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Polly - Polyhedral optimizations for LLVM

Polly uses a mathematical representation, the polyhedral model, to represent and
transform loops and other control flow structures. Using an abstract
representation it is possible to reason about transformations in a more general
way and to use highly optimized linear programming libraries to figure out the
optimal loop structure. These transformations can be used to do constant
propagation through arrays, remove dead loop iterations, optimize loops for
cache locality, optimize arrays, apply advanced automatic parallelization, drive
vectorization, or they can be used to do software pipelining.
40 hours ago Michael Kruse[ScopBuilder] Split statements on encountering store... master
2 days ago Michael Kruse[ScopBuilder] Fix typo. NFC.
6 days ago Philip Pfaffe[NFC] Fix formatting
6 days ago Philip PfaffePort SCEVAffinator to the isl c++ bindings
7 days ago Shoaib Meenai[CMake] Use PRIVATE in target_link_libraries for execut...
8 days ago Siddharth BhatUpdate to latest clang-format. [NFC]
11 days ago Philip Pfaffe[NFC] In GPGPU testcases, replace numeric registers...
12 days ago Philip PfaffeHandle Top-Level-Regions in polly::isHoistableLoad
12 days ago Michael KruseUpdate format after clang-format change. NFC.
2017-11-27 Ben Hamilton[polly] Set up .arcconfig to point to new Diffusion...
2017-11-25 Davide Italiano[MaximalStaticExpansion] Simplify this code a bit....
2017-11-21 Michael Kruse[CodeGen] Detect empty domain because of parameters...
2017-11-21 Michael KruseRun polly-update-format. NFC.
2017-11-19 Philip PfaffePort ScopInfo to the isl cpp bindings
2017-11-17 Zhaoshi Zheng[NFC] Make r318597 compatible with clang-format
2017-11-17 Philip Pfaffe[nfc] Iwyu: forward-declare/include raw_ostream in...
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