2012-01-23 Anthony Liguorie1000: bounds packet size against buffer size
2012-01-10 Justin M. ForbesMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.qemu.org/pub/git...
2012-01-10 Josh Durginrbd: always set out parameter in qemu_rbd_snap_list
2012-01-10 Kevin WolfDocumentation: Add qemu-img -t parameter in man page
2012-01-10 Kevin Wolfqemu-img rebase: Fix for undersized backing files
2012-01-10 Avi Kivitycoroutine: switch per-thread free pool to a global...
2012-01-10 Paolo Bonziniqiov: prevent double free or use-after-free
2012-01-10 Alexander GrafPPC: Fix linker scripts on ppc hosts
2012-01-10 Aurelien Jarnotarget-sh4: ignore ocbp and ocbwb instructions
2012-01-10 Andriy Gaponusb-ohci: td.cbp incorrectly updated near page end
2012-01-10 Gerd Hoffmannusb-host: properly release port on unplug & exit
2012-01-10 Gerd Hoffmannusb-storage: cancel I/O on reset
2012-01-10 Cao,Bing BuFix parse of usb device description with multiple confi...
2012-01-10 Anthony Liguoripc: fix event_idx compatibility for virtio devices
2012-01-10 Anthony Liguoripc: add pc-0.15
2012-01-10 Stefan Sandstromcris: Handle conditional stores on CRISv10
2012-01-10 Bradconfigure: Enable build by default PIE / read-only...
2012-01-10 Andreas Gustafssontarget-i386: fix cmpxchg instruction emulation
2012-01-10 Aneesh Kumar K.Vhw/9pfs: Use the correct signed type for different...
2012-01-10 Stefan Hajnoczihw/9pfs: replace iovec manipulation with QEMUIOVector
2012-01-10 Aneesh Kumar K.Vhw/9pfs: Use the correct file descriptor in Fsdriver...
2012-01-10 Aneesh Kumar K.Vhw/9pfs: Add qdev.reset callback for virtio-9p-pci...
2012-01-10 Deepak C Shettyhw/9pfs: Reset server state during TVERSION
2012-01-10 Aneesh Kumar K.Vhw/9pfs: use migration blockers to prevent live migrati...
2012-01-10 Aneesh Kumar K.Vhw/9pfs: Improve portability to older systems
2012-01-10 Andreas Färberexec.c: Fix subpage memory access to RAM MemoryRegion
2012-01-08 Stefan Weilmalta: Fix regression (i8259 interrupts did not work)
2011-12-01 Anthony LiguoriUpdate version for 1.0 releasev1.0
2011-11-30 Michael RothMakefile: use full path for qapi-generated directory
2011-11-30 Michael Rothqapi: fix guardname generation
2011-11-28 Anthony LiguoriUpdate version for 1.0-rc4v1.0-rc4
2011-11-28 Markus Armbrusterccid: Fix buffer overrun in handling of VSC_ATR message
2011-11-28 Anthony LiguoriRevert "fix out of tree build"
2011-11-28 Max Filippovconfigure: avoid screening of --{en, dis}able-usb-redir...
2011-11-28 Markus Armbrustercutils: Make strtosz & friends leave follow set to...
2011-11-28 Markus Armbrusterqemu-img: Tighten parsing of size arguments
2011-11-28 Markus Armbrusterx86/cpuid: Tighten parsing of tsc_freq=FREQ
2011-11-28 Markus Armbrustervl: Tighten parsing of -m argument
2011-11-28 Markus Armbrustervl: Tighten parsing of -numa's parameter mem
2011-11-28 Markus Armbrustercutils: Drop broken support for zero strtosz default_suffix
2011-11-28 Avi Kivityconfigure: tighten pie toolchain support test for tls...
2011-11-28 Hans de Goedeusb-redir: Don't try to write to the chardev after...
2011-11-28 Hans de Goedeusb-redir: Device disconnect + re-connect robustness...
2011-11-28 Hans de Goedeusb-redir: Call qemu_chr_fe_open/close
2011-11-28 Hans de Goedespice-qemu-char: Generate chardev open/close events
2011-11-28 Hans de Goedeqemu-char: rename qemu_chr_event to qemu_chr_be_event...
2011-11-28 Aneesh Kumar K.V9pfs: improve portability to older systems
2011-11-28 Stefan Weiltci: Make flush_icache_range() inline
2011-11-28 Stefan Weileepro100: Fix alignment requirement for statistical...
