2008-05-07 wgwcouple more vInfo correctionsmaster
2008-05-06 KRKeeganDuration regex fix for newer ffmpeg versions
2008-05-06 KRKeeganMissed a lot of width/height corrections
2008-05-06 KRKeeganSupported key should be set to true by default
2008-05-04 KRKeeganAllow user to override ffmpeg data with data in Metadat...
2008-05-04 KRKeeganCondense video_info
2008-05-04 KRKeeganConvert video_info to return a dict rather than list
2008-05-04 KRKeeganFix in select_videofps a merge conflict error.beta-push
2008-05-04 KRKeeganDelete a missed old debug statement
2008-05-04 KRKeeganFix merge conflict error in
2008-05-04 KRKeeganSection needs to be quoted in url
2008-05-04 KRKeeganMerge branch 'master' of git:// into...
2008-05-04 KRKeeganMerge branch 'master' of git://
2008-05-03 wgwhelp updates
2008-05-03 wgwMerge branch 'master' of git://
2008-05-03 wgwfix for unnecessary transcode of 16:9 on 649
2008-05-02 KRKeeganDon't show CopyProtected shows in NPL
2008-05-02 KRKeeganThrow and error and exit if pyTivo.conf does not exist
2008-05-02 KRKeeganFix: Movies shouldn't have an eposideTitle
2008-05-02 wgwforgot to remove this after testing
2008-05-01 wgwadd support for .tp transport stream
2008-04-30 wgwS2 16:9 fix, by Mrman, Krkeegan and wgw
2008-04-27 Jason MichalskiUsing FS mtime to reload non recursive cache.
2008-04-26 wgwchange debug print flag
2008-04-26 wgwremove decimal from help
2008-04-26 wgwchange percentage setting to whole number
2008-04-26 wgwvariable video_br based on percent of source bitrate
2008-04-24 William McBrinefn_attr() no longer needed, nor available.
2008-04-23 wgwincrease max_video_br due to tivo 9.3a software fix
2008-04-23 wgwExclusion only applies to mpeg2
2008-04-20 William McBrineNo more debug_write() -- use logger.debug() here.
2008-04-15 KRKeeganPrior commit that was over written
2008-04-15 William McBrineReverting this for now.
2008-04-13 KRKeeganMerge branch 'master' of git://
2008-04-10 KRKeeganIf date is bad make it 0 Fix 1220
2008-04-10 KRKeeganMetadata file should overwrite all defaults Fix #1166
2008-04-09 Jason MichalskiMade the local file name safe for windows
2008-04-09 Jason MichalskiFixed push bug from the changed mind class api
2008-04-09 Jason MichalskiCheck for new downloads every 15mins
2008-04-09 Jason MichalskiFixed logging typeo
2008-04-09 wgwcopyts not needed with acodec copy
2008-04-07 Jason MichalskiLets get the body id before using it.
2008-04-07 Jason MichalskiLet Process on the xmpp connection block for a while
2008-04-07 Jason MichalskiAdded more complex setup of logging
2008-04-07 Jason MichalskiFixed a logging statment
2008-04-07 Jason MichalskiEverything is loging with the logging module
2008-04-06 Jason MichalskiUnlink the video adter sending it.
2008-04-06 Jason MichalskiResume downloads.
2008-04-06 Jason MichalskiUpdated to use a pool or worker threads
2008-04-06 Jason Michalskiweb video should be working.
2008-04-06 Jason MichalskiAdding the webvideo plugin.
2008-04-06 Jason MichalskiUpdated to support webvideo
2008-04-06 Jason MichalskiRenamed metadata methods to then can be used by other...
2008-04-05 Jason MIchalskiCreate guid once on startup
2008-04-03 JasonTry to read the config from etc
2008-04-03 JasonIf I don't have optres set we should output what my...
2008-04-03 JasonFFMpeg will not output a 15 fps mpeg2
2008-03-29 wgwadd 528x480 supported mode
2008-03-29 wgwMerge branch 'master' of git://
2008-03-29 wgwfix for skewed aspect ratios
2008-03-29 wgwexpand par/dar flexibility
2008-03-29 KRKeeganDo not make shares of dot folders with auto_subshares
2008-03-29 wgwCan now use 169setting
2008-03-29 wgwMerge branch 'master' into beta-540
2008-03-29 wgwRemove 649 from blacklist
2008-03-29 KRKeeganFix hack83 bug when exiting folder
2008-03-29 wgwfix for needless padding
2008-03-29 KRKeeganMore quoting container
2008-03-29 KRKeeganMore quoting of Container name
2008-03-29 KRKeeganAdd unicode support for NPL
2008-03-29 KRKeeganMore unquoted container names
2008-03-29 KRKeeganAdd path seperator to start of part_path if not there...
2008-03-29 KRKeeganQuote container names in root_container
2008-03-29 KRKeeganffmpeg can output more than 4096 characters to stder
2008-03-28 wgwinclude 8:9
2008-03-28 wgwS2 540 dar patch
2008-03-28 wgwpopen bufsize to reduce python cpu
2008-03-28 Jason MichalskiAdded Variable Length Integers for string size fields
2008-03-28 Jason MichalskiStrings work better as guids
2008-03-28 wgwtypo
2008-03-28 Jason MichalskiCreate a random guid so so the tivo will always make...
2008-03-28 Jason MichalskiUpdated to send NPL as UTF-8
2008-03-27 Jason MichalskiAdding back in failed plugin errors
2008-03-27 Jason MichalskiMaking tivo push optional.
2008-03-27 Jason MichalskiNow using UDP socket to to get our ip address.
2008-03-27 Jason MichalskiMoved log statment so it will work when there is an...
2008-03-27 Jason MichalskiFixed bug with double quoting
2008-03-27 Jason MichalskiFixed msec sec bug
2008-03-27 Jason MichalskiMerge commit 'krkeegan/master'
2008-03-26 Jason MichalskiHack to get some unicode to work
2008-03-26 Jason MichalskiAdded push support.
2008-03-26 KRKeeganLimit number of items per page in NPL, simpler method...
2008-03-26 wgwAdd -copyts to ffmpeg template
2008-03-25 KRKeeganRework help section of admin
2008-03-24 KRKeeganFix no folder in query bug
2008-03-24 KRKeeganffmpeg_tmpl is a known setting
2008-03-24 KRKeeganMerge branch 'master' of git://
2008-03-24 KRKeeganMerge branch 'beta-NPL'
2008-03-24 KRKeeganClarify adding a share in instructions
2008-03-23 KRKeeganAdd error message when incorrect MAK is entered