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Project Description Owner Last Change
0verkill.git 0verkill, a game in ASCII-Art 4 years ago
an0rqz.git Simple game project inspired... an0rqz@ze.yi.orgANISM 6 years ago
awish.git Awish: Avish reborn! (rewritin... 2 years ago
ba.git No commits
begorra.git A GPL Go program. 8 years ago
blobwars-mingw.git A MinGW "port" of Blob Wars... 7 years ago
boaqonstrictior.git A snake-like game (Uni project... 5 years ago
caro.git Gomoku game written in Ruby... 7 years ago
chimera.git Yet another 2D RPG game 7 years ago
chocolate-doom.git Mirror of the Chocolate Doom... mikeonthecomputer... 5 years ago
cmover.git Move a character over the... 6 years ago
couchpytato.git Multimedia-jukebox application... 8 years ago
crack-attack.git Crack Attack! is a fast-paced... 8 years ago
cToan.git cToan: Can't Think Of A Name... TidusBlade@watermelonaddi... 5 years ago
d2dvcd.git GNU/Linux port of Doom2D game... 3 years ago
dbw.git A platform game based on Blob... 7 years ago
dormin.git Dormin 3 years ago
dribble.git a football manager game 8 years ago
dvx.git Death Valley X - the Openmoko... 7 years ago
fail.git OpenGL game engine 6 years ago
fegdk.git 3d game engine 8 years ago
games-railroad.git moved to No commits
gdvolley.git A tiny crappy volleyball game. 6 years ago
gentoo-interactive-fiction.git Gentoo ebuilds for players... 5 weeks ago
getmangos.git MaNGOS is a free, Open Source... 2 weeks ago
gf1.git GIPF for 1 - Play GIPF against... 6 years ago
Git-Me-Secret-Mario-Chromicles.git This is just a gitified versi... 6 years ago
glAntsMech.git glAnts Mech Game - (for Open... 8 years ago
glgame.git hard testing 7 years ago
gljewel.git Gem-matching game 7 years ago
gnushogi.git GNU Shogi - official repositor... 17 months ago
gocam.git Patches to the GoCam image... 7 years ago
goir.git Go Image Recognition system 7 years ago
GoMoku3D.git A 3D version of the popular... 8 years ago
h2d.git simple 2d sdl wargame 5 years ago
halbot.git A small Python IRC bot custom... 6 years ago
happer.git School project. Some sort... No commits
hex-a-hop.git puzzle game based on hexagonal... 7 years ago
hik.git Hunt and Kill - homebrew game No commits
Image2SGF.git Patches to the Image2SGF image... 7 years ago
jumpnbump.git cute multiplayer platform... ansgar-guest@alioth... 7 years ago
k8opentitus.git fork of OpenTitus engine 4 years ago
kaos.git Kaos - Compiler for creatures... 7 years ago
kaya.git KDE Board Game Suite 4 years ago
kaya/ydirson.git Yann's patches for kaya 6 years ago
kboard.git Generic board game application... 8 years ago
kdegames.git kdegames experimental stuff 7 years ago
kilo_torcs_tracks.git Tracks for Speed Dreams /... 4 years ago
kong.git ATTENTION: This project has... 7 years ago
Lilanci.git a small action game 5 years ago
lodematron.git Common lisp parser for various... 7 years ago
ltanks.git little tanks game 7 years ago
luagame.git LuaGame game execution environment 7 years ago
manicminer.git Manic Miner PC Linux version 6 years ago
MidoriGraph.git An entity/component game engine. 8 years ago
minetest-c55.git An extensible sandbox survival... 6 weeks ago
nespa.git Nespa, starship simulation... 7 years ago
netwalk.git A puzzle game: connect all... 17 months ago
neverball-archive.git An archive of every Neverball... 11 years ago
neverball.git A mirror of the Neverball... 22 months ago
oggquiz.git A simple quiz on songs from... 4 years ago
omaha.git GUI to play arbitrary board... 14 months ago
openspeak.git A VoIP application for gamer 8 years ago
otium.git An ascii-graphics strategic... 8 years ago
pachi.git Pachi Simple Go/Baduk/Weiqi Bot 3 weeks ago
pallanguli.git Pallanguli is played by Tamil... 8 years ago
PersonaRL.git A roguelike based on the Shin... 4 years ago
poopmup2.git An urban flight simulator... 5 years ago
potpourri.git This is a 2d game engine. 7 years ago
psg.git Pool Simulation Game 7 years ago
qdgdf.git Quick and Dirty Game Developme... 4 years ago
realism.git Realism RPG 7 years ago
rlserver.git A special telnet server for... 7 years ago
roofball.git RoofBall game 7 years ago
rotating-platforms.git A test gme in Lua (Löve framework) 20 months ago
schiebespiel.git Compute solutions for the... 9 years ago
scorched3d.git Scorched3D git-svn mirror... 7 years ago
scummvm-innocent.git Remake of "Innocent Until... 6 years ago
scuttle.git multiplayer 3d shooter with... 8 years ago
sdlbotor.git Clone of "The Game Of Robot" 6 years ago
Shogi.git Shogi game with Qt 8 years ago
shogivar.git Shogi Variants - a GUI and... 17 months ago
singularity-git.git A simulation of a true AI... 4 years ago
skycrusade.git An online strategy game. 7 years ago
soko.git sokoban game based on sdl 8 years ago
tagua.git A generic board game application 8 years ago
tennix.git Multiplayer SDL tennis game 2 years ago
tower.git A multiplayer tower building... 7 years ago
TrainBwister.git Enhance your fluid intelligence. 7 years ago
treibjagd.git An online card game. 7 years ago
troncode.git Write programs to play a tron... andybalaam@artificialworl... 7 years ago
tsunagari.git Tsunagari Tile Engine 5 years ago
tuxanci.git Tuxanci is first tux shooter... 5 years ago
uboot.git submarine game with löve2d 3 years ago
urggr.git An horizontal shoot'em up... 7 years ago
wakedown.gameserver.git A try to create a generic... 8 years ago
XML-GAME-CREATOR.git XML Game creator is a project... 6 years ago
zoomy.git A "game" intended for 2-3... andybalaam@artificialworl... 7 years ago