2009-10-20 Petr BaudisPachi Doetsu 4.00pachi-4.00-doetsu
2009-10-20 Petr BaudisUCT: val_points==0 => boardsize^2
2009-10-20 Petr BaudisTESTS: 8ce82, f4cb0 9x9 results
2009-10-20 Petr BaudisTESTS: d032a full results
2009-10-20 Petr BaudisTESTS: Stash of new 19x19 test results around 1d4f8
2009-10-19 Petr BaudisMoggy: #undef NO_DOOMED_GROUPS
2009-10-18 Petr BaudisMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2009-10-18 Petr BaudisMQ: Increase MQL further to 256, pathological counter...
2009-10-18 Petr BaudisMoggy: Make doomed groups control compile-time configur...
2009-10-17 Petr BaudisMQ: Increase from 64 to 128; counter-atari check was...
2009-10-17 Petr BaudisMoggy: Fix the counter-atari check
2009-10-16 Petr BaudisUCT: Change defaults to explore_p=0, eqex=40
2009-10-16 Petr BaudisUCT loss_threshold: Consider at 2k instead of 5k playou...
2009-10-16 Petr BaudisTESTS: Main 1d4f8 19x19 research, e2a49, 67561 singular...
2009-10-16 Petr BaudisUCT: dynkomi_mask support
2009-10-16 Petr BaudisAllow wild ko threats only in assess, not in playout
2009-10-16 Petr BaudisTESTS: 3d0d9 dynkomi experiments
2009-10-16 Petr BaudisTESTS: 7b125, 16ac5 failed experiments
2009-10-15 Petr BaudisTESTS: fba31, c40e2 19x19 results
2009-10-15 Petr Fix for compound prefixes
2009-10-15 Petr BaudisTESTS: 1d4f8 9x9
2009-10-15 Petr BaudisTESTS: More gnugo l1-l10 results
2009-10-14 Petr BaudisTESTS: fba31 19x19
2009-10-14 Petr BaudisTESTS: gnugo handicap 1..4 tests
2009-10-14 Petr BaudisTESTS: 9x9 c035e,1d4f8 results
2009-10-14 Petr BaudisTESTS: 19x19 e2a49, f3603 results
2009-10-14 Petr BaudisTESTS: 19x19 67561, f1c52, 08c0a historical results
2009-10-13 Petr BaudisAllow ladder, self-atari during ko
2009-10-13 Petr BaudisMoggy 2lib: Check for counter-atari possibilities too
2009-10-13 Petr BaudisUCT: Do not set extra_komi after dynkomi period passes
2009-10-13 Petr BaudisUCT: Support val_extra to control the value term
2009-10-13 Petr Baudisget_extra_komi(): Fix for white player; we want the...
2009-10-13 Petr Baudisset_free_handicap: Increment handicap count properly
2009-10-13 Petr Baudisboard_print(): Also print handicap count
2009-10-13 Petr BaudisTESTS: Few historical 19x19 results
2009-10-13 Petr BaudisTESTS: Latest 9x9 results
2009-10-12 Petr Baudisplay_random_game(), uct_playout(): Do not consider...
2009-10-12 Petr Baudisuct_playout(): Use dynkomi for in-tree pass-pass counti...
2009-10-12 Petr BaudisMoggy: Don't can_countercapture() if there isn't enough...
2009-10-12 Petr BaudisMoggy: can_be_captured() -> can_play_on_lib()
2009-10-12 Petr Baudisstats_merge(): Merge only if we contribute any playouts
2009-10-12 Petr Baudisucb1amaf_update: Fix nres type
2009-10-12 Petr BaudisUCT: Fix scoring after pass-pass in tree
2009-10-12 Petr Baudistests/sar.t: Real game 1 - known problem
2009-10-12 Petr Baudistests/sar.t: Explain another known problem
2009-10-12 Petr Baudistests/sar.t: real game 1
2009-10-12 Petr Baudistests/sar.t: known problem
2009-10-12 Petr Baudistests/sar.t: One missed capture move
2009-10-12 Petr Baudisis_bad_selfatari_slow(): Real debug prints
2009-10-12 Petr Baudistests/sar.t: Add mirrored almost-nakade
2009-10-12 Petr Baudistests/sar.t: Fix some self-atari tests
2009-10-12 Petr Baudistest: Better debug-level handling
2009-10-12 Petr BaudisTestsuite support: ./test and tests/sar.t
2009-10-12 Petr Fix in case of multiple board sizes
2009-10-12 Petr BaudisMoggy: Fix suicidal capture check
2009-10-12 Petr Baudisforeach_8neighbor: Introduce, foreach_neighbor + foreac...
