2009-10-23 Mark McLoughlinDisable the vnc CopyRect encodingF-11
2009-10-19 Eduardo Habkostfix MSR_COUNT for kvm_arch_save_regs()qemu-0.10.6-8.fc11
2009-09-29 Mark McLoughlinvirtio-net: Re-instate GSO code removed upstreamqemu-0.10.6-6.fc11
2009-09-11 Mark McLoughlinAllow pulseaudio backend to be the defaultqemu-0.10.6-5.fc11
2009-09-11 Joerg RoedelUse statfs to determine size of huge pages
2009-09-11 malcTemporary workaround for ppc on ppc
2009-09-11 Marcelo TosattiAvoid harmless unhandled wrmsr 0xc0010117 messages
2009-09-11 Mark McLoughlinkvm: user: include arch specific headers from $(KERNELDIR)
2009-09-11 Glauber Costacompute checksum for roms bigger than a segment
2009-09-11 Glauber Costaalign vga rom to 4k boundary.
2009-09-11 aliguoriget roms more room. (Glauber Costa)
2009-09-11 aliguoriMake binary stripping conditional (Riku Voipio)
2009-09-11 Glauber Costause KVM_UPSTREAM for ppc.
2009-09-11 aliguoriSupport ACLs for controlling VNC access ("Daniel P...
2009-09-11 aliguoriInclude auth credentials in 'info vnc' ("Daniel P....
2009-09-11 aliguoriAdd SASL authentication support ("Daniel P. Berrange")
2009-09-11 aliguoriMove TLS auth into separate file ("Daniel P. Berrange")
2009-09-11 aliguoriMove VNC structs into header file ("Daniel P. Berrange")
2009-09-11 aliguoriRefactor keymap code to avoid duplication ("Daniel...
2009-09-11 aliguoriEnhance 'info vnc' monitor output ("Daniel P. Berrange")
2009-09-11 aliguoriFix bug in TLS authentication ("Daniel P. Berrange")
2009-09-11 Chris Webbvnc: rework VncState release workflow
2009-09-11 Gerd HoffmannBACKPORT: vnc: fix copyrect screen corruption
2009-08-02 Avi KivityMerge tag 'v0.10.6' of git://git.sv.gnu.org/qemu into...
2009-07-16 Anthony LiguoriUpdate changelot for 0.10.6 release
2009-07-16 Dinesh SubhravetiInitialize PS2 keyboard / mouse state on reset
2009-07-16 Beth KonReset HPET config register on hpet_reset
2009-07-16 Paolo Bonzinihonor -S on incoming migration
2009-07-10 Anthony LiguoriUpdate for 0.10.6 release
2009-07-10 Anthony LiguoriRevert "Make sure to use SDL_CFLAGS everywhere we inclu...
2009-07-10 Glauber Costaflush pending aio requests
2009-07-10 Anthony LiguoriMake sure to only vm_start() a failed migration if...
2009-07-10 Mark McLoughlinUnregister savevm callback in eeprom93xx_free()
2009-07-10 Mark McLoughlinDon't leak VLANClientState on PCI hot remove
2009-07-10 G 3Substitute O_DSYNC with O_SYNC or O_FSYNC when needed.
2009-07-10 Jan Kiszkasdl: Fix memory leakage
2009-07-10 Isaku Yamahatacpu_unregister_map_client: fix memory leak.
2009-06-16 Eduardo HabkostFix vga_screen_dump_blank() PPM generation
2009-06-16 Mark McLoughlinPrevent CD-ROM media eject while device is locked
2009-06-16 Jan Kiszkakvm: Fix IRQ injection into full queue
2009-06-16 Nitin A KambleQEMU KVM: i386: Fix the cpu reset state
2009-06-16 Gerd Hoffmannvirtio blk: fix warning.
2009-06-16 Sebastian Herbsztlsi53c895a: Implement write access to DMA Byte Counter
2009-06-16 Sebastian Herbsztlsi53c895a: Implement read and write access to DMA...
2009-06-16 Sebastian Herbsztlsi53c895a: Implement Scratch Byte Register
2009-06-16 Anthony LiguoriMake sure to use SDL_CFLAGS everywhere we include SDL...
2009-06-16 Andrea Arcangelifix qemu_aio_flush
2009-06-16 Uri Lublinmigrate_fd_close: delete associated io-handler before...
