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descriptionQEMU patches
last changeFri, 14 Mar 2008 21:09:15 +0000 (14 21:09 +0000)
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2008-03-14 blueswir1 Eliminate some uses of T2master
2008-03-14 blueswir1 Convert udivx and sdivx to TCG
2008-03-14 blueswir1 Allow op_opt for all targets
2008-03-14 blueswir1 Use memory globals for G registers
2008-03-14 edgar_iglUse TARGET_FMT_lx.
2008-03-14 aurel32CFI: Fix AMD erase support
2008-03-14 edgar_iglImprove readability by moving the continue operation...
2008-03-14 edgar_iglMade the etrax timers and serial-ports base address...
2008-03-14 edgar_iglA first small step to convert the CRIS translator to...
2008-03-14 edgar_iglModel more parts of the ETRAX mmu (still alot missing).
2008-03-14 edgar_igl* Add a model of the ETRAX interrupt controller.
2008-03-13 blueswir1 Use tcg_const_tl for zero constant
2008-03-13 blueswir1 Add tcg_const_tl
2008-03-13 blueswir1 Convert condition code changing versions of add, sub...
2008-03-13 aurel32ds1225y nvram: Fix some bugs
2008-03-13 aurel32Slowdown SDL while minimized
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