2013-06-26 Sven Verdoolaegepet 0.04pet-0.04
2013-06-23 Sven Verdoolaegeupdate isl to version 0.12
2013-06-22 Sven explicitly link in llvm bitreader component
2013-06-19 Sven VerdoolaegePetScan::scan: fix check for scop being proper part...
2013-06-19 Sven VerdoolaegePetScan::extract_int: use isl_val_int_from_chunks
2013-06-19 Sven Verdoolaegeupdate isl for isl_val_int_from_chunks
2013-06-19 Sven Verdoolaegeextend start of scop to start of line if first token...
2013-06-19 Sven Verdoolaegeparse.c: only parse fields corresponding to type
2013-06-19 Sven fix typos in comments
2013-06-05 Sven Verdoolaegepet_scop_from_pet_stmt: fix error handling
2013-05-29 Sven compute_wrapping: use isl_val
2013-05-29 Sven can_wrap: use isl_val
2013-05-29 Sven VerdoolaegePetScan::extract_for: use isl_val to represent loop...
2013-05-29 Sven avoid_overflow: use isl_val
2013-05-29 Sven VerdoolaegePetScan::extract_affine_add: use isl_val
2013-05-29 Sven set_parameter_bounds: use isl_val
2013-05-29 Sven VerdoolaegePetScan::extract_affine: use isl_val
2013-05-29 Sven VerdoolaegePetScan::extract_int: return isl_val
2013-05-29 Sven Verdoolaegeupdate isl for isl_val abstraction
2013-04-28 Sven Verdoolaegestop destroying MyDiagnosticPrinter
2013-04-23 Sven Verdoolaegeupdate isl to version 0.11.2
2013-04-21 Sven Verdoolaegescop.c: add missing include
2013-04-21 Sven Verdoolaegepet_check_code.c: add missing include
2013-04-21 Sven declare test extensions for parallel test...
2013-04-09 Sven Verdoolaegepet_check_code: better support for schedules that are...
2013-04-09 Sven Verdoolaegepet_check_code.c: add_assignment: completely remove...
2013-04-07 Sven Verdoolaegeupdate for change in arguments of clang's HeaderSearchO...
2013-04-07 Sven Verdoolaegeupdate for change in arguments of clang's CompilerInsta...
2013-04-07 Sven Verdoolaegeupdate isl for support for recent clangs
2013-02-09 Sven Verdoolaegederive offset information from location of scop and...
2013-02-08 Sven Verdoolaegepet_scop: keep track of start and end file offsets...
2013-02-05 Sven Verdoolaegesupport (C style) casts in statements
2013-01-03 Sven Verdoolaegescop.c: fix typos in comments
2012-12-27 Sven Verdoolaegeupdate isl for missing include in interface/
2012-12-26 Sven Verdoolaegekeep track of string representation of floating point...
2012-12-24 Sven Verdoolaegeparse.c: extract_double: fix return type
2012-12-10 Sven Verdoolaegeupdate isl to version 0.11.1
2012-12-03 Sven Verdoolaegepet 0.03pet-0.03
2012-12-03 Sven Verdoolaegeupdate isl to version 0.11
2012-12-01 Sven Verdoolaegeupdate for change in the constructor of the clang Driver
2012-12-01 Sven Verdoolaegeupdate isl for support for recent clangs
2012-11-24 Sven check if TargetInfo::CreateTargetInfo...
2012-11-24 Sven Verdoolaegeupdate isl for support for recent clangs
2012-11-22 Sven Verdoolaegeupdate isl for change in AST printing callback interface
2012-11-08 Sven Verdoolaegeadd test for verifying the correctness of the isl code...
2012-11-08 Sven Verdoolaegepet_scop_anonymize: also remove user pointers from...
2012-11-08 Sven Verdoolaegescop_extract_from_C_source: anonymize scop after updati...
2012-11-08 Sven Verdoolaegeadd support for (single) declarations
2012-11-08 Sven Verdoolaegepet_scop_collect_arrays: skip arrays that already appea...
