2011-08-03 Jean-loup GaillyMerge branch 'master' into greedy2greedy2
2011-08-02 Petr BaudisCriticality crit_negflip: Add support
2011-07-31 Petr BaudisMoggy: Fix inconsistent setup of nlibrate, ladderrate
2011-07-28 Petr BaudisHACKING: network.[ch] is a core file, cannot be in...
2011-07-28 Petr BaudisUCB1AMAF: Introduce crit_lvalue, use board_local_value()
2011-07-28 Petr Baudislocal_value(): Factor out the gist to board_local_value()
2011-07-27 Jean-loup GaillyMoggy nakaderate: set default to 20 for large board
2011-07-27 Jean-loup GaillyUCT: set default max_maintime_ratio=3
2011-07-27 Jean-loup GaillyMerge branch 'master' into dynk2
2011-07-26 Jean-loup GaillyUCT linear dynkomi: switch earlier to the adaptive...
2011-07-26 Jean-loup GaillyUCT linear dynkomi: add optional adaptive phase after...
2011-07-25 Petr Baudislocal_value() neival: Fix eye counting
2011-07-25 Petr Baudisucb1_update(): Fix crit stats for pass moves
2011-07-24 Petr BaudisUCT node.coord: Access using node_coord()
2011-07-24 Petr BaudisGTP komi: Typo fix
2011-07-24 Petr BaudisGTP uct_evaluate: Convert to foreach_free_point
2011-07-24 Petr BaudisBOARD_TRAIT_SAFE: Introduce, making option...
2011-07-23 Petr BaudisMakefile PROFILING: Introduce support for google-perfto...
2011-07-23 Petr Baudispass_is_safe(): Allow jigo result
2011-07-23 Petr BaudisUCT: Allow early stop conditions in case of TD_GAMES too
2011-07-21 Petr BaudisUCT node expansion: Try to expand only leaf nodes,...
2011-07-21 Petr BaudisMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2011-07-21 Petr BaudisUCT node expansion: Choose child after expansion
2011-07-21 Petr BaudisSome infrastructure for debugging tree policy
2011-07-21 Petr BaudisUCB1AMAF: LTREE_DEBUG -> URAVE_DEBUG
2011-07-21 Jean-loup GaillyMerge branch 'master' into greedy2
2011-07-21 Jean-loup GaillyUCT: introduce val_scale_max
2011-07-21 Petr Baudissgf2gtp: Handle 'bare sgfs' without SZ and KM tags
2011-07-19 Jean-loup GaillyUCT: think at least one second before early break
2011-07-15 Jean-loup GaillyMerge branch 'master' into derm8
2011-07-15 Petr BaudisGTP uct_evaluate: Do not test symmetrical coordinates
2011-07-15 Petr Baudisboard_coord_in_symmetry(): Introduce
2011-07-15 Petr BaudisGTP boardsize: Imply clear_board
2011-07-15 Petr BaudisBoard: Force SYM_NONE on even-sized boards until symmet...
2011-07-14 Jean-loup GaillyMerge branch 'master' into derm8
2011-07-09 Petr Baudisthree_liberty_suicide(): Fix capture-enable test libert...
2011-07-09 Petr BaudisMerge branch 'ltreeowner'
2011-07-05 Petr BaudisMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2011-07-05 Petr Baudisthree_liberty_suicide(): Fix capture-enable test libert...
2011-07-02 Jean-loup GaillyDistributed engine: give heavy weight to forced book...
2011-07-02 Jean-loup Gaillytime_left(): give precedence to gtp peer for byoyomi
2011-06-16 Jean-loup GaillyDistributed engine: better default value for stats_delay
2011-06-14 Jean-loup GaillyDistributed engine: replace MIN_STATS_INTERVAL constant...
2011-05-30 Matthew Woodcraft[PATCH] board_handicap(): Correct placement for three...
2011-05-30 Petr BaudisMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2011-05-30 Petr Baudisucb1amaf_update criticality stats: Fix invalid memory...
2011-05-29 Petr Baudisboard_clear(): Cache set up board structures - major...
2011-05-29 Petr Baudisboard_clear(): Factor out board_init_data()
2011-05-29 Petr Baudisfbook: Enable debug prints
2011-05-29 Petr Baudisfbook_init(): Return NULL if the book turned out to...