2009-06-16 Uri Lublinexec-migration: handle EINTR in popen_get_buffer()
2009-06-16 Stefan WeilFix prototype of function zfree.
2009-06-14 Jes SorensenDo not build extboot on non-x86
2009-06-14 Avi KivityBuild extboot
2009-05-28 Jason Wesselserial: fix lost character after sysrq
2009-05-28 Gleb NatapovDon't send all gratuitous packets at once.
2009-05-28 Gleb NatapovMinimal ethernet frame length is 64 bytes.
2009-05-28 aliguorinet: Fix -net socket,listen (Jan Kiszka)
2009-05-27 Chris LalancetteAllow monitor interaction when using migrate -exec
2009-05-27 Christoph Hellwigfix raw_pread_aligned return value
2009-05-27 Stefan WeilVNC: Fix memory allocation (wrong structure size).
2009-05-27 Kevin Wolfe1000: Ignore reset command
2009-05-21 Alex Williamsonvirtio-net: Refuse loading if the source requires vnet...
2009-05-21 Alex Williamsonvirtio-net: Make save/load format independent of build...
2009-05-21 Anthony LiguoriFix build when objdir != srcdir
2009-05-21 Anthony LiguoriIncrement virtio-net savevm version to avoid conflict...
2009-05-21 Mark McLoughlinnet: drop packet from tap device if all NICs are down
2009-05-21 Avi KivitySupport unregistering memory regions larger than a...
2009-05-21 Glauber CostaPropagate errors on failed migration.
2009-05-21 Avi KivityClear tap features on initialization
2009-05-21 Marcelo TosattiFixup 4GB+ memslot large page alignment
2009-05-21 Gleb Natapovkvm: extboot: Update number of HDs reported by BIOS
2009-05-21 Jochen Rothkvm: testsuite: compile fix - avoid raw string literal
2009-05-21 Daniel GollubHandle -no-shutdown correctly
2009-05-21 Avi KivityMerge branch 'stable-0.10' of git://git.sv.gnu.org...
2009-05-20 Anthony LiguoriUpdate for 0.10.5 release
2009-05-20 Mark McLoughlinkvm: work around supported cpuid ioctl() brokenness
2009-05-20 Anthony LiguoriRemove noisy printf when KVM masks CPU features
2009-05-20 Avi Kivitykvm: Trim cpu features not supported by kvm
2009-05-20 Avi KivityFix x86 feature modifications for features that set...
2009-05-20 Avi KivityMake x86 cpuid feature names available in file scope
2009-05-20 Avi Kivitykvm: Add support for querying supported cpu features
2009-05-20 Anthony LiguoriIntroduce kvm_check_extension to check if KVM extension...
2009-05-20 Mark McLoughlinkvm: add error message for when SMP is requested
2009-05-20 Richard W.M... Remove initrd warning message
2009-05-20 Jean-Christophe... initialize struct sigevent before timer_create
2009-05-20 Jean-Christophe... Fix NULL alarm_timer pointer at exit
2009-05-20 Glauber Costakeep initrd in below 4g area.
2009-05-20 Uri Lublinmigrate.c: migrate_fd_put_buffer: Do not busyloop:...
2009-05-20 Hollis Blanchardremove gcc 3.x requirement from documentation
2009-05-15 Edgar E. IglesiasETRAX: Correct passing of kernel command line.
2009-05-15 Edgar E. IglesiasETRAX: Correct setting of ethernet station address.
2009-05-15 Edgar E. IglesiasCRIS: Fix bmi.
2009-05-14 aliguoriFix DMA API when handling an immediate error from block...
2009-05-14 aliguoriFix vectored aio bounce handling immediate errors ...
2009-05-14 aliguoriMove block dma helpers aiocb to store dma state (Avi...
2009-05-14 aliguoriUse vectored aiocb storage to store vector translation...
2009-05-14 Glauber CostaDon't use a 32-bit bit type as offset argument for...
2009-05-13 Glauber Costareset state for load_linux
2009-05-13 Anthony LiguoriRevert "reset state for load_linux"
2009-05-13 Glauber de... Enable dirty logging for all regions during migration
2009-05-12 Avi KivityMerge commit 'v0.10.4' into stable-0.10