descriptionpyTivo lets you stream most videos from your PC to your unhacked TiVo
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- Transfer End Properly

- File Sizes are estimated now. Sending 6gig estimates for a 400meg file 
  caused TiVo to unnecessarily dump shows for space. New estimation will 
  generally still be over but by a reasonable amount now.

- Ratios are altered.  Filed that are almost 4:3 or 16:9 will be crammed 
  into those formats, looks better on TV and streching image by less 
  than 1% is not noticable.

- Padding for videos that have a lower ratio than 4:3 is added. This 
  allows for black bars on left and right for oddly shaped movies.


pyTivo lets you stream most videos from yout PC to your unhacked tivo. 
It uses the HMO server protocol. It will guess if your video is 4:3 or 
16:9 and pad your video if it thinks it is needed (looked good on my 
tests). It will not transcode an mpeg that is supported by your tivo.



OS = Anything that will run python and ffmpeg, which I think is 
anything.  I have it running on linux, I know windows works as well.

Python -
- You need at least version 2.4 of python

pywin32 (only to install as a service) -
- Windows users only and only if you intend to install as a service


You need to edit pyTivo.conf in 3 places

1. ffmpeg=
2. [<name of share>]
3. path=

ffmpeg should be the full path to ffmpeg including filename.  For 
windows users the exe has been included and is in the plugins/video 
directory. path is the absolute path to your media.


---To install as a service in Windows

run --startup auto install

---To remove service

run remove

---Known Problems

- Now Playing List disappears
This seems to be an error with the TiVo software.  But what happens is 
that the NPL is replaced with the directory listing of your pyTivo 
server.  Very odd. Workaround - go to the bottom of the page and either 
select "Recently Deleted" or your pyTivo server that is listed and then 
hit the left arrow.  Your NPL will be back to normal.

Most of the work has been done by armooo.  With minor updates by KRKeegan.
2008-04-27 Jason MichalskiUsing FS mtime to reload non recursive cache.master
2008-04-09 Jason MichalskiMade the local file name safe for windows
2008-04-09 Jason MichalskiFixed push bug from the changed mind class api
2008-04-09 Jason MichalskiCheck for new downloads every 15mins
2008-04-09 Jason MichalskiFixed logging typeo
2008-04-07 Jason MichalskiLets get the body id before using it.
2008-04-07 Jason MichalskiLet Process on the xmpp connection block for a while
2008-04-07 Jason MichalskiAdded more complex setup of logging
2008-04-07 Jason MichalskiFixed a logging statment
2008-04-07 Jason MichalskiEverything is loging with the logging module
2008-04-06 Jason MichalskiUnlink the video adter sending it.
2008-04-06 Jason MichalskiResume downloads.
2008-04-06 Jason MichalskiUpdated to use a pool or worker threads
2008-04-06 Jason Michalskiweb video should be working.
2008-04-06 Jason MichalskiAdding the webvideo plugin.
2008-04-06 Jason MichalskiUpdated to support webvideo
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