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QEmu ist a FAST emulator, which provides user and system emulation for a growing range of processors/architectures, such as x86/PC, x86_64/PC, PPC/PREP, etc.
97 min ago Peter MaydellMerge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/bonzini/tags... master
2 days ago Paolo Bonziniexec: hide mr->ram_addr from qemu_get_ram_ptr users
2 days ago Paolo Bonzinimemory: split memory_region_from_host from qemu_ram_add...
2 days ago Paolo Bonziniexec: remove ram_addr argument from qemu_ram_block_from...
2 days ago Paolo Bonzinimemory: remove qemu_get_ram_fd, qemu_set_ram_fd, qemu_r...
2 days ago Fam Zhengscsi-generic: Merge block max xfer len in INQUIRY response
2 days ago Paolo Bonziniscsi-block: always use SG_IO
2 days ago Paolo Bonziniscsi-disk: introduce scsi_disk_req_check_error
2 days ago Paolo Bonziniscsi-disk: add need_fua_emulation to SCSIDiskClass
2 days ago Paolo Bonziniscsi-disk: introduce dma_readv and dma_writev
2 days ago Paolo Bonziniscsi-disk: introduce a common base class
2 days ago Paul Durrantxen-hvm: ignore background I/O sections
2 days ago Paolo Bonzinidocs/atomics: update comparison with Linux
2 days ago Emilio G. Cotaatomics: do not emit consume barrier for atomic_rcu_read
2 days ago Emilio G. Cotaatomics: emit an smp_read_barrier_depends() barrier...
2 days ago Emilio G. Cotadocs/atomics: update atomic_read/set comparison with...
2 weeks ago v2.6.0 v2.6.0 release
3 weeks ago v2.5.1.1 v2.5.1.1
3 weeks ago v2.6.0-rc5 v2.6.0-rc5 release
4 weeks ago v2.6.0-rc4 v2.6.0-rc4 release
5 weeks ago v2.6.0-rc3 v2.6.0-rc3 release
6 weeks ago v2.6.0-rc2 v2.6.0-rc2 release
7 weeks ago v2.6.0-rc1 v2.6.0-rc1 release
2 months ago v2.6.0-rc0 v2.6.0-rc0 release
2 months ago v2.5.1 v2.5.1
5 months ago v2.5.0 v2.5.0 release
5 months ago v2.5.0-rc4 v2.5.0-rc4 release
5 months ago v2.5.0-rc3 v2.5.0-rc3 release
6 months ago v2.5.0-rc2 v2.5.0-rc2 release
6 months ago v2.5.0-rc1 v2.5.0-rc1 release
6 months ago v2.5.0-rc0 v2.5.0-rc0 release
6 months ago v2.4.1 v2.4.1
97 min ago master
3 weeks ago stable-2.5
6 months ago stable-2.4
9 months ago stable-2.3
14 months ago stable-2.2
16 months ago stable-2.1
21 months ago stable-2.0
22 months ago stable-1.7
2 years ago stable-1.6
2 years ago stable-1.5
3 years ago stable-1.4
3 years ago stable-1.3
3 years ago stable-1.2
3 years ago stable-1.1
4 years ago stable-1.0
4 years ago stable-0.15
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qemu/kevin.git Random patches 18 hours ago
qemu/rayw.git Ray Wang's QEMU Repository 3 days ago
qemu/afaerber.git Fixes for OSX andreas.faerber... 6 days ago
qemu/ericb.git Eric Blake's pending patches to qemu 10 days ago
qemu/ar7.git AR7 emulation for QEMU 11 days ago
qemu/armbru.git armbru's QEMU hackery 2 weeks ago
qemu/cris-port.git CRIS target port of Qemu 4 weeks ago
qemu/hpoussin.git Various patches 2 months ago
qemu/dtv.git dubious tracer viewer 3 months ago
qemu/lumag.git various patches 5 months ago
qemu/qmp-unstable.git QEMU Monitor Protocol 12 months ago
qemu/rth.git Miscelaneous patches 2 years ago
qemu/agraf.git Qemu with PowerPC KVM improvements 3 years ago
qemu/quintela.git Quintela qemu hacks 3 years ago
qemu/pbrook.git Various patches 3 years ago
qemu/opensuse.git Patch queue for openSUSE QEMU 3 years ago