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Plasmaplugin is a Netscape API browser plugin that embeds plasmoids in a web page.
It is known to work in Firefox 2.0 on linux and Firefox 3.0 on Windows Vista x32.

Please give it a try and have fun and maybe even help improve it!

You need a KDE build environment for trunk (4.2) set up to build this. I recommend
using cmakekde as described at to build it (WORKSFORME :)).

Running cmake on it will produce a nsplugin (, a demo app
which can be used to help debugging (just initializes the plugin, but outside
of the browser) and in the examples/ subdir, is an HTML file that demonstrates
the plugins capabilities.

The plugin and debugging app are installed by defualt to ~/.mozilla/plugins
as that WORKSFORME... you might need to move it around if about:plugins doesn't
show it up for you.

P.s. this uses XEmbed, so afaik doesn't work in Konqueror atm...

You need KDE up to and including kdebase-workspace from trunk (4.2) compiled and
running with MinGW. Use the standard "mkdir build && cd build" "cmake .." "mingw32-make"
to build it. This should then compile OK, but will not install correctly.
To install it, you need to take the output file libplasmaplugin.dll and rename
it to nplibplasmaplugin.dll. Then copy it to your Firefox plugin directory and
restart Firefox. It should then work, but be warned that it crashes very easily.

I tried to get it working in Google Chrome, but gave up. If anyone can get it
running there please tell me! That would be very awesome...


Its very early (and the licensing is a bit screwed up atm - the Trolltech component
its based on appears to be under GPL 2.0 only (whereas the other bits of it are under
BSD license... anyone can help sort that out, please do, as I don't really know what's
2009-04-29 George GoldbergFix build... It now compiles against todays trunk,... master
2008-09-05 George GoldbergUpdate README file with details of getting it working...
2008-09-05 George GoldbergGet it to compile and run (buggily) on Windows Vista...
2008-08-11 George GoldbergChange fullview.cpp to make include all changes since...
2008-08-11 George GoldbergMinor changes to make it compile with libplasma from...
2008-05-30 George GoldbergAdd a README file explaining what's going on, and the...
2008-05-30 George GoldbergClean up CMakeLists.txt
2008-05-30 George GoldbergAllow to use the applet property of the object tag...
2008-05-30 George Goldberggeneral tidying up and removing redundant code, includi...
2008-05-30 George GoldbergRemove -DQT_NO_DEBUG as we want to debug stuff! Also...
2008-05-30 George GoldbergQuick hakcish port of the QtBrowserPlugin from QApplica...
2008-05-30 George GoldbergRemove CMakeLists.txt file that is old and not needed
2008-05-30 George GoldbergChanges to make firefox recognise the plugin. Also...
2008-05-29 George GoldbergImport plasmoidviewer sources (not including main.cpp...
2008-05-29 George GoldbergImport v2.3 of Trolltech's QtBrowserPlugin addon
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