2015-05-13 Eric Wongmincore: fix mismatched parenthesesmaster
2013-11-16 Eric WongREADME: update license to GPLv2+
2013-09-15 Eric Wongopen_noatime wrapper to deal with EPERM on O_NOATIME
2013-09-14 Eric Wongpcu-fadvise: fall back if O_NOATIME fails due to EPERM
2012-11-28 Eric WongMakefile: ghetto generation task for the website
2012-11-28 Eric Wongpcu 0.3.0 - syncfs() support for pcu-fsyncv0.3.0
2012-11-28 Eric WongMakefile: remove --sanitize-html for pandoc
2012-11-15 Eric Wongpcu-fsync: add support for syncfs() on Linux (-f flag)
2012-01-21 Eric WongREADME: update URLs for bogomips.org
2010-04-06 Eric Wongadd pcu-fsync(1) manpage
2010-04-06 Eric Wongmincore: add '-s' summary option
2010-04-03 Eric Wongmincore: mmap() returns MAP_FAILED on failure
2010-01-26 Eric Wonginline cstr_to_off_t to avoid warning
2010-01-26 Eric Wongrename pcu-sync -> pcu-fsync
2009-08-09 Eric WongAdd `pcu-sync' command
2009-08-09 Eric Wongcast sizeof() to unsigned to avoid warnings on 64-bit
2009-08-01 Eric Wongmincore: bad cast caused misprinted output on 32-bitv0.2.1
2009-08-01 Eric Wongfix header dependencies in Makefile
2009-08-01 Eric WongMore accurate string => off_t conversion
2009-07-27 Eric WongUpdate external links to syscall manpages
2009-07-27 Eric WongINSTALL is Markdown and thus Pandoc-able
2009-07-27 Eric Wongremove large file support macros from the Makefile
2009-07-27 Eric Wongcapitalize arguments in usage strings
2009-07-26 Eric WongREADME: add more links to things we reference
2009-07-26 Eric WongAdd html and gz suffixes to .gitignore
2009-07-26 Eric WongSwitch to pandoc for all documentation
2009-07-26 Eric WongREADME: add a pointer to the ML archives
2009-07-26 Eric WongREADME: updates
2009-06-08 Eric WongDocumentation updates
2009-05-11 Eric WongAdd git info to README
2009-05-11 Eric Wongpcu v0.2.0v0.2.0
2009-05-10 Eric WongClarify license, COPYING updates FSF mailing address
2009-05-10 Eric WongMake it clear we don't need perms/capabilities
2009-05-10 Eric WongCroak with usage info on no arguments
2009-05-10 Eric WongRevamp documentation, add manpages
2009-05-10 Eric Wongmincore: Only the first bit of the byte is defined
2009-05-10 Eric Wongmincore: fix offset calculations
2009-05-10 Eric Wongmincore: byte offsets should be shown in hex
2009-05-10 Eric Wongmincore: allow offset and length to be specified
2009-05-10 Eric Wongmincore: show byte offset instead of page offset
2009-05-10 Eric WongAlways open files with O_NOATIME
2009-05-10 Eric WongFixup GIT-VERSION-GEN
2009-05-06 Eric WongAdd install target to Makefilev0.1.1
2008-11-05 Eric WongDefine macros to enable 64-bit file support on 32-bit
2008-10-25 Eric Wonginitialv0.1.0