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descriptionTheBayer's Plugins and Enhancements
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last changeThu, 18 Feb 2010 23:16:20 +0000 (18 15:16 -0800)
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This subproject is primarily to manage the pyTivo plugin for DVD Video. I have some tweaks I wish to make to other plugins and behaviors to extend functionality, so I figured I should pull a branch.
2010-02-18 Eric von BayerMerge commit 'wmcbrine/master'master
2010-02-16 William McBrineSkip trying to extract data from "audioFile" when mutag...
2010-02-16 William McBrineXML escape TiVo names, plus show titles and description...
2010-02-16 William McBrineUse proper XML escaping for all fields in the music...
2010-02-15 William McBrineIf no referer for Push, return 200 OK. For compatibilit...
2010-02-11 William McBrineUse shutil for content files, as elsewhere.
2010-02-10 William McBrineBreak out the CSS. (To my surprise, this also seems...
2010-02-10 William McBrineMove the settings JavaScript to its own file.
2010-02-10 William McBrineToo much output, not useful enough.
2010-02-10 William McBrineDon't need the special XSL() function anymore.
2010-02-09 William McBrineMoved icons to top-level content, with more descriptive...
2010-02-08 William McBrineServe from any "content" subdirectory.
2010-02-08 William McBrineOmit the "content" part of the path in plugin content...
2010-02-07 William McBrineNo need to step through the loop.
2010-02-07 William McBrineDo the plugin content URL matching only when necessary.
2010-02-07 William McBrinemimetype.guess_type() returns a tuple, and it might...
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