2009-01-31 wgwnot needed with 20Mimaster
2009-01-28 wgwRemove date sort patch until perfected
2009-01-25 wgwforgot to update the SD TiVo Settings in template
2009-01-25 wgwupdate audio_lang help recommended setting
2009-01-25 wgwsuggested settings for big screens
2009-01-25 wgwincrease default audio_br to 448k
2009-01-25 wgwIncrease default video_pct to 85
2009-01-25 wgwIncrease default HD TiVo video_br to 16384K
2009-01-25 wgwNew config sections for HD and SD TiVo settings
2009-01-25 wgwMerge branch 'master' of git://
2009-01-21 William McBrineMissed this when moving init_logging() from pyTivo...
2009-01-11 wgwvideo template bug fix
2009-01-07 William McBrineDate sort for video, by "goldfndr".
2009-01-07 William McBrineA more thorough kill(), by Anton Solovyev.
2009-01-07 wgwForgot this part of TiVo Standard video template
2009-01-07 wgwAdd partCount and partIndex to video template
2009-01-07 wgwTiVo Standard video template
2009-01-07 wgwMerge branch 'master' of git://
2009-01-05 William McBrineA more sound interpretation of the EXIF orientation...
2009-01-05 William McBrineImprovements to LockedLRUCache from "paskhaver".
2009-01-05 William McBrineReverting the startswith() consolidations for compatibi...
2009-01-05 William McBrineSpacing.
2009-01-05 William McBrinewgw's "standard" TiVo template changes (with corrected...
2009-01-05 William McBrineKill this awful kludge at last.
2009-01-05 William McBrineAn 'a' went missing. (Also, why the change from "Altern...
2009-01-05 William McBrinegit complained about whitespace errors when applying...
2009-01-05 wgwuser defined ffmpeg_wait per mr.cello
2009-01-05 William McBrinewgw's comments, to make these sync.
2009-01-05 wgwUpdate par help
2009-01-05 wgwSet par by file using metadata Override option.
2009-01-01 wgwuser defined ffmpeg_wait per mr.cello
2009-01-01 wgwUpdate par help
2009-01-01 wgwSet par by file using metadata Override option.
2008-12-31 wgwsimpler, no need to check isepisode
2008-12-30 wgwMerge branch 'master' of git://
2008-12-25 William McBrineOops.
2008-12-25 William McBrineSome better author info. More to do here.
2008-12-25 William McBrineShorten the gap with no config available.
2008-12-25 William McBrineSomewhat simpler and cleaner.
2008-12-25 William McBrinert
2008-12-25 William McBrineUse a single save/load for the config, instead of havin...
2008-12-23 William McBrineMore fiddly bits that probably no one else cares about.
2008-12-23 William McBrineLatest version of eyeD3 -- 0.6.16.
2008-12-23 William McBrineLatest version of Cheetah -- 2.0.1.
2008-12-23 William McBrineA BSD-licensed version of (The copyright...
2008-12-23 William McBrineOne more reference to auto_subshares.
2008-12-23 William McBrinehas_key() is deprecated.
2008-12-23 William McBrineReplaced some of the excessive uses of str().
2008-12-23 William McBrineSpacing.
2008-12-23 William McBrineFewer backslash continuations, in favor of parens.
2008-12-23 William McBrineSimpler init for settings; spacing and continuations.
2008-12-23 William McBrineOops -- % has precedence over +.
2008-12-23 William McBrineRe-ordered the import lines to fit with PEP 8.
2008-12-22 William McBrineSpelling.
2008-12-22 William McBrine80 columns, spacing and line continuations.
2008-12-22 William McBrine...and call it from here as well. To Do: Test.
2008-12-22 William McBrineinit_logging() makes more sense in the config module.
2008-12-22 William McBrineMore trivial stuff that bugs me.
2008-12-22 William McBrineSimpler/cleaner.
2008-12-22 William McBrineauto_subshares is no longer needed, either.
2008-12-22 William McBrinehack83 is no longer needed with 9.3.2/11.0.
2008-12-14 William McBrineAllow for a variable number of digits after the decimal...
2008-12-14 William McBrineChanged the durre expression in to match the...
2008-12-14 William McBrineGiven the new behavior, there's no reason to keep the...
2008-12-14 William McBrinePer-TiVo buffer size, per wgw.
2008-12-14 wgwdefault tivos to blacklist if not defined as HD or...
2008-12-14 wgwadd model 240 to blacklist
2008-12-13 wgwadd TiVo HD XL
2008-12-13 William McBrineAdd the TiVo HD XL's TSN to isHDtivo().
2008-10-15 wgwper tivo bufsize
2008-10-11 wgwdefault tivos to blacklist if not defined as HD or...
2008-10-11 wgwadd model 240 to blacklist
2008-09-25 wgwReverting to last known stable windows ffmpeg build.
2008-09-04 wgwchanges to TvBus/metadata handling
2008-08-20 William McBrineSome redundancy, and I think this is more legible.
2008-08-20 William McBrineNeed this too.
2008-08-20 William McBrinehack83 option should use getboolean().
2008-08-10 wgwCourtesy rdian06, fixed FFmpeg version SVN-r14196-rdian...
2008-08-02 wgwforce Override_millisecs to integer
2008-07-30 wgwshould say 'format'
2008-07-27 wgwBLACKLIST_169 was removed a while back. Someone must...
2008-07-25 wgwadd 130 model to blacklist
2008-07-13 William McBrineOmit the colon when there's no episode title.
2008-07-13 William McBrineStrip the Tribune notice from the descriptions.
2008-07-11 William McBrineAvoid using "file" as a variable name.
2008-07-11 William McBrineAvoid using "file" as a variable name.
2008-07-11 William McBrinePreload the templates for the video plugin.
2008-07-11 William McBrineUppercase the template names.
2008-07-11 William McBrineSome tweaking/reformatting/simplification of the admin...
2008-07-11 William McBrineUnneeded variables.
2008-07-06 William McBrineSimpler.
2008-07-06 William McBrineSimpler seek/duration/encoding assignment.
2008-07-06 William McBrineduration, not seek
2008-07-06 William McBrineTighter AudioFileFilter(). (Extension comparison is...
2008-07-06 William McBrineAdd support for "listen" and name lookup for pyTivoServ...
2008-07-01 William McBrineBrowsers attempting to access the admin/togo/push funct...
2008-06-30 William McBrineAdd the TiVo name to the NPL. There's probably a better...
2008-06-30 William McBrineAdd "Items" to the share menus.
2008-06-30 William McBrineRemove the horrible viewport effect from the ToGo menu.
2008-06-30 William McBrineSlightly less redundant... needs work.