2011-11-28 Paolo Bonzinivirtio: add and use virtio_set_features
2011-11-28 Paolo Bonzini9pfs: improve portability to older systems
2011-11-28 Anthony LiguoriMerge remote-tracking branch 'kwolf/block-stable' into...
2011-11-28 Anthony LiguoriMerge remote-tracking branch 'kraxel/usb.32' into staging
2011-11-28 Anthony LiguoriMerge remote-tracking branch 'stefanha/trivial-patches...
2011-11-28 Anthony LiguoriRevert "i386: derive '-cpu host' from KVM_GET_SUPPORTED...
2011-11-26 Stefan Weiltci: Add entry to MAINTAINERS
2011-11-26 Blue SwirlMAINTAINERS: add checkpatch
2011-11-26 Florian Micklercheckpatch.pl: fix CAST detection
2011-11-26 Max Filippovtarget-xtensa: fix MMUv3 initialization
2011-11-23 Gerd Hoffmannusb-host: add usb_host_do_reset function.
2011-11-23 Kevin Wolfvpc: Add missing error handling in alloc_block
2011-11-23 Kevin Wolfvdi: Fix memory leak
2011-11-23 Kevin Wolfvvfat: Add migration blocker
2011-11-23 Kevin Wolfvpc: Add migration blocker
2011-11-23 Kevin Wolfvmdk: Add migration blocker
2011-11-23 Kevin Wolfvdi: Add migration blocker
2011-11-23 Kevin Wolfqcow: Add migration blocker
2011-11-23 Gerd Hoffmannusb-ehci: add register names
2011-11-23 Gerd Hoffmannusb-ehci: codestyle fixups
2011-11-23 Gerd Hoffmannusb-hub: implement reset
2011-11-23 Stefano Stabellinifix out of tree build
2011-11-23 Julian Pidancetrtl8139: Fix invalid IO access alignment
2011-11-22 Gerd Hoffmannusb-hub: wakeup on detach too.
2011-11-22 Gerd Hoffmannusb: fix usb_qdev_init error handling.
2011-11-22 Gerd Hoffmannusb: make usb_create_simple catch and pass up errors.
2011-11-22 Markus Armbrusterslirp: Clean up net_slirp_hostfwd_remove()'s use of...
2011-11-22 Dong Xu Wangsheepdog: Avoid deadlock in error path
2011-11-22 Paolo Bonziniscsi-generic: add as boot device
2011-11-22 Paolo Bonziniscsi: fix fw path
2011-11-22 Paolo Bonziniusb-msd: do not register twice in the boot order
2011-11-22 Paolo Bonzinivirtio-blk: fix cross-endian config space
2011-11-21 Anthony LiguoriUpdate version for 1.0-rc3 releasev1.0-rc3
2011-11-21 Max Filippovconfigure: check for EFD_NONBLOCK | EFD_CLOEXEC flags
2011-11-21 Avi Kivityconfigure: build position independent executables on...
2011-11-21 Hongyong Zangivshmem: fix PCI BAR2 registration during initialization
2011-11-21 Michael S.... msix: avoid mask updates if mask is unchanged
2011-11-21 Michael S.... msix: Prevent bogus mask updates on MMIO accesses
2011-11-21 Michael S.... msix: track function masked in pci device state
2011-11-21 Stefan WeilInclude zlib.h using #include <>
2011-11-21 Paolo Bonzini9p: pass dotl flags to the unlinkat method
2011-11-21 Paolo Bonzini9p: allow compiling the dummy virtio-9p-handle.c code...
2011-11-21 Anthony Liguoriqed: add migration blocker (v2)
2011-11-21 Anthony Liguoriqcow2: implement bdrv_invalidate_cache (v2)
2011-11-21 Anthony Liguoriblock: allow migration to work with image files (v3)
2011-11-21 Anthony Liguoriivshmem: use migration blockers to prevent live migrati...
2011-11-21 Anthony Liguorimigrate: add migration blockers
2011-11-21 Anthony LiguoriMerge remote-tracking branch 'kraxel/usb.31' into staging
2011-11-21 Anthony LiguoriMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into staging
2011-11-21 Gerd Hoffmannusb-linux: fix /proc/bus/usb/devices scan
2011-11-21 Gerd Hoffmannehci: add assert