2009-11-04 Mark McLoughlinDisable preadv/pwritev supportqemu-0.11.0-11.fc12qemu-0.11.0-11.fc13
2009-10-29 Mark McLoughlinnet: disable draining tap queue in one goqemu-0.11.0-9.fc12qemu-0.11.0-9.fc13
2009-10-29 Glauber Costaproperly save kvm system time msr registersqemu-0.11.0-8.fc12qemu-0.11.0-8.fc13
2009-10-19 Eduardo Habkostfix MSR_COUNT for kvm_arch_save_regs()qemu-0.11.0-7.fc12qemu-0.11.0-7.fc13
2009-10-09 Kevin Wolfqcow2: Bring synchronous read/write back to lifeqemu-0.11.0-6.fc12qemu-0.11.0-6.fc13
2009-10-09 Justin M. ForbesImprove error reporting on file access
2009-09-28 Markus ArmbrusterFix pci_add nic not to exit on bad modelqemu-0.11.0-2.fc12
2009-09-28 Markus ArmbrusterMake it obvious that pci_nic_init() can't fail
2009-09-28 Glauber CostaCorrectly free nd structureqemu-0.11.0-1.fc12
2009-09-28 Izik Eiduskvm userspace: ksm support
2009-09-28 Mark McLoughlinAllow pulseaudio backend to be the default
2009-09-28 Mark McLoughlinFix linux-user build on ppc
2009-09-28 Glauber Costacompute checksum for roms bigger than a segment
2009-09-23 Avi KivityMerge branch 'stable-0.11' of git://git.sv.gnu.org...
2009-09-23 Anthony LiguoriUpdate version and changelog for 0.11.0 release
2009-09-23 Bernhard KauerRTC polling mode broken
2009-09-23 Kevin Wolfqcow2: Order concurrent AIO requests on the same unallo...
2009-09-23 Stefan Weilqemu-io: Improve portability (win32 now supported).
2009-09-18 Vince Weavertarget-alpha: fix extlh instruction
2009-09-16 Stefan Weiltcg: fix size of local variables in tcg_gen_bswap64_i64
2009-09-16 Jan Kiszkanet: Fix send queue ordering
2009-09-15 Aurelien Jarnoescc: fix IRQ routing, broken by 6c319c82223a1766c5d64a...
2009-09-14 Aurelien JarnoFix Linux task preemption on Versatile board
2009-09-14 Aurelien Jarnocurses: save 250MB of memory
2009-09-09 Michael S.... Fix error handling in msix vector add
2009-09-05 Dustin Kirklandqemu-kvm: fix segfault when running kvm without /dev/kvm
2009-09-02 Jan Kiszkaqemu-kvm: Fix optionrom install from out-of-tree builds
2009-08-30 Avi KivityFix extboot and multiboot option rom installation
2009-08-30 Avi KivityRemove garbage file 'qemu/pc-bios/extboot.bin'
2009-08-30 Avi KivityMerge commit 'upstream/stable-0.11' into stable-0.11
2009-08-28 Anthony LiguoriUpdate version and changelog for 0.11.0-rc2 release
2009-08-28 Stefan WeilAdd missing linefeed in error message
2009-08-28 Zachary AmsdenClean up VGA type selection; far too many variables...
2009-08-28 Zachary AmsdenWhen using stdio monitor and VNC display, one can set...
2009-08-28 Zachary AmsdenDon't segfault when changing VNC password on an SDL...
2009-08-28 Chris LalancetteFix detached migration with exec.
2009-08-28 Avi KivityDo not disable autostart for live migration
2009-08-28 Stefano Stabellinimake vga screen_dump use DisplayState properly
2009-08-28 Blue SwirlFix device name completion for 'eject'
2009-08-28 Reimar Döffingersdl.c: support 32 bpp cursors
2009-08-28 Reimar DöffingerUse corect depth from DisplaySurface in vmware_vga.c
2009-08-28 Anthony LiguoriFix migration for ide devices
2009-08-28 Nathan Froydcheck for PR_SET_NAME being defined
2009-08-28 Gleb Natapovmake windows notice media change
2009-08-28 Luiz CapitulinoFix do_commit() behavior
2009-08-28 Luiz Capitulinonet: Fix do_set_link() return type
2009-08-28 Beth KonAdd/Fix command-line checks for smbios options v2
2009-08-28 Stefano Stabellinivga: do not resize the screen on hw_invalidate
2009-08-28 Stefano Stabellinifix sdl window resize
2009-08-28 Alexander GrafFix checksum writing in signboot.sh
2009-08-28 Stefan WeilWin32: Fix default prefix
2009-08-28 Laurent DesnoguesFix symfind.