2011-05-29 Petr Baudisfbook caching: Store last loaded fbook and reuse it...
2011-05-29 Petr Baudisfbook: Increase fbook_hash_bits to 20 to accomodate...
2011-05-29 Petr BaudisMerge branch '2lib'
2011-05-28 Petr Baudiscan_atari_group(): When switching to selfatari cousin...
2011-05-28 Petr Baudisselfatari_cousin(): Make info on by-group available
2011-05-28 Petr Baudiscan_atari_group(): Factor out hope check to defense_is_...
2011-05-28 Petr Baudiscan_atari_group(): Add massive amount of debugging...
2011-05-28 Petr BaudisTODO: Liberty maps (developed in libmap branch), revers...
2011-05-25 Petr Baudistools/ Support HA[] sgf tag
2011-05-25 Petr Baudistools/ Accept filename as optional argument
2011-05-25 Petr Baudisgtp: Add fixed_handicap to list of supported commands
2011-05-22 Petr BaudisPachi Hakugen-devel 8.99
2011-05-22 Petr BaudisPachi Shuhaku 8.00pachi-8.00-shuhaku
2011-05-22 Petr BaudisParallel make: Fix pachi being built before some libraries
2011-05-22 Petr Baudisfbook: Share no-handicap fbook even for low komi values
2011-05-17 Jean-loup Gaillyfbook_init(): do not force h1 for large negative komi
2011-05-17 Jean-loup GaillyDynamic komi: fix linear_permove() when pondering
2011-05-16 Petr BaudisMerge branch 'master' into ltreeowner
2011-05-16 Petr BaudisCriticality: New defaults based on tuning by jlg
2011-05-16 Petr BaudisMoggy ladderrate: Default to 80, confirmed by jlg
2011-05-16 Petr BaudisHACKING: Add some comment on local tree values
2011-05-16 Petr BaudisMerge branch 'master' into ltreeowner
2011-05-13 Jean-loup GaillyFix parsing of mqprob, moves & handicap_value parameters
2011-05-13 Petr BaudisMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2011-05-13 Matthew WoodcraftAdd final_score to known_commands
2011-05-13 Matthew WoodcraftImplement known_command; make gtp_is_valid() stricter
2011-05-09 Petr BaudisMakefile.lib: Allow parallel build
2011-05-08 Petr Baudisfbook: Add support for handicap lines; do not use norma...
2011-04-25 Petr BaudisMoggy: cap_stone_denom=200, ladderrate=40
2011-04-25 Petr BaudisUCB1AMAF crit_*: New defaults based on very rough tuning
2011-04-25 Petr BaudisMerge branch 'master' into criticality
2011-04-25 Petr Baudistree_node_dump(): Much more condensed output
2011-04-25 Petr BaudisUCB1AMAF: Add criticality support, with many tuning...
2011-04-24 Petr Baudistree_node_criticality(): Add further explanation for...
2011-04-24 Petr BaudisMerge branch 'master' into criticality
2011-04-24 Petr Baudistree_node_criticality(): Return floating_t instead...
2011-04-23 Petr BaudisMerge branch 'master' into ltreeowner
2011-04-23 Petr BaudisMoggy: Turn off laderrate for now
2011-04-23 Petr BaudisMerge branch 'ladders'
2011-04-16 Petr BaudisREADME: Wording tweak
2011-04-16 Petr Baudismedia: Add two pictures of Pachi; let's not neglect...
2011-04-16 Petr BaudisTODO: Remove two stale items
2011-04-16 Petr BaudisRename the main program binary from zzgo to pachi
2011-04-16 Petr BaudisHeader guards: Rename ZZGO_* to PACHI_*
2011-04-16 Petr BaudisUCT max_tree_size: Lower the default to 1.4GiB; adjust...
2011-04-16 Petr BaudisUCT fast_alloc: Make default
2011-04-16 Petr BaudisREADME: Move the installation instructions to the top
2011-04-16 Petr BaudisDeprecate the zzgo-profiled make target
2011-04-16 Petr BaudisREADME: Grammar polishing, rewording and extending...
2011-04-16 Petr BaudisMore user friendly build-time configuration