descriptionpyTivo lets you stream most videos from your PC to your unhacked TiVo
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2008-04-27 Jason MichalskiUsing FS mtime to reload non recursive cache.master
2008-04-09 Jason MichalskiMade the local file name safe for windows
2008-04-09 Jason MichalskiFixed push bug from the changed mind class api
2008-04-09 Jason MichalskiCheck for new downloads every 15mins
2008-04-09 Jason MichalskiFixed logging typeo
2008-04-07 Jason MichalskiLets get the body id before using it.
2008-04-07 Jason MichalskiLet Process on the xmpp connection block for a while
2008-04-07 Jason MichalskiAdded more complex setup of logging
2008-04-07 Jason MichalskiFixed a logging statment
2008-04-07 Jason MichalskiEverything is loging with the logging module
2008-04-06 Jason MichalskiUnlink the video adter sending it.
2008-04-06 Jason MichalskiResume downloads.
2008-04-06 Jason MichalskiUpdated to use a pool or worker threads
2008-04-06 Jason Michalskiweb video should be working.
2008-04-06 Jason MichalskiAdding the webvideo plugin.
2008-04-06 Jason MichalskiUpdated to support webvideo
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