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descriptionwgw's pyTivo branch
last changeSat, 31 Jan 2009 01:42:12 +0000 (30 19:42 -0600)
content tags
2009-01-31 wgwnot needed with 20Mimaster
2009-01-28 wgwRemove date sort patch until perfected
2009-01-25 wgwforgot to update the SD TiVo Settings in template
2009-01-25 wgwupdate audio_lang help recommended setting
2009-01-25 wgwsuggested settings for big screens
2009-01-25 wgwincrease default audio_br to 448k
2009-01-25 wgwIncrease default video_pct to 85
2009-01-25 wgwIncrease default HD TiVo video_br to 16384K
2009-01-25 wgwNew config sections for HD and SD TiVo settings
2009-01-25 wgwMerge branch 'master' of git://
2009-01-21 William McBrineMissed this when moving init_logging() from pyTivo...
2009-01-11 wgwvideo template bug fix
2009-01-07 William McBrineDate sort for video, by "goldfndr".
2009-01-07 William McBrineA more thorough kill(), by Anton Solovyev.
2009-01-07 wgwForgot this part of TiVo Standard video template
2009-01-07 wgwAdd partCount and partIndex to video template
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