2014-03-22 Philippe TeuwenImprove Englishmaster
2014-02-03 Alex HughsonFixes indentation error
2013-10-09 Adam LaurieFixes an annoying installation issue on recent distribu...
2012-09-16 Philippe TeuwenNo more arbitrary default value for segment_size in...
2010-11-25 Adam LaurieUse IV for AES-CMAC mode
2008-11-14 Philippe TeuwenHappier pylint...
2008-11-13 Christophe... RadioGatun: further parametrized
2008-11-12 Christophe... Hash API: unified -> default value for data in new...
2008-11-12 Christophe... Various fixes for RadioGatun
2008-11-10 Christophe... License includes hash functions
2008-10-28 Christophe... Merge branch 'hash_module'
2008-10-23 Christophe... Hash: added doctests + little fixeshash_module
2008-10-23 Christophe... PBKDF2: added doctest
2008-10-23 Christophe... RadioGatun: "count" is int instead of list
2008-10-23 Christophe... RadioGatun: fixed copy() method
2008-10-23 Christophe... RadioGatun: added testvectors
2008-10-23 Christophe... RadioGatun: little error
2008-10-22 Christophe... RadioGatun: first version
2008-10-16 Christophe... Merge branch 'hash_module' of git+ssh://tiftof@repo...
2008-10-16 Christophe... SHA512: testvectors
2008-10-16 Philippe Teuwentypos
2008-10-16 Christophe... CFB: added segment_size to docstring of the cipher...
2008-10-16 Philippe Teuwentypos
2008-10-16 Philippe TeuwenSlight change in copyright notice
2008-10-16 Philippe TeuwenSlight change in copyright notice
2008-10-16 Christophe... CFB: added segment_size to docstring of the cipher...
2008-10-16 Christophe... added whole SHA2 family from
2008-10-16 Christophe... initial population of Hash module
2008-10-16 Philippe TeuwenMangling email addresses against spammers, hope it...
2008-10-15 Philippe TeuwenMangling email addresses against spammers, hope it...
2008-10-14 Philippe Teuwentypos
2008-10-14 Philippe TeuwenMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2008-10-14 Christophe... padding added to + little doc update...
2008-10-14 Philippe Teuwentypos
2008-10-14 Christophe... added LICENSE file and added license to
2008-10-14 Christophe... padding: updated docstrings
2008-10-14 Christophe... simplified padding using chr() and ord()
2008-10-14 Christophe... removed roundup
2008-10-14 Christophe... updated padding
2008-10-14 Christophe... default "segment size" now set in instea...
2008-10-14 Christophe... chaining modes accessed like stream cipher record amoun...
2008-10-14 Christophe... updated docstring of final()
2008-10-14 Christophe... CFB: added support for "segmentsize"
2008-10-14 Christophe... IV default is an "all zero" string by default
2008-10-14 Christophe... restructered padding
2008-10-14 Christophe... removed unused error classes and except...
2008-10-14 Christophe... removed unused struct import
2008-10-14 Christophe... OFB, CTR: Array->List
2008-10-14 Philippe TeuwenCFB: Array->List
2008-10-13 Philippe TeuwenChaining Modes: docstrings & minor tuning
2008-10-13 Christophe... added license
2008-10-13 Christophe... Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2008-10-13 Christophe... PRESENT: added version string
2008-10-13 Philippe TeuwenRemoving test
2008-10-13 Philippe TeuwenTesting new git repo
2008-10-13 tiftofPRESENT: added 2nd example + doctest execution when...
2008-10-13 tiftofPRESENT: updated doctest testvectors
2008-10-13 tiftofPRESENT: added license and doctest example
2008-10-13 tiftofPRESENT: updated testvectors
2008-10-13 tiftofPRESENT: changed salting behaviour when generating...
2008-10-13 tiftoftypo
2008-10-13 tiftofKey check bug fixed when checking for tuple of length...
2008-10-10 philPRESENT: changed intern indexes of encrypt/decrypt
2008-10-10 philPRESENT: misc changes in docstrings
2008-10-10 philMinor changes: range->xrange, [].extend(.. for i) ...
2008-10-10 tiftofPRESENT: inverse SBox is calculated on import
2008-10-10 tiftofPRESENT: inverse PBox is calculated on import -> speed...
2008-10-10 tiftofPRESENT: finished switching all internal representation...
2008-10-10 tiftofChanged keychecking behaviour
2008-10-10 philBegin to switch to int representation: first the roundk...
2008-10-09 philConsistency fixes in key check in ciphers python_*
2008-10-09 philFix Rijndael error msg
2008-10-09 philAdd condition on blocksize for XTS in Rijndael docstring
2008-10-09 philFix blocksizes in docstrings of modes
2008-10-09 philSimplify T update in XTS
2008-10-09 philCosmetic & language changes in
2008-10-09 tiftofserpent test was disabled since last commit
2008-10-09 tiftofTwofish testvectors added
2008-10-09 tiftofadded tests for validating input
2008-10-09 tiftoffixed testvectors for PRESENT with more than 32 rounds...
2008-10-09 tiftofcorrected behaviour of key generations when using more...
2008-10-09 tiftofmodified XTS: T value is now being calculated incrementally
2008-10-09 tiftofDecryption tests added where they were missing
2008-10-09 tiftofchanged Lu(2) generation in CMAC
2008-10-09 tiftofFixed RC5 blocksize handling + updated RC5 docstring...
2008-10-09 tiftofmoved construction of cipher from wrappers to blockciph...
2008-10-08 philFix XTS docstring inconsistencies in wrappers
2008-10-08 (dict) was shadowing builtin dict()
2008-10-08 philUse require() in test files
2008-10-08 philmv src/* to src/CryptoPlus/* & make more generic
2008-10-07 tiftofseperated "importing" from examples in docstring &...
2008-10-07 tiftofremoved "new" definition from docstrings + minor RC5...
2008-10-07 tiftofmode constants are only in blockcipher
2008-10-07 tiftofcompatibility with pycrypto 2.0.1 and earlier for pytho...
2008-10-07 tiftofadded SelfTest modules to
2008-10-07 philTypos & docstring & from blockcipher import *
2008-10-07 philUsing number2string_N() in XTS
2008-10-07 philFix typos in docstrings
2008-10-07 philNew number2string_N() & simplified xorstring()
2008-10-06 tiftoffix