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Polly - Polyhedral optimizations for LLVM

Polly uses a mathematical representation, the polyhedral model, to represent and
transform loops and other control flow structures. Using an abstract
representation it is possible to reason about transformations in a more general
way and to use highly optimized linear programming libraries to figure out the
optimal loop structure. These transformations can be used to do constant
propagation through arrays, remove dead loop iterations, optimize loops for
cache locality, optimize arrays, apply advanced automatic parallelization, drive
vectorization, or they can be used to do software pipelining.
6 days ago Michael Kruse[ScopBuilder] scalar-indep: Fix mutually referencing... master
2018-02-03 Michael Kruse[ScopBuilder] Make -polly-stmt-granularity=scalar-indep...
2018-02-03 Michael Kruse[ScopInfo] Allow epilogues to be the main statement...
2018-02-02 Michael KruseRun clang-format after r324003. NFC.
2018-02-01 Benjamin KramerUpdate polly for r323999.
2018-01-28 Daniel NeilsonChange memcpy/memove/memset to have dest and source...
2018-01-23 Michael Kruse[ScopBuilder] Prefer PHI Write accesses in the statemen...
2018-01-23 Michael Kruse[VirtualInst] Derive correct use kind of PHI operands...
2018-01-20 Dimitry AndricAssume the shared library path variable is LD_LIBRARY_P...
2018-01-19 Daniel NeilsonChange memcpy/memove/memset to have dest and source...
2018-01-18 Michael Kruse[ScopBuilder] Revise statement naming when there are...
2018-01-18 Michael Kruse[ScopInfo] Pass name to ScopStmt ctor. NFC.
2018-01-17 Eli Friedman[polly] [ScopInfo] Don't use isl_val_get_num_si.
2018-01-16 Michael Kruse[IslTools] dumpPw: Dump same structure pieces together.
2018-01-12 Michael Kruse[CMake] Use only keyword-version of target_link_library...
2018-01-03 Hans WennborgDocs, release notes: update version to 7.0.0
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