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pyTivo lets you stream most videos from your PC to your unhacked tivo. 
It uses the HMO server protocol. It will guess if your video is 4:3 or 
16:9 and pad your video if it thinks it is needed. It will not transcode 
an mpeg that is supported by your tivo.


OS = Anything that will run python and ffmpeg, which I think is 
anything. Known to work on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.

Python -
- You need at least version 2.5 of python

pywin32 (only to install as a service) -
- Windows users only and only if you intend to install as a service


You need to edit pyTivo.conf in 3 places

1. ffmpeg=
2. [<name of share>]
3. path=

ffmpeg should be the full path to ffmpeg including filename. path is the 
absolute path to your media.


---To install as a service in Windows

run --startup auto install

---To remove service

run remove

pyTivo was created by Jason Michalski ("armooo"). Contributors include 
Kevin R. Keegan, William McBrine, and Terry Mound ("wgw").
2016-10-24 William McBrineStrip new Rovi copyright notices as well as Tribune.master
2016-03-21 William McBrineNew options for ts: on/off/auto (like zeroconf), defaul...
2016-02-28 William McBrineTentative fix for LRUcache bug (with Python 2.7.11...
2016-02-21 William McBrineIt seems not. :(
2016-01-22 William McBrineDoes 11.0n support transferring H.264 in transport...
2015-12-09 William McBrineEliminate width and height options.
2015-12-08 William McBrineEliminate audio_ch, audio_fr, copy_ts and video_fps...
2015-12-08 William McBrineHere too.
2015-12-08 William McBrineOmit video/audio options when using the "copy" codec...
2015-10-12 William McBrineUndo added spaces.
2015-10-12 William McBrineMerge pull request #18 from mackworth/master
2015-10-12 Hugh Mackworthchange to integer for colorCode processing
2015-10-11 Hugh MackworthProposal for reading TiVo-specific information from...
2015-10-11 Hugh MackworthFix colorCode parsing from TXT
2015-10-11 Hugh Mackworthadd space to metadata dump as TXT
2015-10-11 Hugh MackworthImprove MP4 metadata reading
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