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PyYAML - The next generation YAML parser and emitter for Python.

To install, type 'python install'.

You may build faster LibYAML based parser and emitter with
'python install'.
Then you may use the LibYAML based parser this way:
    >>> yaml.load(stream, Loader=yaml.CLoader)
    >>> yaml.dump(data, Dumper=yaml.CDumper)

For more information, check the PyYAML homepage:

Documentation (rough and incomplete though):

Post your questions and opinions to the YAML-Core mailing list:

Submit bug reports and feature requests to the PyYAML bug tracker:

PyYAML is written by Kirill Simonov <>.  It is released
under the MIT license. See the file LICENSE for more details.
2007-11-18 xiA single dot is not a float value (fixes #62).master
2007-08-21 xiMake compose() and load() ensure that the input stream...
2007-07-26 xiFixed _yaml.pyx to work with the latest Pyrex.
2007-05-12 xiAdded the setup.cfg options for building PyYAML Windows...
2007-05-12 xiUpdate the package version.
2007-05-12 xiPrepare the 3.05 release.
2007-05-08 xiAllow for immutable subclasses of YAMLObject. Fixes...
2007-05-05 xiMake the encoding of the unicode->str conversion explic...
2007-04-17 xiFixed a problem when the DOCUMENT-END event is not...
2007-03-22 xiImprove output of float values. Fix #49.
2007-03-22 xiAdd the tests for checking the libyaml bug.
2007-02-23 xiFix the bug when the `path` in `add_path_resolver`...
2006-12-08 xiUse the types module instead of constructing type objec...
2006-10-04 xiFix loss of microsecond precision in datetime.datetime...
2006-09-12 xiFix loading an empty YAML stream.
2006-08-20 xiAmend the announce message.
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