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descriptionHPPA (PA-RISC) target for QEMU
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last changeWed, 1 Jul 2009 00:04:57 +0000 (1 01:04 +0100)
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An HPPA (PA-RISC) target for QEMU.

User mode and system targets should both compile, but they don't do anything useful yet.

2009-07-01 Stuart Bradyhppa: specify target_phys_bits in configure scripthppa
2009-06-14 Stuart BradyMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2009-06-13 Blue SwirlReally enable -Werrormaster
2009-06-13 Blue SwirlAvoid collision with system NGROUPS definition
2009-06-13 Blue SwirlFix a warning: uint_fast8_t is not 8 bits on OpenBSD...
2009-06-13 Blue SwirlAvoid a gcc 3 format warning
2009-06-13 Blue SwirlAvoid gcc 4.4 warning about uninitialized field
2009-06-13 Blue SwirlFix signedness problems
2009-06-13 Gerd Hoffmannxen nic: check tx queue after connect.
2009-06-13 Gerd Hoffmanninclude inttypes.h in xen.h
2009-06-13 Gerd Hoffmannxen: adapt to qemu_machine changes
2009-06-13 Gerd Hoffmannxen_disk: move sanity check to the correct place
2009-06-13 Stefan WeilWin32: Don't remove const attribute in type casts.
2009-06-13 Blue SwirlFix mingw32 build warnings
2009-06-12 Anthony LiguoriEnable -Werror by default for git builds on Linux hosts
2009-06-12 Edgar E. IglesiasCRIS: Prettify sizes for the internal disasm.
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