2008-05-18 John SullivanReplace mwolson with me in the sftp upload rule.v3.42
2008-05-18 John SullivanMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2008-05-18 John SullivanUpdate copyright headers and other housekeeping for...
2008-04-27 Michael W.... ChangeLog: Update.
2008-04-27 Michael W.... Fix bug in planner-copy-or-move-region where first...
2008-04-17 Michael W.... Remove Debian stuff from Makefile system.
2008-04-17 Michael W.... ChangeLog: Update.
2008-04-17 Michael W.... (planner-annotation-from-wiki): Use "::" instead of...
2008-02-24 Michael W.... planner-report.el (planner-report-generate): Use insert...
2008-01-21 Michael W.... Add ChangeLog entry for last change.
2008-01-21 Sacha Chuaplanner-rss: Fix escaping of markup.
2007-12-27 Michael W.... Revise authorship of last change
2007-12-27 Thierry VilpiattoUpdate planner-ledger.el
2007-12-05 Michael W.... Bookkeeping
2007-12-05 Markus Hoenickaid attribute for tasks in (x)html output
2007-12-05 Michael W.... Add ChangeLog entry for Jim's change
2007-12-05 Jim OttawayFix issue with planner-deadline and task-based appointments
2007-12-05 Michael W.... ChangeLog entry for last change
2007-12-05 Michael W.... manual: Replace mentions of arch with git
2007-10-29 Michael W.... Fix typo in ChangeLog
2007-10-29 Michael W.... Overhaul Makefile system
2007-10-29 Michael W.... AUTHORS: Bookkeeping
2007-10-29 Adrian AichnerTiny usability changes (generalizations) for my environment
2007-10-25 Michael W.... Add .gitignore file
2007-09-27 John SullivanRelicense all files to GPLv3
2007-09-27 John SullivanFix note searching, closes #8973 and #7622.
2007-09-23 John SullivanTweak planner-copy-or-move-region behavior more intuiti...
2007-09-21 Michael OlsonFix error when no annotation found
2007-09-17 John SullivanUpdate planner-tasks-overview
2007-09-09 John SullivanTypo
2007-09-09 John SullivanOverhaul planner-tasks-overview.
2007-09-09 Michael Olsonmanual: Update instructions for fetching Muse
2007-09-09 John SullivanUpdate and standardize compatibility goals across all...
2007-09-09 John SullivanMinor docfixes to allout-mode section.
2007-08-30 John SullivanDocfix
2007-08-29 John SullivanAccommodate changes made to split-string in Emacs 22.
2007-08-29 John SullivanRun a hook when we delete a task.
2007-08-29 John SullivanNew annotation functions and documentation
2007-08-22 Michael Olsonpublish: Fix validation error in Diary sections
2007-08-20 Michael OlsonFix XEmacs and Emacs21 issues with derived and overlay
2007-07-21 Michael Olsonplanner-calendar: Make « and » work
2007-07-21 Michael OlsonRequire Muse 3.03
2007-07-04 Michael OlsonMakefile: Update debian package-building rules
2007-06-17 Michael Olsonplanner-publish: Use correct group for planner-publish...
2007-05-26 Michael Olsonmanual: Update archzoom URL
2007-05-14 Michael OlsonRevert trivial change
2007-05-14 Michael OlsonTrivial change to test gmane.emacs.planner.scm
2007-05-07 Michael Olsonmanual: Mention new planner-el-logs list
2007-05-07 Michael OlsonFix calendar publishing, use new link to online documen...
2007-04-09 Michael OlsonRemove plannerlove references
2007-04-04 John SullivanChange Wanderlust keybinding to C-c C-t. Closes #8361.
2007-04-03 Michael Olsonmanual: Use John's on-line documentation
2007-04-03 John SullivanDocfixes, closing #8357.
2007-03-04 John Sullivangit-archimport-id:
2007-02-25 John SullivanTypo.
2007-02-10 Michael OlsonTry to fix ntemacs error
2007-02-07 John SullivanDoc fix, closes #8359.
2007-02-07 John SullivanClarification, see #8366.
2007-01-26 John SullivanDocfix.
2007-01-25 John SullivanDocfix. Previous patch was to revert mistaken commit.
2007-01-25 John Sullivangit-archimport-id:
2007-01-25 John SullivanDocfix.
2007-01-14 Michael OlsonManual: Clarify wording of `C-c C-c' explanation
2007-01-14 Michael OlsonFix customize interface for planner-annotation-functions
2007-01-14 John SullivanFix typo, and fix group selection to work in more gnus...
2007-01-14 Michael OlsonManual: Mention Remember, silencing apt warnings, etc.
2007-01-07 John SullivanRemove erroneously committed ChangeLog entries, fix...
2007-01-06 John SullivanFix typos and remove unnecessary dependency.
2006-12-27 Michael Olsonplanner-publish: Change :after to :before-end
2006-11-29 Michael OlsonFix XEmacs note publishing bug
2006-11-04 John SullivanAdd reference to Muse hyperlink syntax. Closes #5949.
2006-11-04 John SullivanImprove planner-psvn documentation. Closes #5005.
2006-11-04 John SullivanInclude full path and filenames in search result links...
2006-11-04 John SullivanRemove unnecessary require, from Christophe Garion
2006-11-02 Michael Olsontimeclock.el: Improve error detection and reporting...
2006-10-21 Michael OlsonFix typo in last patch
2006-10-20 Michael Olsonplanner-calendar: Adapt for nested tag support
2006-10-16 Michael OlsonAdd nested tag support in way that doesn't break with...
2006-09-26 Michael OlsonFix bug that was noticed in recent Emacs 22 builds
2006-09-23 John SullivanFix arch revision number.
2006-09-10 Michael Olsonplanner-zoom: Fix error with file extensions.
2006-09-04 John Sullivangit-archimport-id:
2006-08-27 John SullivanFix last patch to go around Texinfo bug.
2006-08-27 John SullivanUpdate and clarify info about remember-planner.
2006-08-27 John SullivanUpdate ChangeLog.
2006-08-27 John Sullivan2006-08-26 John Sullivan <>
2006-08-23 Michael Olsonplanner-gnus: Install patch from Magnus Henoch.
2006-08-21 John SullivanUpdate ChangeLog.
2006-08-21 John SullivanDocumentation index fixes.
2006-08-18 Michael Olsonplanner-timeclock-summary-proj: Install bugfix from...
2006-08-12 Michael Olsontimeclock.el: Check in changes from Aidrian Aichner.
2006-08-11 Michael Olsonplanner-calendar: Fix bug.
2006-08-11 Michael OlsonCommit ChangeLog file.
2006-08-08 Michael OlsonRename ChangeLogs as per Emacs standards and provide...
2006-08-06 Michael OlsonMinor Makefile tweaks.
2006-07-29 Michael OlsonManual: Fix syntax error introduced in last patch.
2006-07-29 Michael OlsonUpdate maintainer info.
2006-07-09 Michael OlsonManual: Heading fixes.
2006-07-09 John SullivanFix the gnus Summary mode keybinding.
2006-07-08 Michael OlsonBring ChangeLog in sync.