descriptionQanava is a C++ library designed to display graphs on a Qt canvas. (svn import)
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Qanava is a C++ library designed to display graphs on a Qt canvas. Qanava provide classes to generate various layouts of directed graphs and visualize their nodes with custom styles on a graphic canvas. Qanava is designed for applications with basic graph visualization needs such as Gantt charts, social networks, and document or network modelling applications. It is not meant for a complex interactive visualization of very large data sets.


GNU Lesser General Public License, version 2.1

SVN import

git-svn branch is a straightforward import from trunk, but svn branch has rewritten history with some fixes:
2008-02-10 Benoit Autheman0.3.1mastersvn
2007-02-15 Benoit AuthemanFix manual.tex qmake configuration settings (thanks...
2007-02-15 Benoit AuthemanDocumentation fix
2007-02-12 Benoit AuthemanFix the 'trees' sample for gcc compilation (case problem)
2007-02-12 Benoit Autheman* Fix the nasty bug causing edge disaparition.
2007-02-08 Benoit AuthemanRemoved file/folder
2007-02-08 Benoit AuthemanFix in the HierarchyTree algorithm
2007-02-06 Benoit AuthemanImport the trees sample
2007-02-06 Benoit Autheman(empty message)
2007-02-06 Benoit Autheman(empty message)
2007-02-06 Benoit AuthemanRemoved file/folder (change to msvc8)
2007-02-06 Benoit AuthemanQtification of \HierarchyTree algorithm.
2007-01-17 Benoit AuthemanSmall doxygen doc fix
2007-01-14 Benoit AuthemanImport doxygen generated api doc
2007-01-14 Benoit AuthemanImport of the 0.1.0 beta version
2006-10-19 Benoit AuthemanImportant changes in the build configuration (add macx...
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