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descriptionwmcbrine's branch of pyTivo
last changeThu, 19 Jun 2014 16:35:44 +0000
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2014-06-19 William McBrineVersion 0.14 of -- see the pyzeroconf proje... master
2014-06-12 William McBrineAllow spoofing a TSN in ToGo via the "togo_tsn" setting...
2014-06-12 William McBrineTo include non-TiVo video servers (TD, other pyTivos...
2014-06-12 William McBrineOmit TD-style TSNs from the Push list.
2014-06-12 William McBrineAdd a TiVo-Desktop-style "tsn" field to each share...
2014-06-12 William McBrineBetter display in ToGo when navigating pyTivo shares...
2014-06-08 William McBrineUse cp1252 instead of iso8859-1 for Windows 8-bit chara...
2014-06-06 William McBrineAllow filling in the names and addresses of TiVos found...
2014-06-06 William McBrineMore handling of missing names and addresses.
2014-06-06 William McBrineMore _tivo_ sections without addresses.
2014-06-06 William McBrineAllow for pyTivo-style URLs; more Unicode in ToGo.
2014-06-06 William McBrineAllow for minimalist "_tivo_" sections (no name or...
2014-06-06 William McBrineescape doesn't make sense in HTML. Possibly some of...
2014-06-06 William McBrineNon-ASCII names in ToGo.
2014-06-04 William McBrineAllow for missing details URL.
2014-06-02 William McBrineLog error if no TSN in Push request.
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