2012-11-08 Sven Verdoolaegeextract out PetScan::assign
2012-11-08 Sven VerdoolaegePetScan::mark_write: handle NULL access
2012-11-08 Sven Verdoolaegeextract out pet_scop_add_array
2012-11-08 Sven Verdoolaegepet_array_free: return NULL pointer of type struct...
2012-11-08 Sven Verdoolaegefix use of DiagnosticOptions for older clangs
2012-11-04 Sven Verdoolaegeupdate for change in clang's PreprocessorOptions
2012-11-04 Sven Verdoolaegeupdate for change in clang's HeaderSearchOptions
2012-11-04 Sven Verdoolaegeupdate for change in clang's DiagnosticOptions
2012-11-04 Sven Verdoolaegescop_extract_from_C_source: take TargetOptions object...
2012-10-15 Sven VerdoolaegePetScan::extract: also clear assignments in while loops
2012-10-15 Sven Verdoolaegeclear_assignments: also consider decrements and increme...
2012-10-15 Sven check for getExpansionLoc in clang/Basic...
2012-10-05 Sven link against same LLVM components as...
2012-10-03 Sven VerdoolaegePetScan::extract_array: use declared size on VLA parame...
2012-10-01 Sven VerdoolaegePetScan::scan: use expansion offset to determine if...
2012-09-21 Sven VerdoolaegePetScan::extract_for: also check whether bound is simpl...
2012-09-13 Sven Verdoolaegeuse isl_pw_aff_tdiv_q and isl_pw_aff_tdiv_r instead...
2012-09-13 Sven Verdoolaegeupdate isl for isl_pw_aff_tdiv_q and isl_pw_aff_tdiv_r
2012-09-13 Sven Verdoolaegesupport modulo operation in statements
2012-09-07 Sven Verdoolaegeinclude/pet.h: fix typo in documentation
2012-09-07 Sven Verdoolaegemake avoiding overflows on signed integes optional
2012-09-02 Sven Verdoolaegeupdate isl for rename of !isl_set_dim_has_{lower,upper...
2012-07-27 Sven add missing include
2012-07-06 Sven Verdoolaegeonly require libyaml for compiling the pet executable
2012-06-04 Sven Verdoolaegepet 0.02pet-0.02
2012-06-04 Sven allow specification of gmp location
2012-06-03 Sven Verdoolaegeupdate isl to version 0.10
2012-06-03 Sven VerdoolaegeREADME: mention support for non-affine conditions
2012-06-03 Sven VerdoolaegeREADME: update to latest release of clang
2012-06-03 Sven Verdoolaegescop_add_break: try and merge filters
2012-06-03 Sven Verdoolaegesupport break and continue
2012-06-03 Sven Verdoolaegeadd pet_expr_filter
2012-06-03 Sven Verdoolaegescop.c: extract out insert_filter_map
2012-06-03 Sven Verdoolaegescop.c: extract out args_insert_access
2012-06-03 Sven Verdoolaegeadd pet_scop_alloc
2012-06-03 Sven VerdoolaegePetScan::extract(IfStmt *): extract out extract_non_aff...
2012-06-03 Sven Verdoolaegehandle generic conditions is for loops
2012-06-03 Sven Verdoolaegepet_scop_embed: take mapping from virtual to real iterator
2012-06-03 Sven VerdoolaegePetScan::extract_for: rename variable "dim" to "space"
2012-06-03 Sven Verdoolaegescop.c: extract out internalize_iv
2012-06-03 Sven move has_nested up
2012-06-03 Sven move is_nested_parameter up
2012-06-03 Sven Verdoolaegehandle non-affine conditions in while loops
2012-06-03 Sven extract out PetScan::extract_affine_while
2012-06-03 Sven move scop_add_array up
2012-06-03 Sven move create_test_access up
2012-06-03 Sven Verdoolaegepet_scop_filter: allow filters with non-zero-dimensiona...
2012-06-03 Sven extract out identity_map
2012-06-03 Sven extract out infinite_domain
2012-06-03 Sven Verdoolaegeadd pet_scop_reset_context
2012-06-03 Sven Verdoolaegescop.c: fix typo in comment