliguoriDrop internal bdrv_pread()/bdrv_pwrite() APIs (Avi...
2009-03-12 aliguoriAdd internal scsi generic block API (Avi Kivity)
2009-03-12 aliguoriAdd specialized block driver scsi generic API (Avi...
2009-03-12 Michel Pollet[S3C2440] Now work for the kernel
2009-03-12 Michel Pollet[MINI2440] Converted comments to C, set proper NAND ID
2009-03-12 Michel Pollet[S3C2440] Added a i2c register
2009-03-11 Michel PolletMerge commit 'origin/master' into dev-mini2440-staging
2009-03-11 Michel Pollet[S3C2440] Added more NAND support
2009-03-11 Michel Pollet[MINI2440] Set default Port G pins to match schematic
2009-03-11 Michel Pollet[S3C] Added a method to set the GPIO pins/registers...
2009-03-11 aliguoriRevert r6404
2009-03-11 aliguoriRevert r6405
2009-03-11 aliguoriRevert r6406
2009-03-11 aliguoriRevert r6407
2009-03-11 aliguoriRevert r6408
2009-03-11 aurel32tcg: move {not,neg}_i{32,64} definitions at the right...
2009-03-11 aurel32tcg: fix commit r6805
2009-03-10 aurel32Clean build: Add bt-host.h
2009-03-10 aurel32tcg-arm: fix qemu_ld64
2009-03-10 aurel32tcg: update TODO
2009-03-10 aurel32tcg/x86: add not/neg/extu/bswap/rot i32 ops
2009-03-10 aurel32tcg: optimize logical operations
2009-03-10 aurel32target-ppc: fix commit r6789
2009-03-10 malcmusicpal: Reorganize IO memory handling (Jan Kiszka)
2009-03-10 aurel32Fix tcg after commit 6800
2009-03-10 aurel32target-mips: use nor instead of or + not
2009-03-10 aurel32tcg: use TCGV_EQUAL_I{32,64}
2009-03-10 aurel32tcg: define TCGV_EQUAL_I{32,64}
2009-03-10 Michel Pollet[MINI2440] Updated start script
2009-03-10 Michel Pollet[MINI2440] Implemented the i2c 24c08 eeprom
2009-03-10 Michel PolletMerge commit 'origin/master' into dev-mini2440-staging
2009-03-09 aurel32tcg: optimize nor(X, Y, Y), used on PPC for not(X, Y)
2009-03-09 aurel32Implement TCG not ops for x86-64
2009-03-09 aurel32tcg: don't define TCG rotation ops if they are not...
2009-03-09 aurel32Implement TCG rotation ops for x86-64
2009-03-09 aurel32target-mips: optimize mflo and mfhi
2009-03-09 aurel32targe-ppc: optimize mfcr and mtcrf
2009-03-09 blueswir1fread_targphys(): Do not cut off the tail.
2009-03-09 blueswir1configure sensitive to user locale
2009-03-09 aurel32target-ppc: free a tcg temp variable
2009-03-09 aurel32target-ppc: add support for reading/writing spefscr
2009-03-08 Michel Pollet[MISC] Updated maintainer
2009-03-08 Michel Pollet[MINI2440] Clean the demo start script
2009-03-08 Michel Pollet[MINI2440] Force the amount of memory
2009-03-08 Michel Pollet[S3C] Removed a spurious trace
2009-03-08 Michel Pollet[S3C] Updated the clock load/save
2009-03-08 Michel Pollet[DM9000] Made drive load/save functions, cleanup etc
2009-03-08 Michel Pollet[MINI2440] Disable useless debug trace