2011-10-11 Justin M. ForbesVersion 0.15.1stable-0.15v0.15.1
2011-10-05 Stefan Hajnocziqed: fix use-after-free during l2 cache commit
2011-10-03 Jan Kiszkasdl: Fix termination in -no-shutdown mode
2011-10-03 Kevin WolfFix termination by signal with -no-shutdown
2011-10-03 BradAdd support for finding libpng via pkg-config.
2011-10-03 BradCheck for presence of compiler -pthread flag.
2011-10-03 BradAllow overriding the location of Samba's smbd.
2011-10-03 Gerd HoffmannFix linker scripts
2011-10-03 BradFix install(1) usage to be compatible with OpenBSD...
2011-10-03 Jan KiszkaFix qjson test of solidus encoding
2011-10-03 Luiz Capitulinoconfigure: Copy test data to build directory
2011-08-31 Jamie Ilesmonitor: fix build breakage for !CONFIG_VNC
2011-08-31 TeLeManmonitor: fix build breakage with --disable-vnc
2011-08-31 BradFix forcing multicast msgs to loopback on OpenBSD.
2011-08-14 Justin M. ForbesMerge branch 'stable-0.15' of git://git.qemu.org/qemu
2011-08-08 Anthony LiguoriUpdate version to 0.15.0v0.15.0
2011-08-05 Kevin Wolfqcow2: Fix L1 table size after bdrv_snapshot_goto
2011-08-04 Justin M. ForbesMerge branch 'stable-0.15' of git://git.qemu.org/qemu
2011-08-04 Anthony LiguoriRevert "floppy: save and restore DIR register"v0.15.0-rc2
2011-08-04 Richard Hendersonalpha-softmmu: Disable for the 0.15 release branch.
2011-08-04 Wolfgang Mauerervhost build fix for i386
2011-08-04 Michael Rothguest agent: add --enable-guest-agent config option
2011-08-04 Peter Maydelluser: Restore debug usage message for '-d ?' in user...
2011-08-03 Michael Wallelm32: softusb: claim to support full speed
2011-08-02 Peter Maydelluser: Restore debug usage message for '-d ?' in user...
2011-07-31 Michael RothMakefile: add missing deps on $(GENERATED_HEADERS)
2011-07-31 Anthony LiguoriUpdate version to 0.15.0-rc2
2011-07-29 Anthony LiguoriBump version to 0.15.0-rc1v0.15.0-rc1
2011-07-29 Justin M. ForbesMerge branch 'for-upstream-0.15' of git://git.linaro...
2011-07-28 Amit Shahvirtio-balloon: Unregister savevm section on device...
2011-07-28 Amit Shahvirtio-balloon: Add exit handler, fix memleaks
2011-07-28 Amit Shahballoon: Reject negative balloon values
2011-07-28 Amit Shahvirtio-balloon: Check if balloon registration failed
2011-07-28 Amit Shahballoon: Don't allow multiple balloon handler registrations
2011-07-27 Peter Maydelltarget-arm: UNDEF on a VCVTT/VCVTB UNPREDICTABLE to...
2011-07-27 Peter Maydelltarget-arm: Handle UNDEF and UNPREDICTABLE cases for...
2011-07-27 Peter Maydelltarget-arm: Support v6 barriers in linux-user mode
2011-07-26 Peter Maydelltarget-arm: Mark 1136r1 as a v6K core
2011-07-26 Amit Shahvirtio-balloon: Fix header comment; add Copyright
2011-07-26 Amit Shahballoon: Fix header comment; add Copyright
2011-07-26 Amit Shahballoon: Separate out stat and balloon handling
2011-07-26 Amit Shahvirtio-balloon: Separate status handling into separate...
2011-07-26 Amit Shahballoon: Simplify code flow
2011-07-26 Amit Shahballoon: Add braces around if statements
2011-07-26 Amit Shahballoon: Make functions, local vars static
2011-07-25 Blue SwirlLet users select their pythons
2011-07-25 Blue Swirlsimpletrace: suppress a warning from unused variable
2011-07-25 Blue SwirlWrap recv to avoid warnings
2011-07-24 Blue SwirlFix chrdev return value conversion
2011-07-23 Anthony Liguoriqemu-ga: remove dependency on gio and gthread
2011-07-23 Anthony Liguoriguest-agent: only enable FSFREEZE when it's supported...