2009-10-12 Petr BaudisTESTS: Link to ./
2009-10-12 Petr Pick out only interestnig columns
2009-10-12 Petr Gadget for showing test results...
2009-10-12 Petr BaudisTESTS: 2b830 basic 9x9 results
2009-10-12 Petr BaudisTESTS: 19x19 Fuego priors test
2009-10-12 Petr BaudisTESTS: a1353 dynkomi tests
2009-10-12 Petr BaudisTESTS: a1267 more tests
2009-10-12 Petr Handle passes correctly
2009-10-12 Petr Baudisuct_playout(): Fix result setup in case of tree pass...
2009-10-11 Petr BaudisTESTS: 19x19 results for 5524c, 03c36
2009-10-11 Petr BaudisTESTS: ba2e1 19x19 amaf_prior=0 results
2009-10-11 Petr BaudisTESTS: 09368 9x9 tests
2009-10-11 Petr BaudisTESTS: a1267 val experiments
2009-10-11 Petr BaudisTESTS: Explain about confidence interval vs stderr
2009-10-11 Petr BaudisTESTS: More l1-l10 komi experiments
2009-10-10 Petr BaudisUCT: Set t->extra_komi only if dynkomi is set
2009-10-09 Petr BaudisUCT: Support score-scaling of results using val_scale...
2009-10-09 Petr BaudisUCT policies update: Take final result value
2009-10-09 Petr Baudisplay_random_game(): Return score difference instead...
2009-10-09 Petr BaudisMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
2009-10-09 Petr BaudisUCT: Dynamic komi support
2009-10-09 Petr Baudisboard_effective_handicap(): Typo fix
2009-10-09 Petr Baudisuct_prior_init(): Fix initialization of eye,ko_eqex
2009-10-09 Petr BaudisUCT Prior: Overhaul configuration - separate context...
2009-10-09 Petr BaudisUCT Prior: Add ko prior, by default 0
2009-10-09 Petr BaudisUCT Prior: Add eye_eqex configuration
2009-10-09 Petr BaudisBoard: Track last_ko_age
2009-10-09 Petr BaudisTESTS: 2151a, 443e1, 6c6cb
2009-10-09 Petr BaudisMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
2009-10-09 Petr Baudisboard.last_ko: Track the last ko taken
2009-10-09 Petr BaudisTESTS: explain 19x19 from 49208
2009-10-09 Petr BaudisTESTS: 5524c 9x9 experiments
2009-10-09 Petr BaudisTESTS: 49208 19x19
2009-10-09 Petr BaudisTESTS: 9x9 a0f85
2009-10-09 Petr BaudisTESTS: gnugo l10-l1, d11b1 extras
2009-10-08 Petr Baudisucb1rave_descend: Debugging tidyup
2009-10-08 Petr Baudisucb1rave_descend(): Fix type incompatibility
2009-10-08 Petr Support all board sizes
2009-10-08 Petr BaudisUCB1AMAF: Update the AMAF value on correct node
2009-10-08 Petr BaudisStats: Do not track wins; track only playouts and value
2009-10-08 Petr BaudisIntroduce, stats_reverse_parity(), use move_stats in...
2009-10-08 Petr Baudisuct_prior_grandparent(): Use stats_add_result
2009-10-08 Petr Baudisstats_add_result(): Take float result instead of int...
2009-10-08 Petr Baudisadd_prior_value(): Take float value instead of int...