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descriptionChristian J.'s changes
last changeFri, 26 Jun 2009 23:14:18 +0000 (26 19:14 -0400)
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2009-06-26 Christian Jaegerp: show a usable message from Scheme if the subprocess... master
2009-06-26 Christian JaegerFix bracketig in the transition from / to >>
2009-06-26 Christian JaegerRemove sed usage as "p" now strips the suffix by itself
2009-06-26 Christian Jaegerp: replace shell script with Scheme implementation
2009-06-26 Christian Jaegerp: use dirname and basename to get the base of the...
2009-06-26 Christian Jaegerp: add a newline after the output
2009-06-26 Christian JaegerAdd README
2009-06-26 Christian Jaegerp: quote variables and die on variable referencing...
2009-06-26 Vincent St... Networking is now an option (compile with -DNETWORKING).
2009-06-26 Vincent St... Other changes to please SIXPIC: (void) -> ()
2009-06-26 Vincent St... Changed divisions to shifts, there were only divisions...
2009-06-26 Vincent St... Put some debugging functions in an ifdef, since they...
2009-06-26 Vincent St... Moved some code around.
2009-06-26 Vincent St... Various cleanup.
2009-06-26 Vincent St... Split the compiler into several files and repository...
2009-06-26 Vincent St... Added ior and xor tests to the repository.
6 years ago master