2011-07-23 Anthony LiguoriOpen 1.0 development branch.
2011-07-23 Anthony LiguoriBump version to reflect v0.15.0-rc0v0.15.0-rc0
2011-07-23 Matthew FernandezCorrect spelling of licensed
2011-07-23 Jan KiszkaRegister Linux dyntick timer as per-thread signal
2011-07-23 Jan Kiszkamc146818rtc: Handle host clock resets
2011-07-23 Jan Kiszkaqemu-timer: Introduce clock reset notifier
2011-07-23 Jan Kiszkanotifier: Pass data argument to callback
2011-07-23 Markus Armbrusteride: Turn properties any IDE device must have into...
2011-07-23 Markus Armbrustervirtio-serial: Turn props any virtio-serial-bus device...
2011-07-23 Markus Armbrustervirtio-serial: Clean up virtser_bus_dev_print() output
2011-07-23 Markus Armbrusterusb-ccid: Drop unused CCIDCardInfo callback print()
2011-07-23 Daniel P. BerrangeRemove unused USES_X509_AUTH macro from VNC sasl code
2011-07-23 Daniel P. BerrangeIntroduce a 'client_add' monitor command accepting...
2011-07-23 Daniel P. BerrangeStore VNC auth scheme per-client as well as per-server
2011-07-23 Wen Congyangdo not reset no_shutdown after we shutdown the vm
2011-07-23 Sasha Levinvl.c: Don't limit node count by smp count
2011-07-23 Richard Hendersonvga: Fix type of lfb/map_addr/end.
2011-07-23 Kevin Wolfqemu-char: Print strerror message on failure
2011-07-23 Paolo Bonziniqemu-timer: change unix timer to dynticks
2011-07-23 Paolo Bonziniiothread: replace fair_mutex with a condition variable
2011-07-23 Adam Lackorzynskimultiboot: Support commas in module parameters
2011-07-23 Paolo Bonzinireport serial devices created with -device in the PIIX4...
2011-07-23 Alexandre Raymond.gitignore: ignore qemu-ga and qapi-generated
2011-07-23 Michael Rothguest agent: use QERR_UNSUPPORTED for disabled RPCs
2011-07-23 Jan Kiszkanet: Consistently use qemu_macaddr_default_if_unset
2011-07-23 Jan Kiszkanet: Dump client type 'info network'
2011-07-23 Jan Kiszkanet: Refactor net_client_types
2011-07-23 Jan Kiszkanet: Improve layout of 'info network'
2011-07-23 Jan Kiszkaslirp: Forward ICMP echo requests via unprivileged...
2011-07-23 Jan Kiszkaslirp: Put forked exec into separate process group
2011-07-23 Jan Kiszkaslirp: Replace m_freem with m_free
2011-07-23 Jan Kiszkaslirp: Strictly associate DHCP/BOOTP and TFTP with...
2011-07-23 Jan Kiszkaslirp: Canonicalize restrict syntax
2011-07-23 Jan Kiszkaslirp: Fix restricted mode
2011-07-23 Jan KiszkaDeprecate -M command line options
2011-07-23 Jan KiszkaGeneralize -machine command line option
2011-07-22 Anthony Liguoriguest-agent: fix build with OpenBSD
2011-07-22 Avi Kivityxen: fix xen-mapcache build on non-Xen capable targets
2011-07-22 Anthony LiguoriMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into staging
2011-07-22 Stefan Weiltarget-sparc: Fix compiler errors (format strings)
2011-07-22 Anthony LiguoriMerge remote-tracking branch 'spice/spice.v39' into...
2011-07-22 Anthony LiguoriMerge remote-tracking branch 'qmp/for-anthony' into...
2011-07-22 Anthony LiguoriMerge remote-tracking branch 'kraxel/usb.21' into staging
2011-07-22 Anthony LiguoriMerge remote-tracking branch 'kwolf/for-anthony' into...
2011-07-22 Hans de GoedeUSB: add usb network redirection support
2011-07-22 Gerd Hoffmannusb-ehci: trace: rename "next" to "nxt".
2011-07-22 Gerd Hoffmannusb-uhci: fix irq handling on error.
2011-07-22 Gerd Hoffmannusb-hid: fixup changed tracking.
2011-07-21 Tsuneo SaitoSPARC64: implement addtional MMU faults related to...