print more understandable error message in case of unbounded arrays
[ppcg.git] / ppcg.c
2013-10-16 Sven Verdoolaegeoptionally allow live ranges to be reordered
2013-10-16 Sven Verdoolaegeavoid copying data to/from global memory that is only...
2013-10-16 Sven Verdoolaegehandle data dependent accesses
2013-10-16 Sven Verdoolaegeppcg.c: eliminate_dead_code: extract out computation...
2013-10-16 Sven Verdoolaegeppcg.c: extract out flow dependence computation
2013-10-16 Sven Verdoolaegeupdate isl for introduction of coincidence schedule...
2013-10-16 Sven Verdoolaegeadd support for arrays of structs
2013-09-18 Sven Verdoolaegeppcg_scop_from_pet_scop: use pet_scop_collect_must_kills
2013-09-18 Sven Verdoolaegestore ppcg_options in ppcg_scop
2013-09-06 Sven Verdoolaegeupdate pet for change in pet_scop_collect_{reads,writes}
2013-07-27 Sven Verdoolaegeprint original code if scop has any data dependent...
2013-07-27 Sven Verdoolaegeuse pet_transform_C_source instead of pet_scop_extract_...
2013-07-26 Sven Verdoolaegeextract shared ppcg_extract_base_name
2013-07-25 Sven Verdoolaegeppcg_scop_from_pet_scop: abort on data dependent conditions
2013-07-24 Sven Verdoolaegerelease PPCG under the MIT license
2013-07-17 Sven Verdoolaegeppcg_scop_from_pet_scop: abort on data dependent accesses
2013-07-17 Sven Verdoolaegeturn on --isl-schedule-maximize-band-depth by default
2013-02-22 Sven Verdoolaegeppcg.c: clean up option consistency check
2013-02-22 Sven Verdoolaegeppcg.c: extract out core computation from main
2013-02-10 Sven Verdoolaegecopy text from input file based on file offsets rather...
2013-02-07 Sven Verdoolaegeeliminate_dead_code: coalesce the set of "live" iterations
2013-01-12 Sven Verdoolaegetake into account user specified context even when...
2012-11-23 Riyadh BaghdadiAdd OpenMP support
2012-11-23 Sven Verdoolaegegpu.c: extract false dependence computation
2012-11-23 Sven Verdoolaegeallow specification of output file name
2012-11-23 Sven Verdoolaegeppcg.c: collect_kills: include domain constraints in...
2012-11-12 Sven Verdoolaegeeliminate dead code
2012-11-12 Sven Verdoolaegeppcg_scop_from_pet_scop: collect iteration domains...
2012-11-12 Sven Verdoolaegeppcg_scop_from_pet_scop: collect kills
2012-11-12 Sven Verdoolaegegpu.c: extract out core dependence analysis
2012-11-12 Sven Verdoolaegeppcg_scop_from_pet_scop: skip kill statements
2012-11-12 Sven Verdoolaegepass ppcg_scop to generate_*
2012-09-19 Sven Verdoolaegeseparate out CUDA printing
2012-09-19 Sven Verdoolaegerename cuda.* to gpu.*
2012-09-13 Sven Verdoolaegekeep track of PPCG git version
2012-03-22 Tobias GrosserRename cuda_pet to generate_cuda
2012-03-22 Tobias GrosserAdd support for the generation of c code
2012-03-04 Tobias GrosserProperly name the set of ppcg options
2012-03-04 Tobias GrosserRemove unused variable
2011-11-14 Sven Verdoolaegeupdate pet for introduction of pet_options
2011-11-14 Sven Verdoolaegeupdate isl for hiding of isl_options
2011-11-13 Sven Verdoolaegeupdate isl for introduction of isl_args
2011-07-23 Sven Verdoolaegereplace clan by pet
2011-06-22 Sven Verdoolaegeinitial version of ppcg