2009-08-28 Blue SwirlFix Sparse warning about missing prototype
2009-08-28 Blue SwirlFix Sparse warning about "expression using sizeof on...
2009-08-28 Blue SwirlAdd missing "static"
2009-08-28 Blue SwirlMore NULL pointer fixes
2009-08-28 Blue SwirlFix Sparse warnings: "Using plain integer as NULL pointer"
2009-08-28 Paul BrookOption rom makefile fixes
2009-08-28 Blue Swirlesp: fix interrupt register read
2009-08-28 Igor Kovalenkosparc64 flush pending conditional evaluations before...
2009-08-28 Blue SwirlFix SDL zooming with pl110 (cf. d3ffcafe25b5966b351ea61...
2009-08-28 Bill Paule1000.c doesn't properly emulate EERD and ICS registers
2009-08-28 Markus ArmbrusterFix VM state change handlers running out of order
2009-08-28 Gerd Hoffmannvnc: fix copyrect screen corruption
2009-08-28 Mark McLoughlinRemove the virtio-{blk, console}-pci-0-10 device types
2009-08-28 Mark McLoughlinRemove the pc-0-10 machine type
2009-08-28 Paolo Bonzinifix migration to obey -S
2009-08-25 Nathan Froydtarget-mips: fix conditional moves off fp condition...
2009-08-09 Mark McLoughlinnet: fix vnet_hdr bustage with slirp
2009-08-02 Avi KivityMerge commit 'upstream-merge' into stable-0.11
2009-07-30 Mark McLoughlinMerge commit 'v0.11.0-rc1' into stable-0.11
2009-07-30 Mark McLoughlinMerge commit '413fb2412d' into stable-0.11
2009-07-30 Mark McLoughlinMerge commit 'dedd9ecaf9' into stable-0.11
2009-07-30 Mark McLoughlinMerge commit 'v0.11.0-rc0' into stable-0.11
2009-07-29 Anthony LiguoriUpdate Changelog and VERSION for 0.11.0-rc1 release
2009-07-29 Anthony LiguoriMove CLOCKLIBS and PTHREADLIBS out of CONFIG_LINUX_USER...
2009-07-29 Mark McLoughlinAdd support for fd=name to tap and socket networking
2009-07-29 Mark McLoughlinAdd getfd and closefd monitor commands
2009-07-29 Mark McLoughlinAdd a pc-0.11 machine type and make the pc type an...
2009-07-29 Mark McLoughlinAdd monitor_get_fd() command for fetching named fds
2009-07-29 Mark McLoughlinAdd SCM_RIGHTS support to unix socket character devices
2009-07-29 Mark McLoughlinAdd machine type aliases
2009-07-29 Mark McLoughlinMake tcp_chr_read() use recvmsg()
2009-07-29 Filip Navaratap-win32: Use correct headers.
2009-07-29 Glauber Costafix broken migration
2009-07-29 Ed Swierkslirp: Use monotonic clock if available (v2)
2009-07-29 Michael S.... qemu: msix nit: clear msix_entries_nr on error
2009-07-29 Beth KonHPET fixes for reg writes
2009-07-28 Avi KivityMerge commit '42bc608b2a144dfa5141dd6ba5d12cb97ac804a7...
2009-07-28 Avi KivityMerge commit '98ec69ac121d1db903a28ec735b6eeef5ed64174...
2009-07-28 Avi KivityMerge commit '6acff7da2b1a22789f23771c411586e4620049df...
2009-07-28 Avi KivityMerge commit 'e73aae6715ffb30d89bd300effbf5e3472ec38a6...
2009-07-28 Avi KivityMerge commit '938b1edd10d39cecd06b12013a5713829bcb7720...
2009-07-28 Avi KivityMerge commit 'c59249f9294e25c5c8d6c8281f0b3724e9598981...
2009-07-28 Avi KivityMerge commit '1b0c87fc0f5fb39eca22f26cab9a8e4ffd32a6e7...
2009-07-28 Avi KivityMerge commit '9637443f852a3abb61c0c8f33c567ff87928e845...
2009-07-28 Avi KivityMerge commit '0ba99fc6a188988f11361cb41eba7c1afce346d4...
2009-07-28 Avi KivityMerge commit 'b8c0e7d7c4e9fe3ec00757053a33605eda1c5ac4...
2009-07-28 Avi KivityRegenerate bios for multiple smbios calls fix
2009-07-28 Alex Williamsonkvm: bios: Fix multiple calls into smbios_load_ex