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descriptionwmcbrine's branch of pyTivo
last changeMon, 14 Apr 2014 02:35:14 +0000
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9 days ago William McBrineAllow for bad timestamps in metadata.basic(). To Do... master
2014-04-07 William McBrineAllow for slightly more mangled input to Push().
2014-03-30 William McBrineEncode all mpeg2video as yuv420p.
2014-01-16 William McBrineAccidentally committed debug code.
2014-01-16 William McBrineBogus exception handling.
2013-11-07 William McBrineMore Turing tweaks.
2013-10-29 William McBrineInclude error text in failed connect page; capture...
2013-10-29 William McBrineLogging tivo_open() failure from NPL(); consolidate...
2013-10-29 William McBrineThese modules aren't used here.
2013-10-28 William McBrineDon't need self.index, either.
2013-10-24 William McBrineMoved the xor function to the Turing module.
2013-10-21 William McBrineTidy up the Turing license text; more tweaks.
2013-10-21 William McBrineTuring.gen() now returns exact length, allows skipping...
2013-10-18 William McBrineFaster XOR (struct pack/unpack beats chr/ord); don...
2013-10-18 William McBrineMarginally faster.
2013-10-16 William McBrineAllow for .TiVo files with unencrypted metadata. Cleane...
9 days ago master
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pyTivo/wmcbrine/mpeg-ts.git This is a development git... 3 years ago