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2014-11-10 Sven Verdoolaege.gitignore: add compilemaster
2014-11-10 Sven Verdoolaegeopencl.c: fix license to MIT
2014-11-06 Sven Verdoolaegegpu: properly handle dereferencing of pointers to struct
2014-11-06 Sven Verdoolaegegpu_array_is_scalar: also consider a single struct...
2014-10-30 Sven Verdoolaegegpu.c: group_writes: fix error handling
2014-10-26 Sven VerdoolaegePPCG 0.03ppcg-0.03
2014-10-26 Sven Verdoolaegeupdate pet to version 0.06
2014-10-26 Sven Verdoolaegeupdate isl to version 0.14
2014-10-16 Sven Verdoolaegeopencl_write_kernel_file: add error handling
2014-10-02 Sven Verdoolaegegpu.c: at_each_domain: report absence of user statement...
2014-10-02 Sven Verdoolaegegpu.c: at_each_domain: drop redundant variables
2014-10-02 Sven Verdoolaegegpu.c: fix typo in comment
2014-10-02 Sven van Haastregtopencl.c: drop unused variables
2014-10-02 Sven van Haastregtopencl.c: opencl_open_files: fix check for kernel.h...
2014-10-01 Sven Verdoolaegeupdate isl for schedule domain compression
2014-09-19 Sven Verdoolaegeupdate isl for change in isl_map_subtract
8 weeks ago ppcg-0.03 PPCG 0.03
8 months ago ppcg-0.02 PPCG 0.02
16 months ago ppcg-0.01 PPCG 0.01
6 weeks ago master