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descriptionArtificial Neural Net engine
last changeSat, 1 Jan 2011 13:43:06 +0000 (1 14:43 +0100)
content tags
2011-01-01 Petr BaudisMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh:// master
2010-12-30 Jean-loup GaillyUCT engine: change virtual_loss from bool to int
2010-12-25 Jean-loup GaillyUCT engine: Allow spending more time on a single move
2010-12-25 Jean-loup GaillyDistributed engine: Use larger receive queue to allow...
2010-12-25 Jean-loup GaillyMerge branch 'master' into test3
2010-12-25 Jean-loup GaillyDistributed engine: Transmit values in double precision
2010-12-23 Petr BaudisDebugging: Introduce -D (debug_boardprint) for more...
2010-12-22 Petr BaudisUCB1AMAF local tree: Add missing LTREE_PLAYOUTS_MULTIPL...
2010-12-22 Petr Baudislocal_tree_depth_decay: Introduce
2010-12-22 Petr Baudisucb1rave_evaluate() ltree_rave: Fix float multiplication
2010-12-22 Jean-loup GaillyUse correct format when scanning double floating point...
2010-12-21 Jean-loup GaillyAllow double for all floating point values in large...
2010-12-15 Petr BaudisMerge remote branch 'origin/master'
2010-12-15 Petr BaudisUCT treepool_pickfactor: Introduce for non-uniform...
2010-12-15 Petr BaudisUCT significant: Move out of descent structure, track...
2010-12-15 Petr BaudisUCT treepool_setup(): Fix finding best move
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